Peach-mint Pie: Things That Never Happened


Americans that voted for Trump are taking in as little as possible of this loony-tunes disaster they call an impeachment trial in the US Senate; half of them look at each other and mutter, "how did our country fall this far?" the other half just crack-up at the memes that get funnier as the dems get dummer. Patriots wink knowingly at each other: "their end is near."

Central Casting is Getting Laaaa-zyyyyyyy!!

Similar to the exaggerated covid numbers, dems think you won't notice their "liberal" abuse of the facts. They've lied about how many people "lost their lives" in the January 6 staged CNN production. Lead impeachment manager Raskin's presentation said it was "at least seven people" when it was no more than four, for just one example.

They can't bring themselves to actually quote what Trump said at his rally. They have to edit it down to something they think they can use in their peach-mint pie they're desperately pawning off.

Six US Senate RINO-toads today voted with all the dems that the peach-farce was "constitutional" in their Merry Ol' Land of Oz. Because Trump said mean things. No, it's because Trump is wrecking the satanic thing they've long been on both sides of the swamp.

They just don't get: every weapon formed against us will fail. Worse for them, those weapons will turn into boomerangs - with razor-sharp edges.

Gutfeld waxes godlike once again!

One is forced to ask: how can a man representing a hundred million others be this correct while so many on our screens are so wrong?

MTG firing both 30 caliber machine guns with that tweet ... how long before the poopy-pants twitter-flakes turn off her feed?


Leftist publications such as the New York Times as well as leftist media moguls are doing everything in their power to demonize American conservatives, calling them radicals and domestic terrorists. Words matter. This is called the brainwashing of America. The danger of limiting free speech will eventually come back to haunt them as well if this trend continues unabated. Take a look at this article below from the Nation Pulse as just one example. Their rhetoric is the real threat to America.


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