Revisiting Nuremberg 1.0 on the way to Nuremberg 2.0


The 'new normal' is an old idea.

There is a push for medical passports to track one's health status. There is another push for  'Smart Cities,' with housing in 'convenient' quarters within 15 minutes of work, school, and recreation. There is a big push for only digital currency. And there is yet another push for facial recognition identification systems in all public squares.

The global network of cabal deep state agents wants you to think Big Brother is looking out for you. But Big Brother wants to look AT you, track you, and control the narrative to control YOU.

When all else fails, lie about it.

This is precisely how the German Nazi regime bewildered masses into the consent of experimental medical treatment and concentration camps. There was no pushback because the people trusted their leadership which had been feeding them lies for decades.

Does that sound familiar?

As pointed out in this article > And you thought it was about a virus, the c19 plandemic was not a random act, possibly precipitated by someone's stupidity in a lab 'somewhere.' It was a planned act coordinated for decades before its release upon the public by the very leaders who were elected to safeguard our interests.

When this similarity is pointed out, mockingbird media, corrupt-o-crats, and fake news critics cry out the same narrative, calling it anti-Semitic rhetoric to hush the truth to those who can see through the veil of deception. 


Negating the effects of the liars club we call mainstream media, Vera Sharav presents a five-part docuseries entitled 'Never Again Is Now Global' that effectively changes the narrative.

This dramatic series host "Holocaust survivors who compare the repressive stages under the Nazi regime with global Covid-19 policies."

"Never Again is Now Global" trailer

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 31, 2023
Length 4:16

Vera Sharav perfectly describes a few similarities between the c19 plandemic and Nazi Germany's control tactics using medical lies in this short introductory trailer. The entire series promises to be very telling. 
"Those who are responsible for the pandemic have used two of the weapons that the Nazis used, which was fear and propaganda. Propaganda feeds the fear, foments it, hardens it."

The five-part docuseries, 'NEVER AGAIN IS NOW GLOBAL", can be found at this link: CHDTV👈 FREE. There is no catch. Each video is free to the public and free to share. 

The five 1-hour long episodes are being released one at a time, starting with Part 1, released Jan 30, 2023, and continuing to Part 5, Feb 3, 2023. 

"Until now, anyone who has attempted to make even modest comparisons [to the Nazi death camps] has invited a barrage of angry, sustained criticism." We made the film to change that." ~ Vera Sharav 

Sharav's son died from an adverse reaction to an allegedly "safe and effective" drug doctors prescribed. After her son's death, Sharav founded the Alliance for Human Research Protection, a nonprofit organization whose "mission is to ensure that the moral right of voluntary medical decision-making is upheld."

Summary on how the Nuremberg Code's 3 - 10 is being violated.

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 9, 2022
Length 2:19


FUTURE PROVES PAST: Injurious Vaccines Predicted are Here Today

As a worldwide population, We the People have been manipulated. Massively so. And if you aren't aware of it you are about to become educated. If you are aware of this manipulation and the covidiocy scam-demic we got sucked into by the very greedy NWO compromised big pHARMaceutical elitists and their unscrupulous minions, you will want to read and share with everyone you know!

NUREMBERG 2.0: Patent Research Shows Pathogens Were Weaponized On Global Scale

Dr. David Martin has been concerned with the path certain patent filings have taken since the anthrax scare in 2002. His unraveling of the paper trail left on that path also led to his study of certain aspects of worldwide recognized health organizations, pHARMaceutical companies and their American counter parts, such as the CDC. Based on his findings, Dr. Martin has formulated a fact based analysis.

Nuremberg 2.0: REINER FUELLMICH, A Name to Remember!

The video is accompanied by the full transcript Because of the deep impact Dr. Fuellmich's words have on the heart and soul when read, I have supplied a full transcript of the power packed video presentation.

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