OH THE IRONY! Dr. Buttar dies mysteriously after his CNN Interviewer Dies Suddenly


Big pHARMa doesn't care who they poison. 

The largest drug cartel in the world passes out toxins to anyone who wants them, no matter what side they're on. Even journalists who believe the covidiocy propaganda are susceptible to the medical mafia's death wish. 

Drew Griffin Dies Suddenly on Dec 17, 2022, 14 months after an interview with Dr. Buttar where he admits he's been jibbyjabbed and asks: "You think there is a ticking time bomb in me" Dr. Buttar, one of the first doctors to realize the jibbyjab was rigged, gives as part of his answer something that Drew Griffin could not do before he passed. Watch. 

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Published May 24, 2023
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On May 17, 2023, in another interview with Dr. Buttar, just one day before his untimely death, he explained that he was intentionally poisoned. 

In late 2022, after spending a few days in the ICU, Dr. Buttar contacted Dr. Ardis, who ran tests and discovered that Dr. Buttar had abundant venom poisons in him. Dr. Ardis then treated him and it was noted, Dr. Buttar responded well. 

You can read more about that here >> How Dr. Buttar Escaped Near Death From Envenomation.

Dr. Buttar was part of a group highlighted by the White House as the "Disinformation Dozen." He was an early target by the White House in the covidiocy censorship campaign discovered via the recent Twitter File releases. That he was intentionally poisoned is easy to believe. 

Sending prayers to Dr. Buttar & his family🙏🏻

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Published May 21, 2023 (original full video published May 17, 2023)
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What is really going on here?

There has been little offered publicly about his mysterious death. 

Fake News is programmed (and paid) to ignore or lie about mysterious deaths such as Dr. Buttar's. And amid social media news affiliates, the speculations run from him faking his death (witness protection?) to the awful realization that factions of our government poisoned him for his courageous truth-telling regarding the covidiocy death campaign.

In a desire to more thoroughly explain Dr. Rashid Buttar's mysterious death, Ivory Hacker has done a little digging. She has gone so far as to ask for his autopsy records: 

"I have requested the autopsy from the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner. I've also requested the death certificate from the County Register of Deeds." 

In the video below, published May 24, 2023, Ivory gives an in-depth review of her up-to-the-minute research and reveals that he previously warned people about the possibility of his untimely death. 

This is a must-watch video to understand better what may have happened to Dr. Buttar.

Disinfo Dozen Doctor's Mysterious Death 

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Published May 24, 2023
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    SamInBerlin · 1 days ago
    1. The mRNA LongJab: Gay Men, Pregnant Women, Foetuses, & What They Have In Common - https://geoffpain.substack.com/p/gay-men-pregnant-women-and-foetuses
    2. A certain very loved and very highly esteemed, gentle spoken, German YT personality and interviewed guest, Dr. Arven - was, for his determined truth-bombings and honest research statements, so drastically hounded and mobbed by the press and all their minions (pHarma & pro-pHarma) that he, though fit and athletic but deeply sensitive soul, ended up taking his own life just over the past couple months. We mourn him deeply, and the psychopaths and sociopaths who are running the Great Scam with all their compliant slaves in the internet, will, may my 24/7 prayers be fulfilled, pay for this with their lives.
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      Franz · 9 hours ago
      Did he take his own life though? They often make it look that way, don't they?

      It's a beast that Big pHARM-US.
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