MAGA Good News Flash 2023, Week #3 has AR Gov cleaning up, Jim Jordan standing up, WEF blowing up and Trump rising up further


Trump is making headlines, as usual. 

His casual businessman style is never overstated, while his positive political influence is always understated.  

This week's MAGA News Flash is filled with changes taking place because of Donald Trump's influence. From the US House of Representatives to the new campaign ads he's blasted onto social media, Trump is the top influencer of our Aquarian Age World of Unity, World of Wonder. 

We Unite to Preserve our Inherent Liberty.

We Revel in the Wonder of our Divine Inner Purpose.

We Ignite our Hearts with Determination to Rise Above the false matrix.


We the People moments of 2022!

A quick look back at what 'was' can help us focus on what is to come. If this doesn't uplift you, I don't know what will.

We missed this last month, but it's important to highlight the following:

London, England-Dec 21, 2022: London Police conduct a "facial recognition trial" on public streets. The only consent for this invasive software to be used on them was given by contracted actors who were to be part of the test. A group called "Big Brothers Watch & Liberty" protested the Biometric Data collection. 

Orwell's "1984" in action.

Paris, France-Jan 19, 2023: Massive protests against pension reform continue in Paris. Two video clips below show the reality fake news will not. There have been significant incidences of the police force and protest pushback. The French are taking this very seriously. VIVE LA FRANCE!

⚡️'Biggest Strike in UK Health History' Looms

Both nurses and ambulance staff have previously staged walkouts to demand higher pay, but now joint action threatens to cripple the service across the country. 10,000 ambulance workers will strike on Feb 6,  and nurse unions confirm they plan to join them, reports TheSun

"The prospect of ambulance workers and nurses striking on the same day is a huge concern. It could be the biggest day of industrial action the NHS has ever seen," one health boss told LBC. UNITED WE STAND! 


2023 is the year of no more voting machines

It's only mid-Jan 2023, and we already have the Arizona GOP state chair candidate Steve Daniels calling for an end to all machine counting in Arizona. Well done, sir!


From Fake Climate Change to a failed Global reset, the DAVOS 2023 WEF (World Economic Forum) is no longer relevant, yet they have a place in the news. 

The video below shows you how honest media cover events like this: 

They call out corruption, evil, and the elites to their face and refuse to back down.
Notice how Pfizer's CEO has nothing to say when asked real questions about his criminal plandemic actions and the lies he told that got people killed!"

Discover more details HERE.

Protesters join the movement to end the worst Mafia in the World at WEF in DAVOS 2023

The Truth shall set us free!!!

Jim Jordan will leave no laptop from he!! unturned as the House Judiciary Chair on the committee's Probe of Biden Documents. 

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is cleaning up Arkansas

In one of her first moves as Governor she takes CRT out of the classroom: "I am proud to have signed an executive order prohibiting leftist indoctrination and CRT in the classroom. We will not apologize for America or indoctrinate our kids with the lie that America is a racist and evil country." Thank you Governor! 

Lara Logan is a Serious Red-Piller

The following video is 27 minutes long and you can drop in at any point and 💥BOOM 💥a truth bomb is in your face. She is one Victorious Patriot Warrior! Learn more about this Patriot journalist at this link: LARA LOGAN THE WARRIOR REPORTER EVANGELIST

Click on the image above to sign the petition

Adios Klaus! 

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"There will come a time none of them will be able to walk down the street" Q -- The once untouchable celebrities in music and movies are being exposed for who they are.
DumpsterPfizer -- Thanks to President Donald J Trump and his stable-genius Operation Warp Speed, we are all alive and well still to witness for ourselves the pharmakeia death cult...
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The Most Important Topics of Our Time -- It is crucial to understand these threats and take action to prepare for, resist and overcome them. By learning about these issues and taking steps to protect ourselves, we can work together to create a more resilient future.

🐐🦈All living beings want to feel they matter🐓🐑

😀A dog saw his owner picking up trash and then went and brought him a discarded plastic bottle, earning him a treat. Now his dog is cleaning up the whole neighborhood.🥰

Let's all make Wonderful Music Together! 
Thank you for Sunshine!

Such a beautiful gift
This made me cry...

Saturday, January 21st, in North Carolina, President Trump will join Silk & family to honor the life of Diamond. 

Everyone is invited to attend. Get Details at this link: CELEBRATION OF LIFE

"MAGA moms love you, President."

Dr. Gina tells Trump: "I hope you know that. They'd do just about anything for you because they're trusting their children's future to your completion of your presidency." 


At The Water Cooler with David Brody

President Trump: "I'm fighting the Deep State and winning… I think I'm a very nice person, but if we're gonna win, we have to be tough and we have to fight back…I wanna fight to win. I wanna win for the country. I want to win for the people…If I fight back, you don't sound as nice as you should, but we're all winning together. Make America Great Again." 

We got your back sir...keep on keeping on! 

Trump wastes no time letting all know his presidential policies:

"We will always protect Medicare and Social Security"

Good-bye CCP!



"The future does not belong to globalists - the future belongs to patriots." - President Donald J. Trump


MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: World Economic Forum Plots Misinformation Plan

WEF Plots to Censor 'Misinformation'

WEF is an unelected global organization with self-appointed leaders. How it intends to define the misinformation it's targeting as one of its key 2023 initiatives is unknown, but it's dubbed the "cumulative 'threats' black swan events."

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