The 118th House of Reps Rips into the IRS with Focus on Abolishing it Forever.


As his first big deal, House Speaker McCarthy makes a move middle America will long remember:

Rep. Lauren Boebert was excited to be a part of this vote:

Once it was all said and done, this was the result

"House Republicans just voted unanimously to repeal the Democrats' army of 87,000 IRS agents. This was our very first act of the new Congress because government should work for you, not against you. Promises made. Promises kept." McCarthy announced Monday night, Jan 9, 2022. 


It's no secret that a few backroom deals were made with Speaker McCarthy to ensure the GOP-led house addresses some crucial issues. The vote on this bill was part of those deals between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and members of the House Freedom Caucus. 

Trump played a key role in brokering the action, pushing McCarthy over the house speaker finish line. 

Trump played a huge role in McCarthy finally becoming Speaker

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Published Jan 7, 2023
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Kevin McCarthy gives credit where credit is due

But wait, there's more! 

Ron Paul holds a great place in history as one of the first public political figures who was quite outspoken about violating our civil liberties involving the entire taxation system, not just the IRS. 

House Republicans will vote on a bill abolishing the IRS while eliminating the income tax.

Georgia Republican Rep. Buddy Carter is introducing this bill. It is a reintroduction of the 'Fair Tax Act' which: 

  • Reels in the IRS and removes the national income tax and other taxes to replace them with a single consumption tax.
  • Gets rid of the national personal and corporate income taxes and abolishes the IRS.
  • Implements a national sales tax.
  • Additionally, the bill removes the death, gift, and payroll taxes, replacing the current tax code with a national consumption tax.

To better explain the situation the current House of Representatives, and We the People, face in voting on these major federal revenue sources, Republican New York Congresswoman who is also a former tax lawyer, Claudia Tenney, talks about the need to make these massive changes, reel in the feds spending and get rid of all pork projects. 

She gives a bright, balanced view while remaining wisely optimistic.   

Will Senate push through House GOP's revocation of IRS funding?

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Published Jan 11, 2023
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"We have to come out with bold measures right away and make them [the Senate] work with us, and we can maybe find some middle ground. But if we don't come out bold, we're not going to get anything at this point. It's kind of the art of negotiation at this point." 

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