EPIC SPEECH! Epic President! Epic Comeback!


President Donald J. Trump's first rally speech since the FBI clowns raided Mar-a-Lago is one of his best!

Poised, confident, and dialed into America's current political truth, Trump delivered a speech on September 3, 2022, that shook the DC Swamp's foundations. 

He held nothing back, giving details of the FBI's illegal entry into his home, calling out Biden's memory lapses, lamenting the illegal immigration flow at the US/Mexico border, calling out the theft by taxation, noting rapid inflation, and so much more. And 12,000 patriots within the stadium agreed with every word, as did the 1000s upon 1000s outside watching and listening on large screen monitors, as also did the millions watching live on their laptops, TVs, and smartphones worldwide. 

The MAGA movement is growing, and there is no end to it. 

This speech summed up the disgust American citizens of all colors, religions, and political affiliations have with a bumbling masked man called Joe Biden and the crew who pulls his puppet strings. 

Below are a few short video clips featuring spectacular highlights. After those, you can enjoy the entire speech and some quoted highlights. 

Trump calls Biden an "enemy of the state" at his rally

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Published Sep 3, 2022
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The mirror is held up by President Trump as he names the enemy. 

Biden stated in his demonic looking national address on 9/1/22, "Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very republic,"  The 'extremism' comment is an obvious tactic by Biden speech writers to deflect responsibility for the Democrats own failed extremist policies. Trump reflects back to them what is theirs and theirs alone to claim, for they are the enemy of the state. 

"Sick, Sinister, and Evil People"

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Published Sep 3, 2022
Length 2:44

The Greatest Political Movement in the History of Our Country

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Published Sep 3, 2022
Length 2:07

Rally Comparison in Wilkes-Barre PA: Trump v Biden

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Published Sep 4, 2022
Length 1:08

45's Closing Remarks

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Published Sep 3, 2022
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Best of the Best Highlights from President Donald Trump's EPIC Rally Speech in Wilkes-Barre, PA, 9/3/22

"We are gonna end the Nancy Pelosi political career, we are going to end the Biden political career. Our country is going to hell!"

"The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him. Circling around him, telling him what to do!"

"How you like the red lightning around him? Like the devil!"

"Record death and destruction is taking place every single day! Biden thinks Making America Great Again is bad for our country!"

"Republicans in the MAGA movement are NOT the ones trying to undermine our democracy, we are the ones trying to SAVE our democracy. Very Simple..."

"The Biden Administration invaded the home of his chief political opponent who is absolutely destroying him and everyone else in the polls!"

"We are like a 3rd world nation."

"They are trying to silence me, and more importantly, they are trying to silence you. But, we will NOT be silenced!"

"They talk about documents not being properly stored, stage a photo shoot, and act like I did it…These are VERY dishonest, SICK PEOPLE."

"They think they can divide us, but they can't! The MAGA movement is the GREATEST in the history of our country, and maybe in the history of the world!"

"We WILL Make America Great Again, I will never turn my back on you. And, you will ever turn your back on me." 🇺🇸

"We have to spend time on our country, not defending ourselves against scams!"

"Think how bad they are, they make up a story that's FALSE…It was made up so when they lost, they could say it was RUSSIA!"

"These are BAD people. They are trying to destroy our country, and we can't let it go on any longer because we have too much work to do."

"Truth Social…It's HOT!!! A LOT better than Twitter! If we didn't have Truth, we wouldn't be able to get the TRUTH out like we do!"

"We are just two months away from the MOST important midterm in American history! We need a LANDSLIDE victory! We are going to take back the House, we are going to take back the Senate, we are going to take back America! And, in 2024, we are going to take back that big, beautiful White House!" 

"We will NEVER allow them to forget that this nation does NOT belong to them. This nation belongs to YOU."

"Now, we are a nation in DECLINE. We are a nation that is FAILING."(Thunder rolling in the background..)

The song that is playing in the background as President Trump speaks his last words of the speech is literally called:


– President Donald J Trump 

/////////////////THE END/////////////////

NOTE*** President Trump closed out the rally while a song written by an anon called "WWG1WGA" was playing. If that isn't a nod to all hard-working, red-pilling, keyboard warrior, solid, strong-standing patient conspiracy factualist patriots, I don't know what is. OOOOOORAH! 

Source - @JFK_TV / Kennedy TV on Telegram 

Full Speech By President Trump at Save America Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 9/3/22

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Published Sep 3, 2022
Length 1:59:23


There are so many of these cross references between President Trump's tweets and truths with Q drops, so as to remove all doubt that they are on a common mission. The Plan. Featured here is a comm showing that the Year of the Boomerang is really 2022.


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