Mesa County Colorado, another shot heard round the world


From Gettysburg to Maricopa to Wayne County Michigan to Milwaukee to Philadelphia to Mesa County Colorado, it was a really big sting operation to catch traitors in the act Nov 3 2020; and the gears of justice grind slow and fine, so as to let sleep walkers wake up safely on their own to the monsters that lurk behind grinning mugs and over-eager hand pumps.

Put a Gold Star mom in jail for doing her job? You desperate or crooked or both, Griswold?

Scary Jena Griswold - a Soros minion

Two Colorado County Clerks have the data that could end crooked Secretary of State Jena Griswold's career.

The two Republican County Clerks — Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder and Douglas County Clerk Merlin Klotz asked the court on Friday to allow them to compare the data they saved from the 2020 elections to the servers after Secretary of State Griswold altered the machines.

Griswold does not want anyone to examine the voting machines after she had them worked on for some reason?

It is interesting how Democrats have fought EVERY SINGLE audit into the 2020 election?
Wonder why?

In November 2021, Colorado citizens filed a lawsuit against radical Secretary of State (SOS) Jena Griswold.

USEIP reported on the lawsuit — Hanks et al v. Griswold was filed in Denver District Court. The most damning facts of the case claim that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and her employees destroyed election records from the 2020 election. Griswold and other Colorado election officials are required by state law to preserve those election records for twenty-five months, and by federal law for twenty-two months. The relief sought in this case is a full, independent forensic audit of Colorado voting systems and the 2020 election in Colorado so citizens' trust in their elections might be restored.

Soros-funded Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, is moving quickly to crack down on free, fair and open elections in the state.

Today (Tuesday) at 1:00 PM the Colorado Secretary Of State is holding a virtual hearing which she is required to do by law concerning her permanent rule change.

Even scarier Jena Griswold

Colorado's Secretary of State is connected to Soros and Hillary Clinton money so it's no surprise she doesn't want a legitimate audit performed in her state.

Yesterday, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold released a statement that claimed she would not allow outside auditors to come into Colorado and perform an election audit of the 2020 results in Colorado.

Maybe Griswold doesn't want an audit in Colorado because then the citizens there would wake up and see their state's election process is totally corrupt. One very quick statistic tells us this. In the 2020 Election, there were half a million more votes for Joe Biden than there were for Obama, Hillary, and President Trump. Simply put, there is no way Biden had half a million more votes than Hillary. No way.

Logs Erased and Votes Manipulated in Mesa County, CO

Bannons War Room on Rumble
Published Mar 22 2022
13:08 viewing length

88-Page Report Details Voting Machine Corruption

Bannons War Room on Rumble
Published Mar 22 2022
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Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems
Report #1 with Forensic Examination and Analysis

Read at least the Executive Summary

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    Beverly · 6 months ago
    The evidence that mass election fraud is blatant. However, the ones in corrupt ones who allow this fraud are still in control. That is the crux of the problem. Action is needed to remove these worms and their brood from their strong holds. It is needed as of yesterday!
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