Finally! The Durham Investigation is over.


Why did it take a federal lawyer four years and 6 million dollars to determine what MAGA Patriots have known since 2016? And now that the infamous Durham Investigation is finally done, who will be prosecuted for the reprehensible criminal behavior characterized by the findings? Apparently, four years and 6 million bucks were not enough to charge anyone with the massive corruption that caused millions to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Big pHARMa is not the only evil entity that can get away with poisoning the masses.

😁 Legacy Media has to report on this 😁

And they do not like it. It's a big red pill to swallow! Even though CNN is attempting to come out of the 'woke' fake news closet, they are choking on this one.

"You now have CNN telling the normies that the Durham Report is devastating to the FBI and does exonerate Trump. This is a slam dunk when it comes to narrative warfare. When will establishment media finally mention the word treason? Because that's what it is." ~ Pepe Lives Matter 

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 15, 2023
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Laughable response: 'Durham report is "devastating to the FBI and to a degree, it does exonerate Donald Trump."

Without lengthy analysis details, here are a few key Durham report summary quotes from The Reactionary:

Special Counsel John Durham's investigation – an inquiry into government corruption, lies to secret courts, the weaponization of the US intelligence apparatus, and the FBI's attempt to take down a sitting president – has concluded.

  • "The FBI discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia."
  • Crossfire Hurricane "was opened as a full investigation without [the FBI] ever having spoken to the persons who provided that information." Days after it was opened, Peter Strzok was telling a London FBI employee that "there's nothing to this."
  • Durham documents TWO investigations into Hillary Clinton - one involving the Clinton Foundation and one involving illegal foreign contributions to Clinton's Campaign.
  • In February 2016, FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe directed the Clinton Foundation investigation to be shut down. 
  • The New York Field Office was called on behalf of FBI Director Comey and informed to "cease and desist" from the Clinton Foundation investigation.
  • Somehow, the FBI did nothing to vet or investigate the Clinton Plan - even though they were using parts of the Clinton Plan (the Steele Reports) - to investigate the Trump Campaign.
  • Igor Danchenko, the Steele primary sub-source charged with (and acquitted of) lying to the FBI, was paid $220K by the FBI as a confidential human source. This was paid after the FBI knew Danchenko lied to them. As the Durham Investigation proceeded, Durham learned "the FBI proposed making continued future payments to Danchenko, totaling more than $300,000, while [Durham] was actively investigating this matter." The FBI, in effect, was seeking to influence a key witness who would later face criminal charges. (find the complete analysis at The Reactionary)

Link to the full 300-page report here: DURHAM REPORT

Devin Nunes reacts to release of Durham report

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 15, 2023
Length 8:02

" has brought a lot of clarity to these issues...but who's going to pay the price?" ~ Devin Nunes

Kash Patel says the fake news is being forced to report that President Trump is innocent

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Published May 15, 2023
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"You have the fake news that castigated the Russia-gate investigation … now saying Donald Trump is innocent … WE KNEW THAT THE ENTIRE TIME …"~ Kash Patel

John Solomon initial thoughts on the Durham report

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Published May 15, 2023
Length 1:02

"...a damning assessment of the FBI"s behavior..." ~ John Solomon

Senator Josh Hawley and Jesse Watters discuss the Trump-Russia collusion story

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Published May 15, 2023
Length 12:29



Trump responds to the Durham report 

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 15, 2023
Length 2:23

"You really have some bad things that happened...and we will make very big changes... This is total vindication but now something should happen." ~ Donald J. Trump 

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