According to Abrams, Having an Abortion is an Inflation Solution


If you get your truth from 'Scary' Abrams, check your human card at the door please. 

I nicknamed her Scary Abrams before I listened to this. Apparently I was thinking ahead... 

Stacey Abrams on Morning Joe

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Oct 19, 2022
Length 1:34

Here are a few Twitter reactions to Scary Abrams's advice to kill babies in the name of inflation: 

Ted Cruz @tedcruz
"Despicable. I can't believe this needs to be said, but ending a human life is not the solution for inflation."

Dan McLaughlin @baseballcrank 
"I didn't really expect Democrats to go with "you know, it's cheaper to feed your family if you kill a few of them" as a closing argument, yet here we are."

Meghan McCain @MeghanMcCain
"Abort your children because we can't fix inflation" is a one hell of a talking point...."

Noah Rothman @NoahCRothman
"I'm almost positive the Abrams campaign didn't focus group "abort your children to manage the burden of inflation.""

Elliott Echols @elliott_echols
"Democrats' closing message to voters: We want to make sure you can have an abortion because we know you can't afford both a baby and gas right now. What a sick, disgusting, argument."

Yes, she did say that! 

I will take an educated guess that her idea about using abortion to solve our failing economy will be hard for the moderate left or the right to swallow. Apparently, she's appealing to those extreme liberals whose worldviews will latch onto such nonsense.  

Thank God those woke ones who believe killing the unborn is a birth control method are the minority now. Yet, like Abrams, there are still those in this world who believe in the original Planned Parenthood agenda. But this time, Scary Abrams has taken the abortion scam a bit too far. Can we say Democrat Desperation has set in? I think so. 

At this point, not even cheating wildly will get her into the Georgia governor's spot. 

Planned Parenthood’s 1969 memo can be seen as the organization’s directive to devise ways to bring about population control by devaluing the family structure, encouraging homosexuality, and fertility control is chilling in its prescience. Despite the fact that it was written more than 50 years ago, many of us can attest to the memo’s fulfillment as we witness the left’s attacks on both children and women—cornerstones of the family structure. (UngaNews)

And now, we have Liz-ard Cheney saying WE disagree with killing babies. But who does she mean by WE?

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Lizzy the same slimy creature who has facilitated the J6 kangaroo court, allowing the Democrats to run roughshod over the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? Has she come out of the Republican RINO closet as a Democrat yet, or is that her cameleon like appearance I see showing?  

Liz CHENEY, Vice Chair of January 6th Committee

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Oct 24, 2022
Length 1:32

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