Riccardo Bosi in Canberra: "Everyone has that divine spark in them"


AustraliaOne's leader spoke to the ongoing Canberra rally, we have the video recording in three parts for you to watch. He's a good leader.

AustraliaOne's Riccardo Bosi addresses the Feb 19 Freedom Rally in Canberra Australia, Parts One to Three

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (mirror of AustraliaOneParty_Official on Telegram)
Published Feb 19 2022
Three Videos


UPDATED Feb 19 with new video, memes and coverage

Participants in the intention and execution of The Plan, we marvel at how easily and predictably the freaks do what's required of them. We know the trauma-bruised world must awaken of its own volition, yawning, to the need to come out, with much trepidation, of its fearful coma. Funny how it's more trauma that serves as a catalyst to make that happen, though, isn't it?

Psychological defense mechanisms are such that one must relive the trauma to some degree in order to release it. There you go, Canada - and world - served up with willy-nilly priced traffic violation tickets and all kinds of insults from the Prime Manchurian and his empty handlers and groupies; and, "Don't you dare complain that we're wrecking your lives, one 'mandate' at a time!"

#Winning #NCSWIC #YouCantAlwaysTellThem #HoldTheLine


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