NEWS FLASH: Trump is Stumping, Putin is Denazifying, We the People are Organizing, and Mankind is Winning!


We are winning as never before, Dear Hearts! 

The people of earth are no longer sitting alone in the dark wondering what to do about the depraved elites who are ruining lives. 

Trump and Team and millions of Save America allies continue to make tremendous progress killing the deepstate.

With Putin at the helm, Russia is surgically wiping the deepstate off the face of Ukraine and, in turn, helping to save the world.

WE THE PEOPLE are uniting in YUGE numbers, pushing back the constant lies, the lamestream media fake news, and the oppressive ruling system that we unwittingly allowed to govern us. 

There is no room to doubt my friends. 

Sharpen your wits and sense of humor, then dive into the World of Unity, World of Wonder presented here, where Victory after Victory is featured. 


A massive portion of Bulgaria's population marched in the World Wide Freedom Rally event last weekend, 3/19+20/22. The clash with law enforcement did not get bloody, but Bulgaria's people were bold and aggressive enough to send a resounding message

This was exclaimed proudly on telegram by @SarssSaraktos:

"Bulgaria won. We have no more "green sertificates".😎👇👇👇

Melbourne is Rising!

Madrid is Rising!!

Japan is Rising!

And, of course, the People's Convoy is still truckin'! 

To spread the truth of Tall Tales Falsey, a few in the convoy got pretty creative.

Watch the video below and wait for it...👇😏😄🤣😇


Bill Barr says the DNI & FBI said the Hunter Biden laptop was real, and the media ignored it.

Imagine that! Live, right there on Fox Breaking News; Bill Barr states just how real the Hunter Biden Laptop is, but we only get 🦗🦗🦗🦗 from the corporate and democrat owned news sources. Yet Victory is ours because WE ARE THE NEWS NQW, and we make sure the good news spreads!  

From Patriot Post on Rumble, 3/22/22, this short video segment will help bring the current fake commander and thief down! More details are HERE.

LGB/FJB Store Plants in NJ and Grows into a Bus Tour!

This is how we win! Another Lets' Go Brandon store opens. This one is in NJ, and they come equipped with a huge bus to bring happy thoughts everywhere! They are attracting lots of attention and have already held an event featuring Roger Stone.

Check out the video and photo below of the excellent bus, and get details HERE.

Victories come in all shapes and sizes, folks. 

Some may not think bringing back the firing squad is a victory, but then again, some do. In an attempt to appeal to this audience's full range of attitudes, the following constitutes Good News. 

COLUMBIA, S.C. – "The S.C. Department of Corrections informed S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson last week that the department can now carry out an execution by firing squad." 

I call this public announcement a Criminal Deterrent Act, as preventative measures are always preferred. Learn the facts HERE.

Putin Cured COVID" - All of a Sudden, the Media Doesn't Want to Talk About COVID Anymore.

Dr. Zelenko is right! Covidiocy is disappearing after two years of fear-mongering! And what better way to devolve the covid scamdemic than for Putin to do some deepstate cleansing in Ukraine. That is what I call a Win-Win! 

"The media is nothing more than a tool of the people who have orchestrated this crisis, and they're used as a way to send false information and confuse people... How can you make an intelligent, informed choice if the true narrative is being hidden from you?"

(Short video thanks to CBK on Telegram)

"JFK JR STOOD ON GEORGE WASHINGTON'S HEAD AT MOUNT RUSHMORE" "David Straight lectured a classroom on Q and on being with JFK Jr in Don Trump Jr's helicopter when they dropped off John on top of Mount Rushmore so that he could stand on George Washington's head that July 2, 2020." Yup, he really did do that! Tap the image above for more. 
"THE PROOF IS IN! UKRAINIAN NEO-NAZIS FUNDED, TRAINED, & BACKED BY NATO/USA INTERESTS!" With all the covert ops being performed by the NWO deepstate being uncovered and shared by WE THE PEOPLE, it was only a matter of time before we found the proof needed to help put an end to the bloodshed. Tap the photo above to link to details. 
"SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: OUR WORLD IS A MIRROR OF THINGS HAPPENING IN HIGHER REALMS" "What would it mean to discover that the power to create joy, to heal suffering, and bring peace to nations lives inside of you? How differently would you live if you knew how to use this power each day of your life?" Gregg Braden... Delve further into this enlightening concept by tapping the photo above. 

I have thought about doing this👇👇... you??

Grow Food, Not Lawns 👩‍🌾 🌱 🧑🏼‍🌾

A 60 year old man is growing over 100 varieties of vegetables in his garden!
He feeds over 80 families a week from his 1/4 acre front yard garden!

This is inspiring 🙌🏼

You have heard a lot about CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) lately, right? 

Well, it's really not that complicated...


Details about all Save America Trump Rallies at: SaveAmerica

Watch live on RSBN Rumble
March 25, 2022, Commerce, GA. at 8pm

The lamestream media portrays President Trump as a loose cannon. 
How disgustingly wrong they are! 



Maria's been in car chases, gun shots fired, doxxed by social media forcing her to move for her safety, investigating the international crimes committed in the 2020 election fraud. She recently talked to a committee of Kansas state legislators because a lot of the crimes committed by Dominion and Scytl and Smartmatic happened in Kansas. We have the video and the transcript.
The Evidence that Jabs are a Weapon is Overwhelming When big pHARMa and the FDA are in bed together, the lines of control are not two, but one. And those who subject themselves to that control are the losers.
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