MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#9: It's all Good News, my Truth-Seeking Friends.


What do you mean "it's all Good News"?

Let me explain: All news generated in this war against entrenched evil is Good News because we are finally breaking free.

When covidiocy struck, there were small pockets of awakened ones worldwide. Once the medical tyranny was recognized, people were shaken out of their mass hypnotized stupor, and billions realized We the People are not in control of our destiny. United in our determination to take back our consent, we gather truth ammo continually and push back harder with each new day. In this wide-awake stance, we can only have victories, for the world is now united as one, and battling evil is a victory in itself. The rest of the good news is we are Winning! 

We are in an etheric war, beloveds—one for all humanity's hearts, minds, and souls. The battlefield is the mind; the weapon is truth. Calling the evil ones out on every false narrative takes eye-opening courage, wisdom, truth, and love. 

Yes, I said LOVE.

The many hurtful skirmishes we face daily within our own families, the workplace, the marketplace, and politics, are but lessons to learn from. We are learning to stand in our collective and individual truth while creating unity instead of hate and division. 

We are alive in a special time of divine dispensation, my friends. God is giving us the opportunity to rally around the truth, bring dark to light and do so with logos and love instead of handguns and machetes. How cool is that? We get to, without bloodshed, become the very God-beings God creates us to be. Delight in that and rise to the occasion. Send love along with truth to every corner of the earth.

It is time for Truth and Love to reign together. 


In this first week of March
March forward knowing
We have already won

 We did it together. Worldwide! We survived the most extensive psychological fear campaign in human history. Hold your head up high and keep Marching! 

Yale - Feb 25, 2023: The Holy Spirit is being felt on the Yale campus.

Mexico - Feb 25, 2023: Mexicans marched Sunday against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's overhaul of the electoral system. People know the fix is in for cheaters to win and will not take it anymore. Country by country, the people are taking back their power. Halleluiah! 

Germany - Feb 26, 2023:❗️"We do not want a World War"❗️ German Citizens tore down the Ukrainian Flag from the Russian tank placed in front of the Russian Embassy in Berlin by the German Government. They also protested against the German Government, asking them to STOP supplies to Ukraine.

Port of Genoa, Italy - Feb 26, 2023:  Workers protest against sending weapons to Ukraine. 

Mass demonstrations against the EU and NATO also occurred in Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Florence, and many other Italian cities.

Italy - Feb 26, 2023:  Anti-war protests in Italy. The banners read, "No Russophobia, no weapons for Kyiv, and no sanctions against Russia.

 ⚡️At this moment in Tel Aviv, Israel, there is a mass protest against the judicial reform proposed by the Netanyahu government. About 100,000 people came to the rally, carrying lit torches and shouting slogans. In addition, hundreds of participants blocked the city's main thoroughfare to draw attention to their demands.⚡️


Don't ever doubt Truth's impact again.

Watch this and know that for every brother and sister who shares their Awakening experience, thousands silently agree and are ready to give and receive the Love.  

BREAKING: The Whistleblowers of Project Veritas released a new video standing with James O'Keefe. The impact of James O'Keefe's Truther journalism is phenomenal, but he was just getting started with Project Veritas. The honor given to him by these truthers demonstrates he still has much work to do. 


My Pillow man says those 44,000 hours of J6 video belong to you and me, not just FOX news, and will be suing for public access. This is the kind of tenacity pit bulls have! Go git 'em Mike, go git 'em! 


Lee County, FL, has called for an end to C19 jabs. The resolution passed by a majority and heads to Gov DeSantis' desk, who can veto it without explantion. Keep your 👀s on this one, folks...

 PA is less one Fetter-man

Jesse Watters discusses how John Fetterman has been unable to do his job on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.' And now he is MIA. We don't know exactly what is happening with Fetterman because fake news hides the truth. Jesse gives us a frank update. 

Marjorie Tyler Greene goes thug life on corrupt Georgia elections official 

MTG looked Gabriel Sterling directly in his face and said, "You have constantly shilled for this election, and I'm going to tell you, there was blatant outright fraud in the 2020 election. Complete & total fraud, and you know it! You absolutely do know it. And I'm going to follow up with one more thing… TRUMP WON GEORGIA!" 🔥What a gal! 

💥The Senate passes DECLASSIFY COVID ORIGINS bill⚡️

The United States Senate just unanimously passed a bill to declassify all U.S. intelligence on the origins of C19. The shackles have fallen off; the people are winning!

What the US media won't show you


Made in China 
Piano Solo
(tap image for article)
Twitter Files #17 - Global DIS-Engagement Center
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Safety Data for Hep B Vax for Newborns Exposed
EXPLOSIVE Arizona Election Fraud Testimony with Links to National Election Fraud
EYE ON Liberal Hell Holes: Chicago relieved as Lori Lightfoot gets the boot

Sharing our World's Wonders, Joys & Discoveries 

 Meet Plum and Pandjirou!

The Lord's Alphabet

 These Ancient Inca whistling vessels mimic animal calls, with nothing but water. Amazing!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

President Trump speaks about the Nord Stream/Ukraine (Video/Glenn Beck)

President Trump was asked if the Biden administration blew up the Nord Stream pipeline:

"Well, it could have been us, and it could have been Ukraine, and it could have been some 3rd party country that wants to see trouble. The one group it wasn't was Russia… that's the one thing I can tell you for sure… These people are sick. I'm telling you. But it could have been. It could have been working in conjunction with Ukraine because Ukraine has total dominance over the United States. Total dominance.

Devin Nunes, President Trump's right-hand man, talks J6 Tapes (Video/RAV)


"I wanna find the guys that had the face masks on, with those hammers… they were clearly prepared to break into the Capitol that day. I still don't know who those people are, and it looked to me like there was at least maybe a half dozen to a dozen of them that were fully equipped, and to my knowledge, none of them have been prosecuted, and we don't know who they are!"

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