MAGA NEWS FLASH: Arizona is now KARIzona, World Wide Freedom Rally Returns, Abortion Clinics Close and Trump is Always Right


The RED WAVE is turning into a RED TSUNAMI

As farmers worldwide and vast swaths of populations from many countries stand up against covidiocy, corrupt banking systems, and new world disorderly regimes, America goes to the polls to vote the only reasonable choice there is; Trump Endorsed Candidates.

As the 2022 American primary elections continue, it's clear 'mass formation psychosis' is turning into "Mass Formation PATRIOT UNITY."

Many registered democrats are fleeing the party of criminals and switching to the Trump Republican Party. Patriots are backing Trump-endorsed candidates 100%. And thanks to digital warriors, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are being weeded out.


Yes, it is a beautiful time to be alive, a fabulous time to be a son and daughter of Light, and a marvelous time to share the love of a World Of Unity, a World Of Wonder. Let's walk through this week's victories... 

 🌏 World Wide Freedom Rally / World Wide Demonstration 9.0🌏

💫 The world is rising up!💫

World Wide Freedom Rally Sept 17. 2022!


As one narrative collapses after another, we hold the light.
We stand together. All together.
We create what we need to help each other.
No matter what narrative they try next, we know we are free.



🌟new website coming soon🌟

📣🌏 >> WorldWideDemonstration


UNITY! Dutch Farmers Hand Out Food 
Supporting Citizens in the Face of Trying Times

Berlin protest Aug 3, 2022.
The number of protests in Germany is very high
💫We send them our love💜

Spontaneous Demonstration Erupts in Madagascar Against Incessant Power Cuts and Soaring Prices: The anger among the people is approaching a crescendo as 81% of the population now lives below the poverty line.



ROE V WADE overturning has been a massive success. Link to details in photo below...

"In First 30 Days After Roe Overturned, 61% Of Abortion Clinics Closed In Red States."

States with no remaining abortion clinics: Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. 

Adam Schiff is a Threat to National Security

Trey Goudy and Devin Nunes understand the danger of having someone like Watermelon Head Adam Schiff in public office because he has no clue what he is doing. They are just being honest...listen👇😎

"Wisconsin election will be more secure this time around than it was in 2020."

And that is because patriot citizens like you and I are stepping up and taking action. 

"The advantage that Democrats and cheaters had in 2020 is that nobody was paying attention..." ~ Chistina Bobb.

OH, but not this time! Save America attorney Christina Bobb explains why in the video clip below. 

ByeBye Cheaters, and HELLO RED TSUNAMI! 

CNeNd admits Trump Endorsed Candidates are WINNING! 

When it's true, it's true! But man, that must have hurt!

TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has a cure called 'TELL THE TRUTH!'

 And now we have 

 "We are America First...
We have God on our Side!"

Kari Lake spoke with Real America's Voice in the middle of the night and said they are going to win by 6 to 8 points. 

They tried so hard to steal it, but it didn't work 💪🏻👇

"We spotted a lot of corruption, and we're going to be pushing forward with charges. We have attorneys who are going to be heading to Pinal County first thing tomorrow…1 hour into voting; they ran out of ballots today?! This was an effort to thwart our movement. I believe we should have won by an even larger landslide…." 

Kari Lake does not hold back, EVER! That is why we ❤️ her...more below:

KARI 'SAVAGE' LAKE was interviewed by Steve Bannan the morning after her epic primary Arizona win.

What a fine patriot warrior she is. Arizona made the right choice!

The following two videos catch you up on all things Kari Lake ... watch and smile! 

But wait, there are more winners...
(Sound up, please)


You can make them read 'em 
But you can't make them laugh

It doesn't get any better than this.
Alex Jones is calling out pedophiles at his trial...

"What do you do when you're losing an election? Stop counting." - Kari Lake is committed to not only ending the vote trafficking in her State but also holding those accountable who've done it. Remember ALL those sealed Federal indictments, increasing by 5,000 a month for years during Trump's first term, totaling in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS by the end of his term! Remember the child-trafficking corridor that is being exposed and taken down in Arizona! Tap on the above image for the whole story. 
"WORLD PREMIER: "These Little Ones" go from CPS Kidnappings to Satanic Rituals" - Stew Peters and his crew do an excellent job of calling out all the evil factions of child trafficking, starting with the federally endorsed Child Protective Services system. Please, go to the link in the image above and watch this film. Stay informed and inform others. We all need to SaveTheChildren! 
"MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The Great Vaccine Scare Reaches Fever Pitch" The tyrants who want to control it all are telling on themselves as they ramp up efforts to shut down people who tell the truth. Dr. Mercola gets into the facts with those in the thick of this battle. Click on the image above for the whole story. 

The work of surrealist artist Ingo Lindmeier ❤️

I dare you not to laugh while watching this 🤣
Dr. Sarah Wooten on Facebook Watch
Published Jul 27, 2022
Length 3:03


Announced Aug 5, 2022. They couldn't cheat hard enough to get past Kari's landslide win. PATRIOTS ARE WINNING BIG! 
President Trump hanging out with his grandbabies.
Who is this 'John Legend' anyway? 
Strategy sessions with daMan!


It is abundantly clear that the head covidiots are liars who cower behind their lies as excuses for their lies! The demented creatures (I cannot call them human) who allowed covidiocy to occur, instilling fear in innocent men, women, and children worldwide, should not be allowed to roam the streets free. If not prosecuted by a court of law, God will be their ultimate judge. Tap the photo above for a  few short video clips that describe how Crimes Against Humanity are the biggest lie of our lifetime.
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