The Occult Rituals Behind the Muzzling of a Planet

ritual abuse Ritual Abuse

The sound of silence is not golden when it is due to forced muzzling.

Don't talk to that person...stay 6 ft away!

Don't question if it's truth, just obey! 

Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, "Social Separation" and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order

 "So, let's start by examining the four distinct, but interrelated, occult rituals that make up this massive global occult ritual initiation ceremony:

  1. Ritual Mask-Wearing
  2. Ritual Hand-Washing
  3. Ritual "Social Distancing"
  4. Ritual Lockdowns

"In the course of examining these four occult rituals, I'll do my best to explain to you how each one is part of an elaborate stage play designed to symbolically initiate the people of this world into their new positions in a new global order – a new order that rejects Jesus Christ and Christianity, and puts the people of this world under the ultimate control of a global elite whose god is the devil himself. " 

Steve Barwick - Have Ye Not Read?

In his excellent article linked below, Steve Barwick introduces us to the world of rituals used for occultist purposes and reveals the true nature behind this world wide plandemic:

"...the entire manufactured coronavirus crisis is one giant, occult ritual from start to finish, divided up into four mini-rituals, each with the distinct occult purpose of initiation and transformation of the world and its people into a new global order. "  

Steve has researched the occultist ritualistic ways and combined them with his knowledge of the psychological ramifications they cause,  to come up with sobering details such as: 

" Under the sway of the occult ritualist, you, being mouth-masked, are no longer the person you used to be. You're no longer a designated mouthpiece of God on this earth. You're suddenly demoted and re-assigned to the position of obedient subject. Symbolically, you become a serf in the new order. That's your new role…your new identity… as represented by the wearing of mask. The wearing of the mask is simply part of the initiation ritual used to visually and psychologically signal your consent to this new arrangement. Yes, by wearing the mask, you're signaling your consent to accept a new and very different position in a new global order." 

Dive into his discoveries and learn for yourself what the occult rituals are behind the muzzling of the planet. 

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