MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#46: Spain Erupts in Protests, Macy's Goes Woke, Catturd Exposes Himself and DJT Remains Awesome.



Thanksgiving may be a week away, and Christmas still over a month away, but my heart is soaring with Holiday Spirit. 

It is said Christmas Angels gather this time of year to herald in the celebration of the birth of Jesus and to usher in a season of charity between earth's brothers and sisters. It's undoubtedly a time of year to behold the miracle of divine love surrounding whole populations of villages, towns, and cities worldwide. And it's a time to reflect on our divine heritage as brothers and sisters in the spirit of unity. 

As we look at this week's MAGA Good News 2023, Wk#46, be aware that all the large and small victories add up to one thing ... WE THE PEOPLE ARE WINNING! 

World of Unity 

This week, Spain leads the NEWS NQW Unity headlines as tens of thousands protest in 42 towns and cities. Spanish Patriots rise in the face of political scandal, chanting, "Spain is Christian, not Muslim!" This is the 7th consecutive day of protest in Spain. You can find details about this spectacular event HERE, along with the posts and videos below.

Spain: Nov 9, 2023 -- It is the 7th consecutive day of protest, and Spanish patriots are chanting, "Spain is Christian, not Muslim!"

Madrid, Spain: Nov 12, 2023 -- The streets of Madrid are covered with Spanish Patriots! 

Spain: Nov 13, 2023 -- BREAKING - Tucker Carlson has joined the Spanish protests against the socialist coup, filmed getting mobbed by fans as Spanish patriots continue to rise up!

Today's youth have been 'trained' to connect via smartphones and social media. Here, we have a young lady who wanted to Unite face-to-face with her peers, so she came up with an idea worth sharing. There is something to be said for hugs and smiles in person, creating a tender World Of Unity. 

Logan Lane And Flip Phones

Saturday, Nov 18, 2023, is the HUGE event. The 14th World Wide Freedom Rally may be coming to a place near you. Connect in the links below for details. Participate. Be the change. Be the light! 

It's time to make new, wholesome plans for Thanksgiving morning other than watching the Thanksgiving Parade! Macy’s will bring a “Trans-Extravaganza” into living rooms this Thanksgiving. Parade performances will include "music from two Broadway musicals, & Juliet and Shucked, both of which feature transgender and non-binary performers in major roles: Justin David Sullivan, who personally identifies as non-binary, and Alex Newell, a biological male who identifies as non-binary. Signers of the One Million Moms petition pledge to boycott the parade and Macy's stores, stating, "My family will not support Macy’s; you have lost our trust." Hopefully, the featured turkey identifies as a real turkey and is fully dressed! Tap the image for details.

No More FBI Secrets. 

Rep. Clay Higgins spills the intel that the FBI bussed in agents disguised as Trump supporters to the Capitol on J6. This means the FBI coordinated efforts to fuel a rebellion. Rep. Higgins makes sure to state clearly how the FBI was intricately involved in staging the J6 fake insurrection. Learn more about this reveal at this article link: Congressman Clay Higgins Drops J6 MOAB in Hearing.

 Is "Saint Zelensky" blackmailing Joe Biden?

Rudy Giuliani seems to think so. He explains to Roseanne Barr why this is true...

"Zelensky knows the whole story. He knows a lot that I don't know. I can give you half the documents. He's got the whole file. Which means if he says, 'Joe, I need 60 bills': Joe says, Yes sir!...' Joe, I need another 20 bills'...Do you want to see the other pictures of Hunter? What about the foreign bank accounts? Joe, you know we put a lot of money in foreign bank accounts for you? But I have the bank account numbers. What do you think would happen if we started opening those bank accounts? You better give me the 60 bills...


There have been obvious attempts of threat to Donald J. Trump's person, and many more that are not caught on video or discussed. In the first short example in the video below, four large Secret Service dudes shield DJT immediately. It only takes the armed guards 15 seconds to stop a possible assassination attempt. Keep Praying for Trump! 

Who says nothing is habbening??? 

There are representatives like this great woman who show up and do the sacred work that will benefit all of us. This publicly announced proposal is not a mere Telegram or X post for show; it is presented in the House of Representatives as Amendment #61. Listen as she details the need to insulate the public from any more Clinton corruption by describing the Uranium One scandal that should have rocked the world but instead was swept under the rug...until now. She deserves a medal for honor. You may not see this anywhere else, so watch now. This is gold, pure Gold! 

 Tucker Time



News shorts &
lots of Patriot Truth

L👀K who is no longer hiding his identity?
The Catturd is out of the bag! 

In a surprising and exciting development in the world of television, beloved comedian and actor Tim Allen is gearing up to join forces with Roseanne Barr. Click the image for details about this great news! 
JUST IN: Elon Musk (@elonmusk) writes, "And, at the risk of being repetitive, I am deeply offended by ADL’s messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind. I’m sick of it. Stop now."
 MAGA Comedy Corner

Opps..did he really just say that???
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Laura Aboli says to be David in the face of Goliath
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Speaking of Holidays...

Healthy and fresh Cranberry Orange Tea
1 cup fresh cranberries 
1/2 orange sliced
1/2 apple sliced
2 cinnamon sticks
1 lemon zested
2 inches of ginger peeled & sliced
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
small handful of fresh mint
1-2 tbsp loose leaf cranberry-orange tea or you can use hibiscus tea

*Manuka honey to sweeten after the tea has simmered

Add all the ingredients except for the honey in a glass summer teapot, or you can even make this on the stovetop in a pot. Pour hot water over until it reaches the top & mix with a spoon. Cover for 10-15 min, then pour into your desired mug. Add a spoonful of honey & enjoy!

"My great sister, Maryanne, passed away yesterday at the age of 86. A truly beautiful woman, tall and elegant, with a presence like no other, she was also a tremendous student, intellect, and Judge, in charge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, just below the U.S. Supreme Court. Her life was largely problem free, PERFECT, until I made it difficult for her when I decided to run for President. The Fake News, and others, went after her mercilessly, and because of the fact that she felt it inappropriate, due to her position, to defend herself, it just never stopped! While tough and strong, she was made to suffer in those years from 2016 until her Retirement. I will never forget the many times people would come up to me and say,“Your sister was the smartest person on the Court.” I was always honored by that, but understood exactly what they meant—They were right! She was a great Judge, and a great sister. She will be truly missed!" ~ DJT

"The case against President Donald Trump in New York faces a mistrial. The 45th president's spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, posted to X on Wednesday, noting that the Trump legal team has filed a motion for mistrial. The preliminary statement notes, "There can be no doubt of the public perception of bias in this case…only the grant of a mistrial can salvage what is left of the rule of law."" ~ RSBN

This is so sweet! President Trump visits his granddaughter's school for Grandparents' Day! 
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