Post Jab Warnings are Clear: Get Help Now!


The ultimate way to avoid getting caught in the Covidiocy storm is to avoid buying into the political game that government knows better than we do how to take care of ourselves.

Too many people are still clueless to the depth of evil perpetrated toward mankind through the use of this man-made health crisis now known worldwide as the Covid Plandemic.

I surmise that those reading this are either just waking up to the horrors of how the elite are using covid to destroy people and control the masses, or are awake and here gathering information to help others become more aware. Either way, read on for information that can save lives.

The fake PCR swab test: a loaded weapon igniting the jab's death grip. What is being discovered about the PCR test is that it works together with the mask and jab to deliver disturbing results:

  • They have a pulsed magnetic beacon, meant for tagging people.
  • They're tweaking individuals enough so they can be patented.
  • They have learned how to fuse biological life and robotics. And the purpose of that is for extermination, because they don't want anything of the old world.
  • "They wanted to put chips in people's brains, but they didn't want to have to do surgery. So after many, many years, they came up with a gel. This gel is called hydrogel or quantum dot Bill Gates is quantum."
  • The PCR test, masks and jab carry poison.
  • "It is critical not to take it it's Bioware cumulative, which means the more you get out of it, it stays in your body and it will not go out"

Further details in the short video below.

Former FEMA Whistleblower Celeste Solum Explains the Corona PCR "test" is Implanting a Microchip

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (Mirrored from John F. Kennedy Jr. on Telegram)
Published Dec 11, 2021
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"So the Nasopharyngeal Covid19 PCR "tests" were never tests at all. They are implanting chips, inserting Nanobots called Nanites with a bioweapons payload for the brain, while at the same time harvesting DNA.
The PCR swab is inserted straight to the Nasopharynx behind the nose and forehead where your eyes are. It's at the blood brain barrier and next to your pineal gland. I believe they are knocking out people's senses with these Bioweapons and killing human intuition and your ability to cognitively see what they are doing to us. They're knocking out our senses and targeting the brain with Nanites that carry a payload as Celeste spoke about in previous videos. This is war. Serious warfare."


via @JFKReal on Telegram

Stew Peters interviews Dr. Zandre Botha. She has good news about a treatment to help her cancer patients bounce back after getting the jab. It is heartening to know she and doctors like her are uniting to abate the damage done by the jab. 

Dr. Zandre Botha includes the blood treatment protocol, images and a power-point in the video below.

She recommends: 

Doctor Finds Treatment For Jab Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood!

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Stew Peters Show on Rumble)
Published Dec 2, 2021
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"The latest Covid-19 variant they're using to justify permanent lockdowns is the omicron variant. Of course, after omicron will come some other variant, and then another, for as long as the government feels like controlling our lives. You know where this is leading: They want universal vaccine mandates, for everyone, from infancy to the nursing home. They want forcible injections for toddlers, for grade-schoolers, for pregnant women, and mandatory boosters even for those who had severe reactions to the first shot. And they will keep at this no matter what the side effects are, because they simply deny that side effects even exist. Dr. Zandre Botha joins us." ~ Stew Peters

Researched natural help is the best way to treat yourself.

It's common sense to resist going back to medical institutions that shamelessly administer the death jab. It's obvious they don't have your best interest in mind. Now's a good time to learn how to take care of yourself.

Along with the protocols introduced here, learning to understand your body and become your own 'doctor' is key.

The following guides will help you get started.

You can view the guides here and download all 5 images at PostJabSupplimentGuidePDF

You can find the above guides on Telegram at: 

Ivermectin is beneficial for many post-jab issues, such as being an effective spike protein binding agent. This video shows how to properly administer it.

How to take the correct dose of Ivermectin

RubyRayMedia - Rumble (mirrored from John F. Kennedy Jr. @JFK_Q17 on Telegram)
Published Dec 8, 2021
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Researcher Richardo Delgardo's shares his post-jab protocol:

1. NAC 600 OR 750MG - N-Acetylcysteine (most important)

2. Glutathoine (NAC alternative and is what NAC causes body to release, not as effective as NAC

3. Zinc - 50mg (essential antioxidant)

4. Astaxanthin - 5mg (powerful antioxidant, can be combined with zinc and NAC/Glutathoine)

5. Quercitin - another anti-oxidant can be combined with the 2 essentials zinc and nac)

6. Vitamin D3 (almost an essential)

7. Milk Thistle (Best stomach and liver protector anti-oxidant, would consider it essential for anyone with stomach issues)

8. Melatonin 1.0mg-1.9mg (the graphene oxide shuts down the bodies natural production of Melatonin, which is why vaxxers have had a large impact on their sleep schedule)


RubyRayMedia - Rumble (mirrored from Jim Crenshaw on Bitchute )
Published Aug 12, 2021
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Thank God for good social media platforms circulating healthful information to help people survive the post-jab world. And Thank God for professionals who continue to research and share their discoveries.

As tyrants worldwide continue overriding mankind's best welfare, we have yet to discover all that is being handed out to the human race in the guise of medicine but is actually Bio-warfare.

Dr. Armin Koronknay explains how the blood of a just-jabbed person drastically changes.

NOTE* The Dr. speaks English 50 seconds into the video.

Dr. Armin Koroknay, Research director of Private Consultants and Research Institute of Zürich, analyzed the effects of COVID "Vaccination" on Blood. "

RubyRayMedia - Rumble (Mirrored from Ambassador Love on WordPress)
Published Dec 10, 2021
6:14 video length

Another researcher mysteriously dies.

Only one day after Dr. Noack released alarming information about the jabs, he died. It's believed he blew the whistle on Graphene Hydroxide in the jabs. This is what he said:

Watch in the video below as Dr. Noack describes what he found. You can find more chilling details at: AmbassadorLove

GRAPHENE Covid Kill Shots Let The Evidence Speak For Itself

RubyRayMeida - Rumble (mirrored from Ambassador Love on WordPress)
Published Dec 10, 2021
23:05 video length

  Links to more post jab help:


Ruby Ray Media - Antidote is Spike Protein Blocker in Dandelion Tea for Pregnant Women Exposed to Covid and Jab Contagion

The use of Dandelion as a proven anti-oxidative and antiplatelet is a fantastic unlocked discovery that directly infers Dandelion can be used to prevent many covid induced ills as well as prevent the transmission of the jab contagion spike protein PLUS DANDELION IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR PREGNANT AND BREASTFEEDING WOMEN. 

Ruby Ray Media - Antidote is Suramin from Pine Needle Tea for the contagion the pharma phreaks are spreading

Dr. Judy Mikovits (1 min. MP4 above) has revealed that the medical establishment has known all along about the antidote to the contagion – a contagion that is now being seen today by thousands of people who have not taken the serum, but have merely come in close proximity with others who have taken the jab.

Ruby Ray Media - Exposing Cancer-Causing Jabs and Probable Cures

In the video below, Dr. Judy Mikovitis lays out how the current virus and its companion jab combine to cause serious diseases, especially cancer. She has explosive information we all need to know and share, especially when it comes to Ivermectin. The



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