BE AWARE! Two YUGE events coming Wednesday, May 10, 2023.


Two YUGE events will supercharge the NEWS NQW on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. DO NOT MISS EITHER ONE!


Preface -- Last week, we were told there was enough dirt on Hunter to indict him and, in a separate report that documents are available proving SlowJoe was involved with 'pay to play' at an international level, and now Rep. James Comer, head of the House Oversight Committee, says they have compiled enough documentation from information by whistleblowers to indict the whole dang Biden Crime Family. 

Much of the world knows that Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt creatures in Swampland, yet this cat-and-mouse game must be played for those still teetering on the edge of the precipice. 

Coming this Wednesday, May 10, 2023, detailed information about the pay-for-play resident and thief Joe Biden has dutifully achieved as a globalist minion. 

James Comer & Chuck Grassley will be holding a press conference on Wednesday 👀

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Published May 7, 2023
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The RevealMassive Racketeering & Laundering Scheme Involving 9 Biden Family Members 

Maria Bartiromo gives Rep. James Comer plenty of time to discuss a few details before the news conference on May 10, 2023, and bless his heart, Rep. Comer holds nothing back. 

In his message to the both the Department of Justice and the World, he says this:

REP. JAMES COMER: My message to the Department of Justice is very loud and clear. Do not indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday, when you had the opportunity to see the evidence that the House Oversight Committee will produce with respect to the web of our losses, with respect to the number of adversarial countries that this family input penalty and this is not just about the president's son. This is about the entire Biden family, including the president of the United States. So we believe there are a whole lot of accounts that the IRS and the DOJ don't know about because we don't believe they've done a whole lot of digging in this. And we have we spent the past hundred days poring over bank documents. I've used subpoena power to get these bank documents. We've been meeting with the former associates of the Bidens in their different influence-peddling scheme. We've been meeting with whistleblowers. We know exactly what this family was doing. And by all accounts from the media reports we're getting, what they're looking at charging Hunter Biden is a slap on the wrist. It's a drop in the bucket. So Wednesday will be a very big day for the American people to get the facts presented to them so they can know the truth. And then the Department of Justice can finally do what they should have done years ago.


REP. JAMES COMER: Well, obviously, the president committed many, many crimes. I mean, you're looking at potential money laundering. Jonathan Turley comes on Fox all the time, and talks about he was essentially a foreign agent for countries like China. He's an unregistered foreign agent. You know, there are serious crimes. You've got the possible racketeering. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. And again, Maria, it's not just the president's son. And we don't believe these countries were paying the Biden family for nothing. We believe they were getting a return on their investment. And the return on investment would have been policy decisions for then-Vice President Joe Biden and current President Joe Biden. 

(source - FoxNews)


House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), along with lawmakers from the panel, will hold a press conference on Wednesday, May 10, at 9:00 a.m. ET to provide an update on the investigation into the Biden family's influence peddling to enrich themselves and announce the next investigative actions.

Event #2: President Trump will attend a CNN-hosted presidential town hall. 

If this has you scratching your head in wonder, you are in good company. Digging just a bit deeper, it turns out that in August of 2022, it was reported John Malone, a legend in the cable TV business, recently took over CNN. He has been outspoken for months about wanting to 'remake' CNN. He says, "I would like to see CNN evolve." We saw a move in that direction with the boot of the puppet anchor Don Lemon. 

Donald Trump reported on this event himself when he posted* this tweet on his Telegram channel: 

*note the end of the post written by DJT says: Going into the heart of Enemy territory, but maybe the Enemy is changing?

Warner Bros. CEO Welcomes Trump to a CNN Town Hall on Wednesday Night

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A good friend of John Malone, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslov, hails the move by CNN to be a righteous one. 

We now have a few more details about this event from CNN

"CNN This Morning" anchor Kaitlan Collins will moderate the event at St. Anselm College, which will air at 8 p.m. ET on May 10 and will feature the former president taking questions from New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters who plan to vote in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

This will be Trump's first appearance on CNN since the 2016 presidential campaign.

The CNN town hall comes as Trump has quickly emerged as the frontrunner in the Republican field for president in 2024. A handful of Republicans have entered the 2024 race so far, though Trump's biggest potential rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is still weighing a possible campaign. Trump's campaign and political allies have continued to ramp up their attacks on DeSantis as the former president has racked up congressional endorsements, including from Florida Republicans who routinely work with DeSantis.

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