The Plan is on Track to Save Mankind and the World


Did you know We the People are the Plan? 

Trump didn't win the Presidency in 2016 by accident or by cheating. He won because the Plan had to be formed around our choices. And now, nothing can stop the Great Awakening from spiraling outward and upward, creating united raised consciousness and spotlighting the evil agenda of an elite class of power-hungry creatures who are losing control. 

And it's Glorious! 

RiccardQ Bosi speaks out loud what mainstream media and deep state cabal elites don't want anyone to hear: THE TRUTH! 

Until all the blinders are off the sheep who don't know the veil of lies they live under, the introduction of crimes against humanity continues. Is it taking too long? Oh my yes, to many it seems that way. But until the majority of people awaken to the matrix of hate, destruction, and lies we have been living in, the unveil continues. 

You may disagree with who Q is or what Q represents, but that doesn't matter to the truthers who have gone down many a rabbit hole to discover that Q IS Truth! 


Riccardo Bosi ~ Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 11, 2023
Length 5:50

Here is a full transcript of what RiccardQ Bosi said so you can follow every important Q detail: 


We understand that the black hats are on the Masonic field. Who are the white hats, officially?


Okay, this goes back to the Q movement, kicked off shortly after Kennedy's death, JFKs death in '63, just spinning off the '60s. There's a group of military officers who determined that even if a prisoner could be assessed, then they're in bad shape. And so slowly, they started to build up a team of senior officers who decided that something had to happen. Now at some point, they're looking at options as all military officers do when they're planning. And then I'd say right and wrong when they do a plan; they work out what's workable and what's not. Is this workable? Yes. Is this workable? Yes. Is this workable? Yes. Is this workable? So they're looking at workable options to save the United States.

One of the options was a military coup d'etat; literally, just take it over, clean up the filth, and then hand it back to the people. That was rejected, as was when we were looking at it in Australia before we even knew about white hats. We determined that coup d'état or a violent uprising would create such a wound that it would never be healed. And that's if it succeeded. And if it didn't succeed, then it would give the black house every opportunity to do what they wanted to do because the people just didn't believe. They don't believe it now. After all, that's occurred, the people still don't believe there's something odd going on. And so they decided to go the slow way. Not unlike the Communists who had the same problem after World War II and now decided, do they have an armed violent revolt, the Communist Revolution? Or do they do what Antonio Gramsci did to the Italian communists in the '20s advise, which was the slow march through the institutions?

And so they decided to penetrate the institutions, the universities, the schools, the media, the unions, business, the politics, the judiciary, the constabulary, the military. That's what they did; they penetrated the law. And so they grew and grew, and they worked undercover, and some had to go get work undercover to do business because you needed to do things with duty people to prove your bona fides. And it's based largely on Marines and Navy. And there are somewhere between two and 300 flag-ranking officers, which is general rank, Marines and Navy, and other services, too, but it's strongly based on the Marines and the Navy. And they've been working behind the scenes to penetrate, understand, and then when the time came, begin to undermine the black hats, the deep state. So that's what it is. That's what Q is. And they've had to do that.

These guys... and when there's two or 300 generals and admirals, that doesn't mean two or 300 people. It's when one of those people controls a large swathe of capability that makes sense. So that means you've got large amounts, and such, taking time to select the right people that are trustworthy because undercover work is hugely risky. And that's who it is. That's who's actually doing it. And these guys are just good soldiers that know what's right and what's wrong, what's lawful, what's not. And that's why they have pursued this in a completely lawful way.

So when history reviews what they did and how you can actually read The Law of War, and that's the rule they're following. They're following the rules. They didn't do anything outside the rules. They made sure that what they did was correct in law. President Trump is still the President. And as you might have heard Derek Johnson say several times, There's two separate organizations. One is the government, and one is the military. Now, he's the President of the government, but he's also Commander in Chief of the military. And the military is the organization that holds the final cards in their hands because they control things that go bang. And it's a real, an extremist situation, where you don't pull that lever until you need to, but it got to the point when they said, Okay, we're going to do this now.

And so they recruited Trump, the Q movement. The generals and admirals recruited Trump, You're going to become President, but you have to win it legitimately. We can't place you in there. You got to win it. And once you're in, here's the plan. And Trump looked at it and said, Okay, let's go. And so he's a real, genuine, legitimate President. He's a real genuine legitimate Commander in Chief. He has real authority, and they cannot act without his authority. And so it's a delicate game to be playing. So that's what's been going on. And we can say that because the people that don't want to believe it don't want to believe. They never will, and that's fine. And the rest of us know this is the truth.

So, I hope that answers your question. It's been a long, slow journey in the process. If you look carefully, you will find things online like General Mattis, who was head of the Marines, with all his senior officers taking a heavy photograph or holding a mug. And guess what letter of the alphabet was on that mug? There's another photograph where they're in a big circle, and there's a little line coming out. So this is real. Whether you want to believe it or not, if people want to believe or not, that's fine. It doesn't really matter. It's moving ahead. And when they say nothing can stop what's coming. (laughs) Nothing Can Stop What's Coming. The forces at play are beyond the Masonic filth's comprehension.


Some of you may remember Joe M. His presence just after Q manifested in Oct of 2017 was entirely appropriate and a sign of how things would flow for many years to follow, until now. His social media presence was sought out and followed, for with each word he typed, it seemed another Qlue was unraveled. 

He created a few video's to help We the People gain a better foothold into the psyop the deep state cabal NWO elite had been using for decades to entrap the world in a net of darkness and deception. His handiwork was even hailed as coming from JFK Jr., who, to this day, many patriots and truthers believe is alive as a part of the overall Plan to Save the World. 

Enjoy this compilation of Joe M's work. Don't miss this contextually perfect depiction of the 'show' we are watching today. The ending is perfect. Watch it all and share. It's that good! 

Q - THE PLAN TO SAVE MANKIND and the WORLD Joe M. Compilation 
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Apr 16, 2023
Length 44:15


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