The Biden Crime Family took over Ten Million Dollars


The current House Oversight Committee has gone further in its first 100 days of 2023 to uncover the corruption in the DC Swampland than Pelosi did in her entire political career as a swamp creature! No surprise there, right?

The much talked about press conference held May 10, 2023, unveiled a plethora of evidence that has only scraped the surface of the shady Biden Crime Family dealings. Comer and his committee promise a more thorough investigation in the coming days and weeks. 

They are known as the Biden Crime Family for good reason, folks. 

Large sums of money are documented to have been sent to at least nine Biden family members, some innocent grandchildren. Using multiple LLCs and various 'shell' companies, the money was shifted from one place to another until, ultimately, thousands of bank records bear witness to the various Joe Biden relatives receiving large sums of money. 

Nine Biden family members who allegedly got foreign money identified by House GOP

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Published May 10, 2023
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Steve Doocy questions Comer on Bidens

RubyRayMeida on Rumble
Published May 11, 2023
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He asks a legitimate question. The paper trail only proves that money was filtered in suspicious ways to the Biden family but does not speak to the full criminality of the actions. Rep. James Comer points out how they went to great lengths to hide the then vice-president's involvement

Biden's 2020 campaign was filled with lies as part of the cover-up.

The Hunter Laptop from Hell provides emails that are a solid link to Joe Biden's culpability in this money-making venture. His political influence as a career politician for decades and his stint as vice president gave him ample opportunity to act as the perpetrator of international crimes. And his 2020 campaign was filled with lies to conceal the Biden family crimes. 

Comer said, "Joe Biden said numerous times, Sean, that his family never received a penny from China. We proved today that Joe Biden lied during his presidential campaign in 2020, and he continues to lie today...So, the level of public corruption that we talked about today was breathtaking. And the fact that .... the mainstream media, for the most part, didn't cover it at all and instead covered the George Santos stuff is further proof that this media is covering for Joe Biden. They -- [THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA] -- are covering for public corruption at the highest levels in a manner we've never seen in the history of our country...

He added, "If the President's son was providing a service to Romania or to China or to any of these other countries that we're going to disclose at a later time, why didn't the country just send the payment directly to Hunter Biden?" 
(Source - Breitbart)

Sean Hannity goes over the essential details of the press conference in this video with Rep. James Comer. 

You can view the entire press conference at this link: GOP Oversight

GOP Oversight released Biden family bank records and delivered the facts

Rep. James Comer on Twitter
Published May 11, 2023
Length 6:16

The Bidens took steps to hide, confuse, and conceal payments they received from foreign nationals. Here’s one example how a CCP-linked associate layered domestic limited liability companies to pay Hunter Biden.
Multiple Biden family members received money from the Chinese after it passed through an associate’s account. Additionally, Hunter Biden received money directly into his company’s account from a Chinese-controlled entity.

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    Jill. It's JILL. The "Dr.", the "Educator", the "Handler", the "Fixer", the "Cover of Respectability", Jill The Shill - Get 'er! Take HER down FIRST, the other nine will collapse in a Biden Heartbeat. JILL down, then KAMALA - either one will throw the rest under the bus when the heat is at the right temp and intensity. I'm tellin' y'all - they keep underestimating her role and significance.
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    I forgot, "Enabler-in-Chief".
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    "Sam, I hear you're on osmething called Gettr. What's that about, what kind of name is Gettr, where'd they come up with it?"
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      Franz · 4 months ago
      My first thought when they first rolled out "get 'er" was the hildabeast, but the witches of DC are a bunch.
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