MAGA "YOU" FLASH: Balance Your Life


Don't let yourself get burnt out on information.

"Take it from me, this is a very real thing. There was a time, for the first year or so of my awakening, where before both of my eyes were fully open in the morning, I was reaching for my phone to check what was going on in the world. I was obsessed with the daily goings on, reading every news story, deciphering the possible hidden meanings, and it completely depleted me for awhile. Dangerously depleted, to the point where it almost killed for good my desire to pay attention or try to help out anymore. Those who followed me back then might remember entire weeks and months where I would go missing. For those weeks and months I was utterly useless to the cause I care so much about. It was a big lesson for me, and over time I have finally learned to listen to my soul which was crying out for balance.

Balance is the key to health.

"Sure, a big part of what we're in is an information war, that is very true. But there's only so far we can advance in this direction with misinformation coming from both sides and no real access to "inside" information. How can we actually know anything? Even if you see something with your own eyes, it might not be an actual representation of the truth. Good guys might be bad, bad guys might be good. It's exhausting.

"In my opinion, the goal is to pay attention enough to grasp the big picture. Familiarize yourself with what we are up against and the tactics they use, this will support your drive to fight for what's right. And we must stand up for what's right. But that's only a piece of it.

"We were born during this time to be a part of something massive: The Great Awakening. Humanity has been on the path of covert slavery in a Silent War that was waged on us while we were sleeping. This point in history is where the path starts to pivot and turn back in the other direction.

I believe everything came from God. 

"Humanity started out in light, and moved further and further into darkness. We can look around and clearly see how darkness and evil have pervaded everything. They don't even hide anymore, it's right out in the open. But eventually, the course was bound to reverse as everything has to return to the light." (The Kate Awakening)

As we walk through this fantastic time of receiving, absorbing, and sharing the incredible revelations being downloaded into our consciousness, it is healthy to take a break and make room for the changes we face. 

Life Shifts are inevitable.

The more flexible we are, the better we can make those shifts. And for this digital warrior, life has taken some drastic twists and turns. It's time to unplug from the everyday grind of it all and renew my spirit, soul, and psyche. 

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3

Taking a break from everyday life is not just about having an excuse to 'get away.' It is so much more. It is about restoration and balance. It is about unplugging from the intensity surrounding our lives for a time, rejuvenating the essence of our being that enables us to move onward and upward successfully.

As a gift to myself, I am taking time from routine to renew, refresh and be at one with my God-self.

And please know that each of you, my warrior brothers and sisters, are with me in spirit because...

Where we go one, we go all. 

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    Franz · 8 months ago
    Swim with the dolphins, they say: "catch me if you can."
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    Peggy · 8 months ago
    I love this Beverly!
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