EYE ON America's Audit - Next Stop: Wisconsin!


We really like the work Natalie Harp is doing on her "The Real Story" daily broadcast from One America News Network's studios. We have her analysis of the dimm-dumm vote fraud in Wisconsin. She wonders, will they be held accountable? We think so, but man, we really let this thing slide, didn't we? Catch the video and the transcript, as we like to do!

The Real Story - OAN America's Audit: Next Stop... Wisconsin!

One America News Network on Rumble
Published August 9, 2021
7:08 viewing length


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Tonight, we begin with Breaking News. As Wisconsin Chair of the Assembly Committee of Campaigns and Elections, Janel Brandtjen, is announcing she has officially issued subpoenas to Milwaukee County, which went blue in 2020 and Brown County which went red, asking them to provide the specific information needed to audit the 2020 presidential election.

In the official press release, Brandtjen writes,

"I understand the Legislative Audit Bureau is conducting an audit. However, many constituents have raised objections to it, due to the length of time it has taken and the lack of specifics, as it is open ended, adding the clock is ticking as the 2022 elections will commence in just a matter of months. As the Chair of Assembly Committee of Campaigns and Elections, I am issuing these subpoenas as the first step towards a full cyber forensic audit of tabulators and inspection of the physical ballots from the November 2020 Fall election."

Finally! Now this comes as on Wednesday, the Wisconsin Elections Commission announced they've officially removed 174,307 voters from their voter rolls, with Megan Wolf, Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission issuing this statement:

"The first group of more than 174,000 voters we deactivated, have not voted in the past four years, and did not respond to a mailing. This deactivation process is required under Wisconsin state statute."

Oh, really? Since when did the Wisconsin Elections Commission actually care about State law? Because they certainly could have cared less about it in 2020. But we'll get to that later.

First, take a look at this breakdown: Of the total number of notices mailed out, giving these voters time to update their records, over 62,000 were returned undeliverable, 38 requested cancellation, 736 were deceased, 121 were deactivated for reasons other than the previous two, 385 were duplicates, and over 112,000 simply did not respond to the notice.

Now these notices were mailed out in June of this year. How timely. But, here's the thing; even if we suppose that the Wisconsin Election Commission is 100% correct and none of those 174,000+ inactive voters voted in 2020, guess what the Elections Commission is also announcing? Over 31,000 additional voters were removed on July 31st, after they didn't respond to a 2019 mailing. That's right - 2019. And the Commission at that time, acting on information received from the electronic registration information center, mailed out over 230,000 postcards to those suspected of having moved, 31,854 of whom never responded.

Makes sense to wait two years before removing them from the books, right? Especially as the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin was decided by 20,682 votes. Check out these numbers: In 2016, President Trump won 1,409,467 votes, carrying the state by a margin of 27,257. But in 2020, President Trump expanded his voter base by over 200,000, winning 1,610,184 votes. But then he went on to lose the state of Wisconsin by just 20,682 votes? I don't think so.

And neither does Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel, who through trend analysis is conservatively estimating an excess of 139,000 votes in Wisconsin for Biden, which again is conservative, considering the fact over 174,000 were just purged from the voter files plus the additional 31,000 who moved. And then of course, there's the 1,093% increase in Wisconsin voters, who claimed indefinitely confined status in 2020 as compared to 2016. That's a whopping total of 169,282 more indefinitely confined in 2020 than 2016. Does the Wisconsin Elections Commission really want us to think that many people suddenly found themselves indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness, or infirmity, or disabled for an indefinite period? Of course, registering as indefinitely confined allow these voters to bypass voter ID law. And yet to date, they've gotten away with it.

But it's not just the state of Wisconsin that's getting away with The Crime of the Century. So is the State of Nevada. And get this, also this week, the Voter Reference Foundation released a report finding that more votes were cast in Nevada than there are registered voters. And how did they find this out? Simple. They analyzed the voter rolls and histories and precincts, and then contrasted it with the certified results.

Take a look at the breakdown: In Clark County and Washoe County, the only two blue counties in the state, the Voter Reference Foundation is estimating a 5,869 ballot discrepancy in Clark County, and a 2,191 ballot discrepancy in Washoe, a total of 8,060 discrepancies in blue counties, and hardly any in red. Now, Biden allegedly won Nevada by a margin of 33,596 simply because he won those two counties, Clark by over 90,000 votes and Washoe by over 11,000. President Trump, on the other hand, won all the other counties, in fact, increasing his vote totals statewide by over 158,000, from over 511,000 in 2016, to over 669,000 in 2020. But he still lost the state. Again, we the people don't think so.

And neither does Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel who, in fact, based on his analysis, believes there are in excess of 100,000 votes in Nevada. Of course, we haven't even talked about all of the other shenanigans we know about that happened in the State of Nevada, including the Cash for Vote scheme, where the Nevada Native Vote Project actually gave prizes to those who had voted, which by the way, is illegal. But have they ever been held accountable for violating 18 US Code 597? Have they been fined or imprisoned, or even suspended from Facebook? No, their Facebook post is still live, and their account is still active.

What kind of banana republic or communist country are we living in? How is it that States like Wisconsin can purge their voter rolls and that doesn't make headlines? States like Nevada can record more votes than voters, but no one calls them out on it. Or if they do, that's all it stays at; calling them out on it - with words. When is America going to finally act? Ronald Reagan may have said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. But the fact is, freedom is never more than one election away from extinction. And that is a real story.

Wis. subpoenas Green Bay and Milwaukee for election audit

One America News Network on Rumble
Published August 7, 2021
2:37 viewing length

A rally just wrapped up on the Wisconsin state Capitol in effort to call for an audit. One America's Christina Bobb has more from Wisconsin.


AUGUST 9 UPDATE: As of 1:18 pm eastern, Wendy has 107,918 signatures on her petition to DECERTIFY the SHAM ELECTION, shooting for a MILLION. Go sign here! WENDY ROGERS: DECERTIFY

ALSO! Wendy explains how you can prevent false flags. She announces she'll be doing a media blitz this week! She calls out CNN as the Enemy, as Trump has done! Of course CCPNN is the enemy! Wendy backs up the guy who mailed the Maricopa County Supervisor wuss an orange jumpsuit! LOL Wendy Rogers is unafraid as all Americans ought to be!


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