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Tucker had a birthday message for his former employer, MSNBC, on their 25th anniversary. Remember, Tucker says, it's Microsoft and GE running this thing. So you see, it's not hard to figure this out. It's a purely globalist corporatist machine that runs 24 hours of divisive dumbing-down garbage at you to satisfy its owners' need to control and kill us. Garbage in, garbage out. It won't end well.

Tucker Carlson gives MSNBC a special birthday message

Tucker Carlson Tonight on Rumble
Published July 16, 2021
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Tucker Carlson 0:00
MSNBC, the TV network not the schedule three pharmaceutical, has a birthday today. That channel is 25-years-old. That's hard to believe, especially for those of us who remember the day it was born. And yet, even at this advanced age, there are a lot of misconceptions about MSNBC. The first is that all of its anchors have been accused by a sitting president of murdering a young woman in a congressional office. That's not true. It's a myth. And we'd like to dispel it once and for all right now. The second misperception about MSNBC is that it's always been some sort of left wing revolutionary channel, Leon Trotsky TV. And that's not true either. From its first hours, MSNBC was a purely corporate project, the MS stands for Microsoft, the NBC for what was then a division of General Electric. So the channel began as a merger of business titans. And fundamentally, it's still just one big HR department. After the 2004 presidential elections, the geniuses in the programming office decided to pivot and make MSNBC more populist or something. They weren't sure exactly what they wanted, but they hired a new primetime anchor anyway.

Video Clip played of Tucker Carlson doing an interview back in 2006: "Do you wish now looking back three years that the press had been a little more vigilant in asking questions about the invasion of Iraq during the run up to it? Like, "Are we certain there are these WMD stockpiles that we're using to justify the war? How do you know that they're there? What exactly you're talking about Mr. Powell (Colin Powell) in your speech citations? Don't you wish the press had been a little tougher on the administration?" (end of clip)

Now, honestly, that's pretty compelling television. But in the end, it was not enough. The guy you just saw was fired for low ratings. He was replaced by an emotionally stunted, agoraphobic baseball card collector who wore mom jeans to the office and wrote florid scripts with too many adjectives. Mr. Keith Olbermann, ladies and gentlemen, and keep in mind, the L is silent. But it was too volatile an arrangement to last, and before long, the network's top star took his mom jeans and went back to his Honus Wagner cards in his sad midtown apartment. But MSNBC itself remained and its evolution continued. Like puppies all TV networks are cute when they're little. The problem is you never know what they're gonna grow up to become. So what is at MSNBC now? Well, effectively it's the Hutu Radio Network ginning up race fear to mobilize the militias. Here's the channels new lead anchor screaming once again about those diabolical white people.

Joy Reid 2:24
And so here we are, again, with conservatism at least among a certain cohort of white guys now rooting itself in the idea that even during a pandemic, these screaming men and women have the God given right to get their roots done and order a steak at the restaurant and hit the golf course and the bar. And then those rights which they claim were conferred upon them by God, require a disproportionately black and brown labor force to return to work, get back on the wheel and risk death in order to serve them and return them to their comfortable lives.

Tucker Carlson 2:59
Broadcasting that crap 24 hours a day. Shades of kill, golly, '94, (referring to Rwanda where Hutu mobs were whipped up by radio broadcasts to murder Tutsis by the hundreds of thousands with machetes.) "We regret to inform you that tomorrow they will be killed with their families." (A play on the title of a book on the Hutu massacre, see below.)

It's pretty ugly, but we're gonna rise above it tonight and wish the woman you just saw, the race lady, along with Jeb Bush's former flak the Rachel Maddow impersonator and most sincerely Rachel Maddow herself... (comment not finished)


We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda: Gourevitch, Philip: 9780312243357: Books

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda [Gourevitch, Philip] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda


October 21 Update: Media, Twitter and Facebook, lying/hiding more than ever, more transparently than ever: POTUS had to walk off the 60 Minutes set for their "FAKE and BIASED interview" and their "Electoral Intrusion." (See tweet later in this article.) Rudy Giuliani seems to be a big threat to their death cult, exposing the child sex crimes of Hunter Biden and anyone else associated, drawing high volume of profane fake news fire. Outside-of-mainstream news agencies are sharing increasingly sordid details from Hunter Biden's laptop.

October 15: NBC hosted a live debate, deceptively called a "Town Hall," with President Trump and their "moderator" Savannah Guthrie who assaulted the president with at least 4 times more questions than the audience, all of which were accusatory, aggressive and badgering, often interrupting the president. Guthrie grilled Trump about what she called, "Q Anon," the second time this subject was raised by a corporate media reporter in a live event, the first time being a White House briefing on August 19 covered later in this article.

Guthrie also made some wild accusation about a strange "Q Anon" conspiracy theory that says that Democrats are a ring of satanic pedophiles that Trump is "our savior of." Trump responded that he didn't know "Q Anon" but that he agrees with those who identify with "Q Anon" for being strongly against pedophilia. Guthrie would not follow up on the subject of pedophilia, I wonder why? I think we'll see why later in this article.

The Left in media, big tech and in DC, are now trying to make hay on the perception that "Q Anon" is a public threat and that Trump is like "someone's crazy uncle" for not disavowing them (whoever/whatever "they" are and for whatever reason they're supposed to be disavowed, perhaps because the Left says so in another transparent projection they're so famous for. Crazy Uncle Joey? "You know … the thing.")


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    Gypsy Spirit · 1 years ago
    omg that was hilarious! Thanks for a great look at the Past.. I was "in the room" when Tom Brokaw (the Greatest Generation) was sitting in my make-up chair with Bill Gates discussing this legendary merger of Big Tech and Big Media.. a match made in heaven you say. Having lived the ramp up to the entire MS dominance (with every Annual meeting for years this one in 1996). Where the introductions ran the gamete from damn silly to entirely unhinged. (Bill riding in on a huge Harley with the entire Cascade motorcycle club behind him in the King Dome) (oh and yes he almost dumped it) then the take off of those SNL guys "we are going to PUMP YOU UP!" oh and the CFO playing the Belushi part on the Blues Brothers. Well lots of memories. I could go on.. but the point is 25 years of MSNBC has not brought out the best of Tech nor Media in fact if I was to state a simple fact. MSM and BIG TECH should be sued under "crimes against humanity" laws and most of them taken to GITMO. End.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 1 years ago
      End of story is @gtmo - amen!
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