MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#37: "Constancy of purpose is the first principle of success." ~ Napoleon Hill


Constancy is the key.

We watch as Donald J. Trump continually rises to the moment, never wavering from his truth nor allowing negativity to cloud his perception. My dear friends, this is constancy being demonstrated on a grand scale. His example teaches us to do the same in our personal lives and patriot warrior roles. Spreading the truth is like spreading manure; it's messy, but when applied often and with precision, it will stimulate and sustain significant growth. 

Remaining in a state of positivity.

On the screen of life being played out with Trump as a focal point, we see how the constancy of integrity in all matters creates positive momentums in life, especially when uncertain times play a significant role in our self-chosen destiny. Gain that momentum for yourself, if you will. Each moment is a moment of decision. Make light-filled God-inspired wise decisions in all you think, say and do, and your soul will support your sense of purpose.

This week's MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#37 report contains critical wins. From Trump's joyous visit to the Iowa State College Football game to the official announcement of an impeachment inquiry made into Biden's crimes, the flow of success for We the People to secure freedom for all marches steadily forward. Yea God!

Always Victory! 

 World of Unity

Old Town, New Mexico: Sept 11, 2021 -- Below is a short video of peaceful gun-carrying citizens of New Mexico protesting the NM governor's unlawful order to stop carrying their weapons under a state emergency order. Her unconstitutional mandate was halted only days after her announcement because of the vast pushback from united patriots and law enforcement entities. Read the entire story about how We the People are United for freedom at this link: Gov. Grisham stole her election in 2020 and now plans to steal people's gun rights in 2023.

Auburn University Campus, Alabama: Sept 12, 2023 -- This event started with the prayer of five girls and quickly grew to 200 students.  The message is Unity in Christ. The miracle of divine unity is inspiring!  

This is number thirteen in a series of protests organized since 2021 to demonstrate Unity for Freedom in every part of the globe. There could be one being held very close to you. Click on the links provided below to learn more about this historic event and how you may be able to participate. Always Victory!


🚨BOMBSHELL! "Audio released from Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio states,  The FEDS Asked him To LIE About President Donald Trump In Order To Indict Him! "The truth is, I could have been home a long time ago…..> and all I had to do in order to do that was LIE ABOUT TRUMP."

It's heartbreaking the amount of treason being uncovered against We the People. 

President Putin's political commentary about America's sad state of affairs

Vladimir Putin says Donald Trump is being 'persecuted for political reasons.' Speaking at a plenary session at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the Russian president claims the US political system is "rotten." ~ SkyNews

He is getting no argument from me....👇💥

BREAKING — Rep. Jim Jordan reveals new subpoenas in impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden 

At boringly slow speed, the do-nothing-congress Congress is finally taking action to impeach the criminal holding America's presidential office. 

"I just signed subpoenas today that are going to people at the Justice Department who I think we need to talk to." ~ Jim Jordon

We are living in an upside-down world, folks.

Watch and listen as Bidenomics is explained...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks honestly about his party.

RFK Jr. brings attention to the DNC becoming the pro-war party. He is waking up the centrists/leftists that Trump could not. The remaining normies are getting heavy doses of red pills, but from a source they are more inclined to trust. It's working 💪⚡️😁 ~ BioClandestiine

The Florida Surgeon General reminds me of the boy who cried wolf, and nobody listened 'til it was too late. 


They've been warned...over and over and over again. 
Chicago's O'Hare Airport is now being used as a migrant shelter.


Tucker explores the global economy possibilities. 

Episode 23 of 'Tucker on X' just dropped — Hyperinflation and reckless monetary policy could soon devastate the global economy. We traveled to Argentina, where it's already happened. Explore international economics further with Tucker in this full interview with Argentina's possible next president, Javier Milei, at this X link >> Tucker on X Ep. 24

News shorts &
lots of Patriot Truth
WE ARE WINNING! 1. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming have all banned vaccine passports. 2. Twenty-five states have banned anyone from requiring proof of COVID vaccination for any reason. 3. Florida, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, North Dakota, and Montana all have banned or restricted mask mandates. 4. Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia have all banned vaccine mandates. 
 MAGA Comedy Corner

911 for Dummies
Press Secretary Variant
Trashy Fashionista

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: All Eyes Are on the WHO as They Try to Take Over the World
HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS: Comprehensive list of treatments for covidiocy concerns
Novax Djokovic a national and world hero
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: 10 Things to Do Daily to Help Your Brain
  Your weekly reminder.

So much cuteness and talent in such a small package...

 Beautiful Ballerinas

Sacred geometry of the dandelion. Perfection in the simplicity

President Trump makes a pledge to Homeschool Families

Tap image for Trump Event details
Tap image for Trump Event details

Trump and Glenn Beck talk.

DJT tells Beck he'll have no choice but to "lock them up" since they are doing that exact same thing to him. 

"The answer is you have no choice because they are doing it to us...."We're going to make America great again. You watch. It's going to happen fast. It's going to happen fast." 

Are the optics for fast and furious arrests showing Patriots? Listen carefully...

Trump and Hugh Hewitt talk. 

Hewitt asks DJT if he will go on a "revenge tour" and use the power of the presidency to go after the people who maligned him. His answer:

"I only look for the truth. And when I find the truth, I think the people have to know the truth because these people have maligned me for seven years. They've been maligning me and libeling me and creating false stuff…Now, here's the one thing...We've pretty much found the truth. There was cheating, massive cheating on the election... The election was as corrupt as any election can be." 

The Trump Train rolls on...👇👏


 And now it's time for one more farewell message to Mitt Romney...

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