Tenpenny Video Urgent Message for Everyone 'never ever take another shot of any kind'


Proof: Cancel Culture Can't Cancel Truth

Dr. Tenpenny was being trounced upon by the left for cancelation long before she began revealing the truth of the coronavirus. And no matter what they did to her, she came bounding back. And now she is here with a grave warning that we at Ruby Ray Media have been telling everyone for two years:

Do not trust the corrupted, murderous pHARMa-controlled medical industry to have your best interest in mind. EVER!

The deaths are mounting, with over 900 athletes that have died, and the overall death toll does not appear to be slowing down soon. 

This is why the jab is being called a Death Tsunami. Tenpenny explains: 

Death Tsunami: "They Found a Way to Slow-Kill People With This" – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Published Nov 6, 2022
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(source for video and facts - vigilantfoxsubstack)

"This death tsunami that I've been talking about for the last two years — it's arriving right now."

Highlights/quotes from Dr. Tenpenny's message: 

Since March of 2020, every single thing I've said was going to happen has. 

And I don't know if that was the Holy Spirit moving me — I think it was part Holy Spirit and part scientific knowledge, and what I was able to study and learn and see along the way. But this death tsunami that I've been talking about for the last two years — it's arriving right now.

One in 73 people (as of May 2022) in the UK that got the shot early on in 2020 is dead — by the [UK] government data! In the UK, they're losing about 1000 people a week. We have over 900 professional athletes now that have died.

When all the shots first started … we saw lots and lots and lots of people with anaphylactic shock; they actually even wanted to put crash carts in the vaccination centers. We don't see that so much anymore. What, do people get a tolerance to it? 

No, they had to have changed the recipe. They had to delete something, add something, or changed the ratio — something like that. We saw all these people early on with these magnetic charges, right? Hundreds of Instagram pictures and things like that of people putting keys and all these different things that were hanging against their head. 

What happened to all that?

Either they're not doing it anymore... or it's not novel, so people aren't taking those pictures anymore, or they changed the recipe because the graphene oxide when it's exposed to hydrogen — I have two medical textbooks and dozens of articles about this. I've got the documentation of how graphene oxide, in the presence of hydrogen, takes on a magnetic charge. It's real — from the science.

Did they change the ratio? Did they change something so that it doesn't happen as much? So I just really believe that we're going to continue to find all kinds of miscellaneous stuff in these shots.

Below is a shocking statistic that verifies the slow role of death:

"We're seeing a phenomenon where elevated excess mortality takes about five months to be realized."

Dr. Tenpenny ends her video with an essential message that must be shared over and over until it penetrates to the core of every living being:

".... never ever, ever take another shot of any kind ever again under any circumstance."

Connect with Dr. Tenpenny at link in image above

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 1 years ago
    Any shot??? What about Novocain for dental work or Botox? I do not doubt Tenpenny. I am concerned they will used any opportunity to kill someone!

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Beverly · 1 years ago
      My dear @Donna Ayers-Vorbach .. I know it can be nerve-wracking...but do be very picky as to any drugs you now take or shots you may be subject to. We are all subject to the evil ones' deceptions in everything medical-related.

      As for botox, that is an elective procedure, and anyone who takes it is at their own risk because it is already a poisonous substance...

      "Botox is a drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It's the same toxin that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism."

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