Everyone Knowing They Are Freedom-Sucking Vampires Doesn't Stop Them


We all know the Biden Crime Syndicate intends to enslave everyone, yet unafraid because there are no consequences for their vile behavior, they continue their anti-constitutional criminal behavior. 

Like hungry vampires relentlessly pursuing freedom-loving citizens 'blood,' they have traded any semblance of sanity portrayed in the past for the full-blown insanity they display now. 

These freedom-sucking criminals attack and make up rules to jail anyone, and I mean anyone, who does not conform to their insanity. 

Jury selection began Mar 13, 2023, in the trial of 33-year-old Douglass Mackey, whose online pseudonym was "Ricky Vaughn." He is being charged with spreading "hate and politically charged disinformation" during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

"The Department of Justice (DOJ) charged Mackey with election interference in January 2021, accusing him of a conspiracy to spread "misinformation designed to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote." The DOJ leveled these charges in connection with a November 2016 stunt in which Mackey encouraged people to vote for Hillary Clinton by text message by disseminating an online flyer." (source - splcenter)

What the crooked DOJ calls an 'online flyer' is a MEME that became an online success. It is said he suckered a few people into believing that they could vote by text and vote the day after voting day. He was ratted out by "an unnamed co-conspirator who operated in Mackey's online circles in 2016." 

This type of sarcasm at election time is usual. What was unusual was how Douglass Mackey fought against the Democrat political machine. He was keyed in at the ground level on how to use sarcastic MEMES to wage war against the vast misinformation campaign of the left.

But alas, with a Clinton as the brunt of the MEME joke, there were dangerous consequences. We can confidently assume Biden's DOJ is doing Hillary a favor with the charges against 'Ricky.'

Lawyers on both sides of the fence are discussing this case 

The hard-line drawn between freedom of speech and hate speech by charging someone for using memes and sarcasm during an election is quite controversial. And the charges are being levied when not a single victim has come forward claiming to be hurt by Doug's actions.

"The Biden Administration is trying to criminalize memes and political satire."

Tucker Carlson weighed in on this issue in early Feb 2023 in an interview with one of Doug Mackey's lawyers. 

Biden's DOJ Is Trying To Send Douglass to Jail

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Published Feb 13, 2023
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HERE IS THE FULL STORY of Doug Mackey, the Twitter poster who helped Trump win the election in 2016 and is now being persecuted by the Biden DOJ for posting memes. He goes to trial today and faces ten years in prison. This is the situation and what it means for you. (as posted on Twitter 3/13/2023 by Paulos

Ricky rose to fame as a brilliant Twitter personality. At his peak, he was more influential than NBC, CNN, and the Colbert Report. He reached and energized millions. He had a talent for making Hillary Clinton look foolish and for eviscerating journalists. President Trump was elected in part bc of the groundswell he helped mobilize. They never forgot this. 

In 2018 he was doxxed and afterward went to live a quiet life in Florida, away from the spotlight. But the incestuous trifecta of academics, journalists, and government officials that make up the Deep State hadn't forgotten him.

In 2021, mere days after Biden took office, Doug was charged with election interference and arrested by the FBI. They'd been sitting on the case and finally saw their chance to strike.

Remember, for years, they had been trying to get Trump with completely false "Russia collusion" allegations. If they couldn't get Trump, they'd get one of his supporters.

He's accused of committing a crime for posting on Twitter. Specifically, the DOJ alleges that he engaged in conspiracy to defraud people of their voting rights by posting a satirical meme.

Bear in mind that this kind of joke around elections is quite common. 

Here's an example from 2016 of someone elses 'joke' that is apparently of no concern to Biden's DOJ.

He's being charged under 18 U.S.C. § 241, a 100-year-old law written to prosecute the KKK for violence that has NEVER been extended before to speech. This has chilling implications. The U.S. government is now in the business of deciding what's a lie or what's satire.

As eminent 1A scholar Eugene Volokh explains, there is no limit to how this law could be applied. The law is also not limited to elections; it extends to anyone who 'conspires to deprive someone of their rights.'

This means that if you shared statistics about C19 or trans surgery, for example, in an effort to get a local school to disinvite a public speaker, and law enforcement decided that you lied or knowingly spread "false information," you could be charged and arrested. Imagine!

Many other disgusting overreaches, too: the politically motivated timing, the petty and vindictive nature of the persecution, and the use of secret witnesses. The DOJ is bringing a secret witness who has pled guilty and agreed to cooperate. Is this America or Eastern Bloc USSR?

In short, the Biden DOJ is pulling out all the stops in an effort to crush a private citizen simply because he made them look like fools and helped President Trump get elected in 2016. They hate to be embarrassed and would rather shut up anons forever. You can help Doug in three ways: 

  • 1. Donate 
  • 2. Write to Congress 
  • 3. If you have the connections, bring this matter to the attention of prominent personalities.

You can find more information about how to help below. Includes links for donating, templates for writing to Congress, and a short, easy-to-share summary of his story. 

These abuses must be stopped now and forever, or free speech on Twitter is dead.

(original sub-stack/Twitter thread by Myth Pilot aka Paulos)

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    Very important information, we need to keep track of Doug's story.
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