"People That You've Never Heard Of" (Controlling Biden)

YouTube-screenshot-POTUS-one-on-one-with-Laura Trump one-on-one with Laura

Laura Ingraham: "Who's controlling Joe Biden?"

President Trump: "People that you've never heard of" 

At this point, the globalist cult is in disarray. So, I believe that POTUS is referring to DNCCP operatives that are behind some of the wackiest of the bunch, like Pressley, AOC, Waters, Peloshy, Shooma, Schiffty. Don't know if that's the Soros boys or some Jesuit militants in DC or who knows who's actually still operating with any semblance of order. Their C3 (Command, Control & Communications) have long been destroyed and entirely compromised. They have no working organization, we are watching somewhat of a hologram/silver screen production play out that has to be carefully allowed by the good guys so that the sleepers can gradually wake up to how the world really works without getting hurt or ending up in a rubber room.

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    Peggy · 2 years ago
    Deep state hydra headed dragon
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    Franz · 2 years ago
    The whole exercise is to get sleepers to wake up and remove their consent from evil. It's really that simple. All of us have to deal with the evil we've allowed ourselves to engage in, to let go of the addictions we may have to patterns of non integration with Creation.
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