RUBY RAY NEWS FLASH: Always Victory in Current Events, July 5 - July 11, 2021


As every news day brings us more triumphant push-back victories against the socialist-communist agenda of the CCP-inspired political movements in our country and around the world, the Good News gets better and better!


This week there is great news of a liberal leader pushing back against the Democrat agenda, the Crimes Against Humanity Corona Class Action Suit is progressing and we have complete video of President Trump's information packed speech from CPAC 2021, and more!

To herald far and wide these weekly highlights of worldwide political conquests, we are presenting the best, most positive news in this weekly format published on Mondays.

In this article you can find WINNING news from the week of July 5 - July 11, 2021.

1. Dr. Naomi Wolf has been hailed as a spokeswoman for the "third wave of the feminist movement" and praised for her work by Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. But her progressive liberal Democrat Darling status is changing. Her va-xx, aka fairy dust, views got her Twitter account cancelled. Now she finds herself agreeing with Trump's big tech law suit. THIS IS HUGE. As a liberal leader, she is stepping out of the Democrat box, using common sense instead of party line thinking and setting an example for others.
2. Although it's speculative as to who is pulling the strings, a recent poll released 7/7/21 found most Americans agree that it isn't Biden. The poll included Republicans, Democrats and Independents.
3. The Audit Freight Train started in November 2020 with the "Gettysburg event that gave Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and many witnesses of vote fraud an opportunity to present their evidence of widespread and egregious election fraud in Pennsylvania, which was then repeated in one State after another, leading to the Arizona Forensics Audit". Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania are hooked up and soon, Michigan and Wisconsin will be on board, along with others. This audit freight train is picking up speed.

4. ON 7/7/21, an historic moment came to pass as Donald J. Trump announced the filing of a major class action law suit against the 'big tech giants'. 

Get full video, more details and updates at this link: 
Trump Sues Big Tech Making World History on 7/7 and 7/9 UPDATE: Trump's WSJ OpEd

Help support this monumental effort and submit your own social media censorship story here: 
America First Policy Institute -

5. Michael Avenatti, who once predicted a Trump arrest, is convicted of trying to extort up to $25 million from sportswear giant Nike. It's obvious who got the last laugh! 
6. BREAKING GOOD NEWS: On 7/8/21, after years of claiming they had 'nothing', the FBI has released thousands of pages of documents on murdered DNC operative Seth Rich. May the mystery surrounding this young man's death now become totally unraveled!
7. Goya Foods launches GOYA CARES, a global initiative dedicated to eliminating child trafficking domestically and internationally. #savethechildren

8. The abysmal failures we call lamestream media failed, yet again, to report real news:
Jack Maxey delivers a digital copy of the Hunter Biden laptop to Senator Chuck Grassley's office in Washington, D.C. along with a letter pleading with them to do something meaningful with the laptop's contents. More on that here: Confront Reality of Biden Crime Family

Short video clip below is President Trump's colorful opinion of Hunter Biden's latop. 

9. There is no stopping courageous determined warriors when crimes against mankind need to be exposed. Reiner Fuellmich is quickly becoming the face of Crimes Against Humanity worldwide as his investigations uncover the evidenced truth about covidiocy.
10. "Charlie Kirk is the Founder and President of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promote the principles of free markets and limited government." This movement is motivating today's youth to stand up for what they believe in. There is a hit parade of patriot names speaking at the next Student Action Summit. 

11. As the strings on Biden continue to get pulled, his latest move has him introducing a CCP inspired initiative as detailed here: Biden introduces door-to-door vaccination fairy dust effort

This AwakenWithJP video introduces you to what the knock/knock scenario will look like: 

12. WHAT RACE PROBLEM?? Making A Difference One Lawn At a time. We can all make a difference. 

Donald J. Trump arrived for UFC 264 (Ultimate Fighting Championship) at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, Saturday night, July 10, 2021 to grand applause as patriots chanted "USA!! USA!!". He is still and will continue to be the most popular American President in history! 

Details here: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Calling it like it is Don Jr. at CPAC tells us:
(4-minute video)
Trump Was Right About Everything!

President Donald Trump FULL SPEECH at CPAC 2021 in Dallas, TX 7-11-21


Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. explains, based on new evidence, why the narrative of the SARS CoV-2 should come to an end.


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