MAGA NEWS FLASH: "I caught the swamp, I caught them all. Lets see what happens"


Patriot events are heating up to a fever pitch.

Little did we know that an FBI raid on Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago (8/8) would be the year's hottest event. But yes, it is. Every media outlet worldwide is abuzz with this news. And what a Patriot Victory it is! 

Trump once again forced the deep state to show their hand, making the Biden Administration, the FBI (and all federally run law enforcement agencies), and every fake news outlet look like the criminal fools they are.

Freedom Fighters and Patriots worldwide UNITE.

We know if it happens in the USA, it has already occurred or will occur in other countries.

It's time to put on the whole armor of God, Patriots, and as Robert F. Kennedy says...COWBOY UP!


The People are showing up to support Trump: Day 1 (8/8/22)

President Trump's crowd support is growing: Day 2 (8/9/22)

More supporters of President Trump arrive outside of Mar-A-Lago
for the 3rd day in a row following FBI raid (8/10/22)


Jesse Waters delivers a 1, 2, 3 punch.

As mocking bird media talking points swirl around President Trump's FBI raid, Jesse Waters delivers past truths we need to remember. 

JESSE: "We're talking about three elections in a row now where the FBI has colluded in our elections on behalf of the Democrat Party.....and now the FBI raid on Trump's private residence right before the 2022 Midterm elections" There are no coincidences. 

Deep State Democrat Double Standards

Eric Trump says there are two sets of rules, and "They make our lives hell Sean every single day threatened by Donald J. Trump...This country cannot survive this nonsense."

We are with you, Eric, and we stand behind the whole Trump family. 

The FBI broke into Trump's safe and 
👇👇😂🤣 IT WAS EMPTY! 😁😎👇👇


Ted Cruz at CPAC TEXAS 2022: If not reelected, stand-up comedian could be his next career choice... 

Captain Deplorable: "Trump's response to the FBI raid of his beautiful home"

They just keep getting better and better! 

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💫TeamWork Makes the Dream Work✨💖


If an animal sits on your hand like this it's an unwritten rule that you aren't allowed to move, you are now a pillow... ❤️🦉

America is on the edge of an abyss😔

And yes at times America may seem rather glum but in God's reality and ultimately, in our own God freedom, we are rising to our purpose as "One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Justice and Liberty for All"

Latest MAGA video by JuliansRum

A new #TRUTH  Banner Raised in Times Square! 🙌

This week we are lifting up Pres. Donald J Trump for standing strong against these Goliaths! 👏
A surprise shout-out goes to truthsocial! WWG1WGA! 👊 Congratulations, truthsocial! Thank you for setting such a great example!

#FBIcorruption #MarALago (video courtesy TruthHub on Telegram)



"You don't have to work very hard to see the yuge boomerang that this "raid" trap has caused for those who are seen as perpetrators of banana-republic style police action - and with every passing moment, a whole lot more than that." Link to more in image above. 
Since its inception, astute observations have been made concluding the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is a clandestine operation designed to track, control, and/or eliminate those who disagree with federal policy. There have been reports about the FBI abusing its power for years. Watch this short video clip, and you realize the only difference between 1975 and 2022 is that the FBI's power abuse has worsened. (See the video in image link above.)
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    Franz · 1 years ago
    Waters are gonna get rougher and choppier, then October is gonna become a real challenge to discern the real from the unreal. Stay centered, get whole and rise above it all.
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