MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#22: “United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures.” JFK Sr


Regarding great MAGA news, it's been a relatively mild week compared to the last few. That is until the top insurrectionist and thief recently took a nose dive on stage. The memes, jokes, and guffawing it created lightens the load many bear as they watch America and the world fight for total God-freedom. 

It's important to laugh, relax and look around at all the light, life, and love we are blessed with. And it's important to remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 


TAMPA, FL: May 28, 2023 - The spiritual revival that social media highlighted at the beginning of the year has not ended; it is spreading from city to city. Tampa is just one example of many communities worldwide calling upon God's perfect will to help Earth shine as brightly as divinely intended. 

TEL AVIV, May 27, 2023 --This is a rally of anti-government protests for the 21st week in Israel, and public interest has not diminished. Two hundred thirty thousand protesters gathered, raising awareness for all!

The next worldwide rally for freedom is set. Mark this on your calendars and get involved. Put your feet where your heart is and rally for liberty with the WORLD WIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM 13.0. The telegram post below will link you to details. Keep on keeping on, Patriot! We are Winning! 


Ron DeSanctus has been doing what? 

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) spoke with Donald J. Trump Jr about the Governor DeSantis' team contacting members of Congress and threatening to primary them if they endorse Trump. RINOs will be RINOs! (RINO-Republican In Name Only)



Three Arkansas districts are joining together, standing up and speaking out as a Coalition of Congressional Districts. To supercharge the happening, KARI LAKE will be joining 'Operation: Freedom' on July 15, 2023, and you can join also! Register at CoalitionOfCongressionalDistricts

Did you know Russia has a Children's Day? 

"Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko on Children's Day. Tkachenko is the Chairman of the Board of the Circle of Kindness Foundation, which helps children with severe life-threatening and chronic diseases. The organization was established in 2021 at the initiative of the President. Tkachenko is also the founder of the Children's Hospice."

Yea, it's like that in Russia. Oh, and remind me, what did the Biden Crime Syndicate name the month of June, America?

Rep. Byron Donalds is a rising star

Rep. Byron Donalds says that the FBI & the other federal agencies not responding to Congress is a constitutional crisis. "This is a real violation of separation of powers & it is a constitutional crisis. I don't use those words lightly." 

Find out more about this excellent House of Representatives member at this link > Donalds for Speaker!

Jack Posobiec talks to Scott Presler

A YUGE investment is being made to get the vote out early, micro-target areas, register voters, and 'chase ballots.' This is to help GREAT MAGA candidates win in 2024. Fantastic News! 

Why are companies like Budweiser and Target destroying their businesses? 

It's not as simple as it seems, and this fellow breaks down the "go woke, go broke" moves. Listen and ponder his words long and hard before you cast your vote with your wallet or at the ballot box. 

Utter brilliance and profound insight from Nick Hudson - again.

Nick helps people grasp the basic rule of how to deal with today's elite-funded feudal scam system. His advice is priceless in a world gone scam crazy. 
News shorts &
lots of Patriot Truth
NEW — JPMorgan Downgrades Target’s Stock Citing ‘Too Many Concerns Rising’ “Target Corp.’s stock, which is on its longest losing streak in 23 years, was downgraded to neutral from overweight Thursday by JPMorgan, which cited ‘too many concerns rising’ in relation to the retail giant.” Tap image to link to details. 
FROM Donald "Rocket" Garrett (Ret) US Army (AH-1) USAF (F-16) -- " America's First Communist Dicktator Cements His Legacy ...enthusiastically posting Der Potty-Fuehrer's Final Flail: "The Siege of Toiletgrad" on the Facebook pages of the four branches of the military, the Joint Chiefs, FBI, etc including the US Navy Seals. Whom as a former USAF fighter pilot, I would ordinarily hail with accolades such as "Yo, Squids!" I must, in this context, address with the tremendous respect they are due you see, a number of them were sent on a phony raid contrived for the purpose of boosting the miserable approval ratings of the miserable pile of treasonous excrement presently sitting in the White House. Which objective it failed to accomplish. After this phony raid, SEAL Team Six was directed by the White House into an ambush, where they were all slaughtered to prevent them from reporting that they had been expended in a billion-dollar taxpayer-funded PR ruse. So, thanks to the miracle of social media, tens-of-thousands of military men and women across the planet; the finest, deadliest warriors on planet earth, including Special Forces units like Army Rangers and Marine Recon, whom together with their brethren Navy Seals have turned their thoughts to domestic concerns, have heard one of their own say out loud, on the White House lawn so to speak, what most of them have all been thinking for years now: "lol according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, my Oath requires me to *shoot* this clown" 🤡🔫
Bud Light was just the tip of the woke iceberg! Tap the image above to view a list of over 250 companies who sold out to the woke mob, along with links to each company’s virtue-signaling statements. 
A list of the 149 Republicans Who Voted with Democrats in Passing the Uniparty Bill was put out by the Gateway Pundit. They will not fair well come the next election. Find out who they are by tapping the image above.  
MAGA Comedy Corner

😄I Am Not Wearing Lady Clothes😄


Down Goes Sleepy😴!


(Tap image for article)
Celebrate June as Pro-Life Month
J6 Shaman Jake Angeli launches Forbidden Truth Podcast
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Why Watermelon Is Good for Your Cardiometabolic Health
 Your weekly reminder.

And you thought birds just looked pretty. God's creatures intricately work with each other to create balance and harmony. Man is also meant to work that way. We can take a lesson from this...

5 FREE NATURAL FERTILIZERS YOU HAVE AT HOME 🔸Molasses 🔸Coffee grounds 🔸Juice pulp 🔸Epsom salt Pasta , Potato or Bean water

Talk about miracles! 

Trump Takes Questions in IOWA

Trump recently visited a small gathering of conservatives in IOWA and did a Q&A, as only he can do!

"You'll notice that the average everyday voter is now keenly aware of how corrupt the FBI is thanks to their unprecedented assault on Donald Trump and the Durham Report exposing the truth. The stage has been set. The question remains in people's minds: Can the FBI even be saved?" ~ Pepe Lives Matter on Telegram


 Ending the Scourge of Drug Addiction in America!
 "As part of my plan to Secure the Border..."
WATCH: President Trump lays out his policy plan to END Birthright Citizenship for illegals and stop Biden's border invasion.
For details about the 250-year celebration President Trump has planned, check this link out... 
Trump the Visionary announces "Salute to America 250"

President Trump once got made fun of for ALMOST slipping on that very same stage...hmm 

DJT just reacted to the news that Joe Biden fell on stage at the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. "We gotta get this thing back on track. That's a bad place to fall… That's not inspiring."

Wait a minute!

🚨🚨🚨 BREAKING: A New Ad for Trump has just been released!  👇👏(😉😁😂)

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