Just released Monday November 7, 2022

Kim Clements daughter and wife premiered a lost video of prophecy given by him in San Jose in the year 2007. Purposefully presented the day before America's midterms to highlight the importance of getting out the vote. God Bless them! 

If you have not heard of Kim Clement, do a quick YouTube or Rumble search for his videos and you will be fascinated at the way this man spoke about a time to come and the political atmosphere there would be, such as the one we are in now. 

 Lost Kim Clement Trump Prophecy Found! | Prophetic Rewind

RubyRayMedia on Rumble ( from Kim Clement on YouTube)
Published Nov 7, 2022
Length 17:59

Kim Clement ( Sept 30, 1956  - Nov 23, 2014) is survived by his daughter, Donnè, and his wife, Jane Elizabeth. PROPHETIC REWIND is a part of the Kim Clement YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing Kim's prophetical messages as aligned with the present political reality. 

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