NEWS THAT MAKES YOU SMILE: Convoys Roll, DeSantis Rocks, Biden Crime Spree Ending, Trump Sues and More!


Are we having fun yet?

I know I'm having fun as I report all the Super Fantastic News for this week. 

I know you'll have fun too as you read the triumphant stories conveniently overlooked by lamestream media fake news. Oh, and we can't ignore the spoofy videos rising about the craziness ensuing in our society today. The likes of 'Babylon Bee' got us started, and we will not stop laughing at the loony left's antics until they stop being fools. 

Please enjoy our World of Unity World of Wonder Ruby Ray News Flash and pass it along so others can have fun too! 


The People's Convoy was caught doing something they admit to! 

Yes, the People's Convoy was seen FEEDING THE DC HOMELESS! 

Richard Citizen Journalist on Telegram gave a video report from 3/26/22 that uplifts my heart and renews my faith in humanity.  💖✨🙏

The People's Convoy is Activated

Their goal has not changed. The People's Convoy is determined to drive the stank out of DC. And they remain motivated. 

Check out the short video below (by Richard Citizen Journalist) to share in their love of the USA and their concerted convoy efforts to rid this great country of the deep state totalitarian regime that is in place. 

And let us not overlook that the greatest convoy ever has returned! 

Freedom Convoy 2.0 rolls into Ottawa, Canada, this week, this time as a 'Freedom Moving Vehicle Parade.'

The hardened heart of the wicked pharaoh of Canada, Trudeau, will not allow any protests, not even small groups on street corners, in Ottawa. But that does not stop the beautiful hearts of the Canadian citizens. They will roll and march Onward and Upward to Victory!

(Video below from courtesy Joe M Storm Is Upon Us on Telegram)


Disney did what??

If you believe that the Disney Conglomerate is for the goodness of your children, Governor DeSantis would vehemently disagree. Disney opposed a well-written bill Gov DeSantis signed into law, giving parents full rights to oversee their children's choices in public schools. 

  • Disney's statement about this protection for children stated, "The bill should have never passed, and they will actively work to repeal it."
  • In fact, the language in the above statement is so strong that the Florida Legislature is considering taking away some of Disney's privileges.


Read the details about the new law and more about Disney HERE.


This news needs neon lights with celebratory music... 

Donald J. Trump sues Hillary Clinton!! 

It is a done deal. Hillary has been fined a pittance for falsifying the Russia Russia Russia document, which began the whole fake impeachment game, and now Trump is clear to be able to sue the pants (oh wait, she wears tents nowadays, not pants) off her and all associated with the lies if he wants to. 

The lawsuit states:  "She 'Maliciously Conspired' To Weave Collusion Conspiracy Theory." 

Read the juicy details HERE.

📍The best illustration of this news is this video 👇😄 LOCK HER UP!

Putin gives us a lesson in Economics.

Like Trump, I am beginning to think Putin is always right. 

(Yes, I know for some of you, that👆 statement will not get me invited to dinner, but I am not looking for handouts, only truth)

Short video below titled "Putin on Global and Economic Trade' thanks to Z Anon 555 on Telegram.



LIZ, please tell us how you really feel... 


And coming to a toy store near you:
FYI: Made in Ukraine and China 

"ROBYN GRITZ: BRILLIANT LAPTOP MOVE BY MATT GAETZ" '16-year veteran of the FBI, our own Robyn Gritz, also whistleblower for 10 years, explains why there was not a meeting of the minds between Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and the FBI's Cyber Assistant Director (AD) about the Hunter Biden "laptop from hell" at yesterday's (March 30) committee hearing.' Read Robyn's great analysis by clicking on the above photo. 
"PFIZER IS GETTING BEACH SLAPPED: ANONS EVERYWHERE ARE CALLING HOLLYWEIRD'S BLUFF!!" 'A den of vipers runs Hollywood. Although most of us are sick of the Hollywood elites and their fake glamor and self-congratulatory awards, we all know what happened at the recent (March 2022) self-aggrandizing Oscar show.' IT WAS ALL SCRIPTED! The AWAKENED ones are letting us know how dangerous Hollywood is. Tap on the image above for more.
"SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: THE HEALING POWER OF SOUND" 'Sound is an energetic frequency that we know affects us emotionally, mentally, and physically. There is much more evidence that sound and especially music can and does heal than we are aware of.' This is a most fascinating subject and worth looking into. Do so by tapping the photo above to be linked to the article. Enjoy!

His name is Alex Stein and his Political Antics are HILARIOUS! 

This is how absurd it's gotten folks...👇😳😂 


Serenade at the Fort Worth ISD School Board


😏This is what was supposed to happen at the Oscars⏬🤣


It really is this easy to grow plants and food

"Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend."~Ludwig Van Beethoven

"432 Hertz"
432 is a multiple of 108, ie: 108 x 4 = 432.
Since 432 is based on 108, an anointed number,
and since the biology of our existence is defined by the pure cascading ratios of the Fibonacci Sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34 etc) it gives credence to the fact that 432 Cycles Per Second does indeed speaks directly to our Cells. I tune my oud to 432 Hertz and my listeners report that they are automatically hypnotized by the enchanting sound. (source-Jain 108)

Image below: The Musical Spiral of Frequency, Color, and Light, 432 hz

Below is a 21 second segment of a JUST THE NEWS interview with President @realDonaldTrump, from 3/29/22. View full video at: Not Noise Exclusive Interview With President Trump

In the full video you can find: 

"He addresses the question re: Speaker of the House at 24:28.
Knowing the kind of man he is, I could never see him even wanting a demotion from POTUS/Commander-in-Chief to House Speaker, not to mention the fact that he'd never have enough votes to impeach Biden/Harris if he went that route. As we've been told, "Military is the only way." ~ Lisa Mei Crowley


President Trump took questions from the crowd at a Mar-a-Lago event this week. 

He answered off the cuff, no script, not fakery or foolery! This man gets us! Amazing how real he is. Just the opposite of all the unreal fools in DC! 

The short video below is courtesy of mrtdogg on Telegram.


Trump says this impression is the 'best' he's heard.

"TikToker Shawn Farash, more commonly known as "Captain Deplorable," speaks to @Benny Johnson about his popular Trump impression and reflects on what 45 himself said about the imitation." - via The Benny Report on YouTube

YES! DJT truly is an amazing man! 
Not just a 'Hole in One', but he took out six stooges with one bal



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