MAGA Good News 2023, Week #2 brings a deep House cleaning, more Twitter Truther files, Slow Joe's Demise and Trump's Rise


Constancy is the key to winning.

When I was first introduced to the game of chess, I remembered one thing: staying the course matters. There is no room for lollygagging, daydreaming, or lamenting a wrong move. One must remain consistently focused on strategy with the ability to 'go with the flow.' 

For the Awakened ones who see through political lies, dogma, and drama while being called crazy theorists, the  'I TOLD YA SOs' are being Trump-eted, beckoning even the most ardent non-believer to listen to the calls of truth.

And oh, what a beautiful sound it is... 

 118th Congress is going full ANON!


Bingham Island Bridge in West Palm Beach, FL, Jan 6, 2023: a place frequented by Trump fans, with views of Mar-a-Lago. Seen here on J6 is a boisterous Trump flash mob.

El Paso, Texas, Jan 9, 2023: Protesters gather to give a not-so-warm welcome to Slow Joe Biden. 

Wuhan, China posted Jan 7, 2023: While journalists are writing about "thousands of deaths a day, and millions infected, and people locked up in their homes for fear of dying," look at Wuhan. 

Paris, France, Jan 7, 2023: Filed under--Things you won't see on the MSM!!
France holds a massive Yellow vest demonstration against recent pension reforms.

 Brazil, Jan 8, 2023: Brazilian people are not standing for their rigged election

Brazil, Jan 8, 2023: Bolsonarists are building a human shield to protect the legacy of Congress so that provocateurs and infiltrators first have to get past them before they cause damage there as well.

Orlando, FL, Jan 1, 2023: This video of Bolsonaro was posted on his TikTok account. Many patriots were there to greet him and give him the love he deserves. This man is a beloved legend in his own time...


Fox News says what??? 

It's taken over two years, but Faux Fox is finally getting on board with Covidiocy facts instead of fiction. Fake News may be turning a corner. Watch as they discuss the "Pandemic of the vaccinated."💉😞

Twitter Files Part #14 release reveals how the DNC Swamp creatures are in serious trouble.

This new set of files shows internal communications between Twitter and DNC politicians pertaining to the #ReleaseTheMemo debacle, where Schiff and the Left called all of us "Russian bots.They fabricated a conspiracy theory that all these pissed-off Americans were not real. 

Twitter confirmed that there was zero evidence of Russia being involved in the hashtag popularity.

The DNC politicians are the disinformation-spreading conspiracy theorists, and we were right all along … again.🐸

This is HUGE: Matt Gaetz Reveals Republicans Will Release the 14,000 Hours of J6 Tapes That Have Been Hidden!

Slow Joe will be held accountable!


"Not only did Joe Biden know what his son and brother were doing in respect to influence peddling, but he was also a part of it… Whistleblowers have identified Joe Biden as the 'Big Guy' with a 10% equity stake."

Anyone with half a brain would not have...oh wait, this is Joe Biden...never mind. 

Classified documents from Joe Biden's VP Office at UPENN were discovered the day before the Midterm elections! And what did the lawyers who found them do with them? Were they hidden in plain sight all this time, eh? And shortly after those papers were found, another batch was found, and yet another!! NOW AG Garland has appointed a U.S. Attorney to investigate. The infamous Laptop from he!! wasn't enough, yet this is? I smell a setup to get rid of someone brewing...

House Speaker McCarthy has a thing or two to add about those classified documents:  "I think Congress has to investigate this."

It looks like it's true! 

Mel Gibson is directing a film about the Rothchild family. Now that will be a hit for sure!

Pentagon Officially Overturns Military Vaccine Mandate: Tap image for full story

It is soon curtains for the Sleepy Joe act: Is the "establishment" really in control of this bizarre storytelling? I mean, are people waking up yet?You don't have to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist - or even Elon Musk - to figure this one out. In fact, much of the figuring has already been done for you!
Candlelight Vigil for Support & Unity From USA Patriots & Around the Globe: 
Archbishop Viganò 2023: Calls Out Globalists by Name and Blesses the War Room
Debuting three videos:

1. Bad Lip Reading
2. Hi-Rez - 2+2=5 (Official Music Video)
3. Captain Deplorable Reveals Biden's Classified Documents

This mom is teaching baby girl right!

 The Frequency of the Universe is Music
Love is the highest frequency of all

 Donald Trump's Full Interview with Mark Levine: (15 minutes)
  • Hunter Biden Owned the Property the classified docs were found
  • Trump thinks more is coming, documents we would t believe.
  • Calls for Jack Smith to resign
  • I was President until 12 o'clock… when was Biden inaugurated?
  • Past Presidents & what they took
  • China likely saw those documents
  • These documents are OBAMA documents 👀
  • 17 Role calls

Here is a treat: Trump and Kari Lake at Mar-a-Lago LIVE"

This 👇 from Jack Posobiec on Instagram. Trump has a lot of very interesting things to say. Listen to all 25 with DJT and Kari Lake.

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