Q Drop 4626  20 Aug 2020 - 2:14:36 AM EDT  "FIFTH COLUMN."  Q  (

Fifth column, clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation's solidarity by any means at their disposal.

A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision and national defense. From such key posts, fifth-column activists exploit the fears of a people by spreading rumours and misinformation, as well as by employing the more standard techniques of espionage and sabotage.

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    Franz · 2 years ago
    We've had almost 3 years of Q drops on three or four different internet platforms. The fifth column deepstate has attacked relentlessly but failed to stop the amazing surge in the network of informed patriots the world around.
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    MsPat · 2 years ago
    Fifth Column, now I know.
    ThanQ, Beverly
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