MAGA NEWS FLASH Wk#47: Iran women dance into freedom, Elon makes history, Fake News gets a new script and We the People are Thankful for TRUMP


Freedom Fighters are waxing philosophical of late... 


He is quite right. 

The Great Awakening: "We Have to Become the Difference That We Want to Create" – Laura Aboli

Vigilant Fox
Published Nov 17, 2022
Length 2:34

"The Great Awakening is really about understanding our own power — and beginning to really harness that power and focusing that power where we need it to go, instead of ignorantly allowing them to sequester it for their own ends — and for the type of future that they have envisioned for us. That is where our power lies."


IRAN, Nov 2022 -- For 43 years, women in Iran have been forbidden to dance or sing in public or show their hair. I appreciate a sense of modesty but to 'forbid' such things, and only for women, is not about modesty. It's about control. 

They are now saying enough is enough!  It really is this simple to be the change...

Brazil, Nov 18, 2022 -- Election Protesters Push Back Against Representatives Attempting to Take Away Children

It was reported on The War Room that a Lula-appointed Brazilian Justice Inspector signed an order that allowed child services to take children away from election protesters: "Around 22:00 hours (11/18/22) the Tutelary Council tried to remove children from their parents in front of the Army Battalion on Av. Fernandes Lima."  

Brazilian protesters banded together and pushed the child services representatives away.

 🚨BRAZIL Nov 21, 2022 -- Truckers unite! Truckers have completely shut down the roadways and have suspended the export of all agricultural products, both foreign and domestic.


November 19, 2022, will be hailed as the historic day Donald J. Trump was reinstated to Twitter! 

Elon Musk was quite fair about whether to do it or not. He polled the Twitter public to ensure it was the right thing to do. (get the full story here>> Now that Trump is reinstated, why did the deepstate order Twitter to cancel Trump in the first place? (find DJT on Twitter HERE)

And Patriots around the world cheered...

Another Victorious Day in history -- Monday, Nov 21, 2022: CBS News finally admitted Hunter Biden's laptop is authentic after two years of calling it a conspiracy theory.

"CBS News has obtained [the laptop's] data, not through a third party or political operative, but directly from the source who provided it to the FBI under subpoena. We commissioned an independent forensic review to determine its authenticity… The laptop data we analyzed show no evidence it was fake or tampered with."

It seems as if the mockingbird media has a new script: 

Liz Harrington points out the obvious,

Special Counsel Jack Smith, Investigating Trump, has an interesting background: He was a key figure in the IRS targeting conservatives scandal. Tap the image below for the rest of the story.

Warrior Kari Lake will not concede and says she's assembling a legal team.

Kari Lake tells Bannon: 

"We had a movement of We the People and they don't like We the People being involved in politics. It's the 'Uniparty.' They don't care if it's a Democrat, and they don't care if it's a so-called Republican, as they control that politician...They didn't control me. The people of Arizona will be my boss...This lawsuit we are going to be dropping is going to be devastating."

Free to good homes
"Remember, no politics at the table..."

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Pedovore Tissue of Lies is Fraying on Twitter
General Flynn Has A Message
Western Montana News: Yellowstone County Vote Count Irregularities

🦆🐰🐮Animals exhibit unconditional LOVE all the time 🐶🐷🦆

Humans need to get with this program...

In our World of Wonder, it's easy to be fooled by CGI 


All you need is a tweak here and there...

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SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: A Blessing – Not a Curse
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