The real conspiracy theory is the 9/11 fake news narrative. 

22 years after 9/11, the truth is still being revealed, one huge layer at a time. Anons, Patriots, and Q have known for a long time what some are still having trouble wrapping their common sense around. 

9/11 was a calculated domestic terrorist attack designed to instill fear, create a war, and take our freedoms away. 

Some very carefully scripted CGI effects are pointed out in the video above.

When we slow down our emotions enough to examine details, many discrepancies are discovered between the media's account and the actual witnesses on the ground. Once a person can wrap their common sense around how a whole planet's obedience to evil leaders allowed those forces to plan such a horrendous act, we can agree this event was specially formulated to con an entire nation and the world. We have yet to understand precisely how it was accomplished, but I believe all the facts will come out one day.

The ability to murder thousands of innocent people while conning the whole world took a lot of planning. And a lot of co-conspirators.

It's about time all of them are brought to justice, wouldn't you say? 

A Message from General Flynn: 

There are times for silent remembrance of those tragically murdered during the attacks against our nation on 9/11. And we must NEVER forget.

Once you've had your moment to say a silent prayer, I want you to then stand up and be silent no more.

Our country is, once again, under attack, this time by a far more insidious enemy. This enemy operates inside of the very institutions of power that are supposed to defend and protect the safety and security of every American.


9-11 Sounds of Silence Disturbed rendition
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sep 11, 2021
Length 4:04


Trump statement on 9-11 - "...such a beautiful field..." : Once again, the maestro of Qlues, President Donald J. Trump, dropped another barely disguised comm to those of us with the ears to hear. No, not everyone gets this stuff. But someone has to.

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    Peggy · 10 days ago
    Great Article Beverly. The video with that song is truly sad.
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