Paul Ryan - RINO? Or Lemming?


RINOs in 2021 are more like lemmings chasing each other off a sea cliff into the roiling oblivion of their own narcissistic deep end, reminding us what the milquetoast King George loyalists were like in the colonies of revolutionary days as Washington's Continental Army fought the British for American Independence. Benedict Arnold in neon.

We sit here at RRM in a sort of fascination with the horror of these punks' treason and betrayal, their utterly demonic countenance seething with a kind of robotic rebellion against America's unrelenting movement towards her divine sovereign destiny. Their seditious hearts surge with a final loser's lunge, the vain imaginings of a pathetic parasite as it is purged from a strong and healthy host determined to be whole.

Having already set the record for Repugnican wussness as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is just the latest in a disgustingly long line of these insipient counterfeit humans to go splat on our collective windshield, as he dumbly refuses to even pretend to be conscious of the fact that Super-RINO Lizard Cheney was only a week ago or two summarily stripped naked of her ill gotten gains for her vanity. We're stunned at how brazenly Artificially Intelligent these phreaks are, how careless they are to be identified for extermination like the pest infestation they annoy us with.

Come to think of it, they can't be that dumb, it has to be a show they are putting on for us. I mean ... really ... like, c'mon man!

Stunned a little, yes, but "enjoying the show," we will leave it to the maestro to draw and quarter this beast for the macabre tragicomedy that is DC politics in 2021.


I am so grateful for this because I've long understood how wicked the Cheneys are, more dangerous than the dirty dims because they pose as American patriots compared to the openly America-hating leftists, while working to globalize the country. Deceivers, disseminators, prevaricators, they are also being taken out with America's trash as they prove daily that they are elitists with disdain for real Americans.


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    terry125 · 1 years ago
    LOL!!! Where ever did you dig up that picture!!! Funny Paul R
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