The Last Three Years Have Been an Educational Display


If the term 'evil globalist' were mentioned in a conversation three years ago, there would be a 'masked' concern about one's mental stability. Today, using 'evil' and 'globalist' in the same sentence is expected. Why? 

Our brilliant and talented inventor and good friend, Georg of Orgonise Africa, has a few insights about that you can read below... 

Dear Readers, 

Since the fake Pandemic started in 2020, we've been through an accelerating panorama of revelations.

I am a veteran "conspiracy theorist" -- now renamed Pattern Recognitionist -- at least since 1999 when I started investigating the anomalies of the financial system.

But this knowledge has been a rather lonely pursuit until recently. 

Memes play a great role in "The Great Awakening". I am amazed at what comes up every day and how these memes have a way of completely disarming the system propaganda with humor and wit.

Yes, we knew that a small elite group was steering this planet "from the backseat" to establish a "New World Order." Still, many of the mechanisms by which they infiltrated practically all institutions of society to make it look like their crazy agenda is based on a broad consensus of scientists, religious dignitaries, artists, celebrities, political figures, intellectuals, and academics were not yet fully visible.

The challenges posed to the [cabal] system is by populist movements such as the "New American Revolution" with Donald Trump as the figurehead has forced these elites to accelerate their plan and show their hand increasingly openly. And let us not forget the refusal of a large country like Russia to give up its sovereignty and subordinate itself to the globalists.

In the US alone, we have seen unprecedented election fraud in 2020 and 2022. We have seen how they've done it. We have seen how they're covering it up and how the weaponized judicial system is building an almost impenetrable wall against the truth. We have seen the straight-faced lies of the deep state politicians.

Now we see it all unraveling. This is momentous!

It's all crumbling:

  • Covid is unraveling
  • The vaccines are unraveling
  • The election fraud is unraveling
  • The J6 narrative is unraveling
  • Censorship collusion between deep government and "Big Tech" is unraveling
  • The proxy war in Ukraine is unraveling
  • The Nord Stream pipeline bombing narrative is unraveling
  • The financial system is unraveling
  • The Green New Deal is unraveling
  • Greta Thunberg and the climate hoax are unraveling

So much is unraveling...

We know what they want, and we see clearly how they are going about it. We understand their modus operandi, and their every move is completely transparent. This has never been so clear to so many people.

When we look back at these momentous times...

In summary: 

They dream of massive population reduction and a world they completely control. For that purpose, they have started dismantling the developed industrial societies to accelerate the massive die-off. 

The fake pandemic was meant to shock us into submission and make us accept unprecedented levels of control over our movements, our contacts, and so on. The systematic destruction of our energy base (Nord Stream is only one example) serves to destroy the basis of our wealth and, in the long run, our survivability. We have seen "miraculous" (not if you understand their agenda) fires devouring one food processing plant after the other. At the same time, the attack against the family farmer is in full swing.

The massive protests, for example, of the Dutch farmers against 30% of them being forced to stop farming for the illusionary climate goals, are invisible in the mainstream media. Was the sudden upsurge in super toxic accidents like the train derailment in Ohio a part of that? You bet!

And to prove the point of insane acceleration, we're not even through with train derailments when the bank collapse season has been opened up already.
(get your money out of the banking system, buy bitcoin, gold, and silver, and leave only debt to the banks)

At the same time, the control agenda is also driven forward at insane speed. Laws designed to give the WHO total dictatory power are in preparation in all countries.

Just some random grabs from my beautiful meme collection...

So yes, it's quite frightening at times.

But such is the law of all tyranny: Their laws and "draconian" measures accelerate to a shrill crescendo right before they collapse.
It has to be like that. 

The closer the collapse of an empire, the crazier its laws will become. ~  Marcus Tullius Cicero

Keep the faith!

No matter what your religion (there's now only those who believe in some higher divine consciousness and those who believe in the hackable human animal, the sad and sorry mechanistic materialists), faith plays a significant role in overcoming this worldwide calamity.

This struggle is really about the new paradigm—a new understanding of cosmic reality. A creative ordering energy (that we call orgone) is the presence of an overarching divine consciousness.

It starts with the realization that we are not just meat, hackable animals or chemicals in a skin bag animated by random electrochemical convulsions.
The fact that you understand what I'm talking about is already proving my point.

You are consciousness, expressing itself in a beautiful, living morphogenetic field. Where DOR* is prevalent, our ability to keep our morphogenetic field radiant and self-replenishing deteriorate. We become sick, we wither and die.

The sickos that try to control us are parasitically feeding on our energy because they have disconnected themselves from the source of life. That -by the way- is the simple essence of the term satanism. These people (thoughtforms/lifeforms) are sick. They are the animated corpses, the zombies, the hackable animals, and they're projecting their juicy red-blooded prey on us. Once we withdraw our energy from them by refusing to be afraid of them, once we see the full extent of their scam and show them the full extent of our disdain for their pathetic attempts to control us, it's game over for them.

"No amount of darkness can penetrate the light" or in Orgone terms: No amount of DOR* can prevail in a strong Orgone field.

We're in the process right now, and there is no more exciting time to be alive!

*DOR or Deadly ORgone - a term coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to describe the stagnant state of the universal ether that he called Orgone. POR means Positive ORgone, by the way.

Our conscious choice...

With all this said, we still need to orgonise for our survival for the coming turbulent months and perhaps years, and that means we need to engage in money-making activities.

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Greetings from crisis-shaken but beautiful South Africa

Georg and the Orgonise Africa team 

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