MAGA News Flash Wk#21 introduces us to Ron DeSaster, a victorious WorldWide Freedom Rally 12.0, Target's implosion and more Trump Victories


Like so many other weeks this year, this week is filled with exceptional triumphs only a great and wonderful God could orchestrate.

The MAGA Good News is flowing like a cool spring waterfall.

As Trump successfully crusades around the nation for the 2024 Presidential bid (which we know he's got), DeSantis' 'big' Twitter announcement that he is running fails to do anything but make him the brunt of even more jokes. Kari Lake has announced a grassroots operation that will 'chase ballots'; Target, like Budweiser did, loses a massive amount of money holding up the transidiocy ideals, and that is just the beginning of the victorious news here.  

Hold on to your MAGA Hats, my friends, as we navigate the non-reality of this world and together discover the divine reality God has planned for us!


You can't always tell them.
Sometimes you just have to show them....

"You are sheep to them. You are told to obey."

Psychological warfare has been waged on the masses longer than we can possibly imagine. Social conformity is passed on from generation to generation without even asking where such rules even came from, as this experiment depicts quite well. The elite cabal understands how to shape & steer the citizens of society in their desired direction.

"Relish the opportunity to be an outsider, cuz it's the outsiders that change the world." - President Trump.

Herd mentality gets our species absolutely nowhere & we're being tested with it everywhere—time to break free. 

It's an absolute honor & pleasure to be here with all of you "misfits" who were born with an extremely high & unmalleable frequency, who've followed the sleepwalking herd from a distance not out of conformity but out of having the sense of duty to protect them & watch for harmful flanks from the predatory elite.

No one in your daily life will understand the impact you truly have in today's timeline.

Everyone now sees the manipulation in real Time today.
(Source - Twitter

The World Wide Rally for Freedom 12.0 took place last weekend. It was a YUGE success, as all the previous ones have been. The turnouts get more significant for each event, and millions who participated are now more motivated to get engaged and stay engaged as contributors to ending the tyrannical rule that has taken grip around the globe. Devolution is quickly taking place as a new evolution of We the People rightfully governing ourselves begins. 

The WORLD OF UNITY WORLD OF WONDER is happening NOW and will last an eternity!


Perth, Australia -- May 20, 2023

 Stirling, Scotland -- May 20, 2023 

TAMPA WILL BE SAVED! " We believe the Lord is going to come down and shake the city in a powerful way! Salvations and Healing will rain down, and Deliverance will break out all in Jesus! Name!!! Come this Saturday at Tampa Jesus March to see the next great move of God in this city. If you can join on May 27, 2023, go to:

Joe Chillura Courthouse Square
600 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602


Welcome aboard the Space Station! In the video below, from May 22, 2023, the smiling, buoyant Space Station crew members celebrated the moment the AX-2 crew boarded with a welcome ceremony. The Ax-2 crew members were pinned with the Universal Astronaut Insignia, which represents all space travelers. ~ AxiomSpace

"The mission is managed by Houston-based Axiom Space, a company with plans to fly a series of fully commercial astronaut missions to the International Space Station before launching their own private standalone research complex in low Earth orbit. This flight is commanded by Peggy Whitson, a former NASA astronaut who has spent more time in space than any other American."

Read more about this fascinating space event here > SpaceflightNow

Could RFK Jr possibly be a VP choice for....🤔?

"RFK Jr. speaks on securing the border, but the juicy part is that he is no longer denying the possibility of joining another ticket as VP. He now phrases it as "there is no plan B." I hope RFK Jr. will consider it when the DNC screws him over in the primary." ~ BioClandestine

Arizona discontinues the use of voting machines! 

To help Dominion become an extinct entity, the AZ Senate Majority Leader, Sonny Borrelli, has issued a decree banning their use: 

"Because the constitution gives power over elections to state legislatures, the Arizona state legislature passed a bill banning election equipment containing components made overseas. Since all voting machines today have foreign components, it effectively bans them from being used. Katie Hobbs vetoed the bill. Nevertheless, the AZ Legislature has notified all 15 counties they may not use machines with components made overseas in the 2024 election." 


Press Release stating AZ Senate move to ban all voting machines. Tap image for details. 

"We have been working non-stop putting together a team."

Kari Lake takes her righteous anger against the rigged voting and justice system and channels it into creating an organization to, as she puts it, 'chase ballots.' Listen to the video below as she explains this to the oft-hostile media hounds around her in a recent press conference. She is a pro at stopping the lopsided left's narrative before it they can get it out of their mouths. 



Message from the American People to first Budweiser and now TARGET is loud and clear: LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE! Go woke and go broke.

This video by TIMCAST will help explain how We the People are the champions! 

His name for these successes ...The Bud Light Effect 😂😂😂

Derek Johnson sums up the Military Exercise in less than 3 minutes.

This is a treat. We know him as Rattle Trap 1776 on Telegram, and he has stirred up the Patriot movement with theories about Trump, the White Hats, and a military operation backed by facts hard to deny!  Check out the video below for a concise summary of what many truthers agree is happening! 

And to tickle your fancy with more conspiracy factualism, check this out  👇👇😁😁🤩

News shorts &
lots of Patriot Truth
Jason Nelson, CEO of WHOLE COWS has vowed to never allow gene therapied cattle to enter the food supply through their products. Tap image above for full story.
"Dominion CEO Predicts ‘Business Ultimately Goes to Zero’ Because of 2020 Election Lies “When asked to confirm that he is predicting Dominion will lose all its business, Poulos doesn’t hesitate. ‘Eventually, I suspect all of our customers will go a different direction,’ he says. ‘It’s just a matter of time.’” Tap image above for more.
 MAGA Comedy Corner


Ron DeSantis


(Tap image for article)
OH THE IRONY! Dr. Buttar dies mysteriously after his CNN Interviewer Dies Suddenly
Handing the ridiculous rinos the mic
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Lab-Grown Meat Is 25 Times Worse for the Environment
Kari Lake's Governorship held back by tortured judges
 Your weekly reminder.

It's the Little Things that matter

Ponder this...


DJT's Memorial Day Message

"By Memorial Day 2025, our Country will be roaring back. We'll be well on our way to GREATNESS like our Country has never seen before! MAGA!!!"

For transcript and fun facts about this video, go to > President Trump Looks Ahead to Memorial Day 2025

Tap on the image to connect with the conference details.

Liz Harrington, Spokeswoman for Trump, tells us the truth...Ron DeSantis is NOT electable! " The only reason he won in FL is because Trump endorsed him!"

New Trump Campaign videos:



These TRUMP 2024 campaign videos sort of make themselves now, don't they? 👇👍👏😁

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