MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#19 has Two Big Victories: Biden WILL be Investigated and Trump WILL Destroy Fake News!


We have significant victories this week! 

Not one bullet was fired to kill legacy media's fake news leader, CNN, when Trump showed up BIG TIME at the CNN Town Hall. And there were absolutely no casualties as the GOP-led House on Capitol Hill led a peaceful revolt against the Biden Crime Family.

This week's MAGA News Flash details all that and much more. Enjoy and ALWAYS VICTORY!

Contrary to empty-headed left-leaning beliefs, the MAGA Patriot movement is not filled with rebel-rousing American conspirators. Quite the contrary; the MAGA Patriot movement is these two things:

  1. It is a WORLDWIDE movement, not confined to one country. It is an ideology ascribed to deep ties of community (come-unity), brotherhood and freedom for all men, women, and children.
  2. It is a PEACEFUL movement. Love for each other is the theme of Patriot Brother and Sisterhood. This Love is so encompassing it extends even to those who may be considered 'the enemy.' This is not an invitation to be a victim but rather an invitation to expand 'human' love to include divine wisdom while endeavoring to know the enemy while not allowing them 'to spitefully use you.' With all your might, this is the time to learn to be wise as a serpent yet gentle as a dove.

As we continue amid the storm, watching those 'who did not know that they did not know' awaken and observe others becoming more fully awake, please become the Love you are looking for and remain Wise, Encouraging, Humble, and Kind. 

Remember your oath. Remember why you joined. It's about the person standing next to you.

UNITY can be thousands in the streets of Paris protesting or two thoughtful men who act from their hearts.

South Carolina, Jan 2023 -- Two vets TAKE ACTION when a woke activist tries to ruin Trump's speech.

Texans UNITE with their governor to stop the endless flow of illegal aliens into their great state. 

TEXAS Mexican Border, May 11, 2023 -- Governor Greg Abbott deploys the National Guard and creates a human wall. This has been called a literal 
'Mexican standoff' Looking from Matamoros, MX, into Brownsville, TX, we can see that Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas⁩ national guard, and DPS will not let them pass! 👇👏👏

BREAKING 🚨 Erdogan, Istanbul: May 7, 2023 -- An estimated 1.7 million people attend Erdogan's grand Istanbul rally ahead of May 14 elections.

Make Earth Great Again! MEGA!

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2023: Join millions around the world for the 12th WORLD WIDE FREEDOM RALLY...TOGETHER WE ARE FREE! 

Connect with a rally near you in the Telegram link below...


The Biden Mafia has a family profit-sharing plan.

According to Rep. James Comer, the House Oversight Committee leader, the Biden's shared the wealth in their criminal business deals, spreading funds from pay-to-play deals amongst family-owned LLCs and shelter companies. The laundry list of financial evidence of a vast bribery scheme by the Biden Crime Family has led to a pledge by the committee to do a complete investigation into the Biden criminal activity. 

Listen to just a bit of the press conference below to understand the depth of depravity of the 'first family.'


The fake news media doesn't care about Joe.

They only care about what distracts you from Pedo-Joe and his family's crimes. They work with the Democrat Swamp to emphasize anything but the truth.

This time they created a witch-hunt using George Santos:

Trump Appeals Hoax Jury Verdict: He was not found guilty of rape! 

He was found guilty of saying mean things about the woman, E. Jean Carroll, who falsely accused him of one of the world's worst crimes! 

The jury found Trump had defamed her by calling her claims a 'hoax' and a 'con job.' It was a kangaroo court waiting to pounce on any lie they could make up to find Trump guilty of something, even if it didn't make sense. 

Quite possibly, the deposition he gave (video excerpt below) was enough to make the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) they suffer even worse, as Trump Truth often does.


You didn't think he'd be gone for long, did you? Tucker announced a new show...ON TWITTER! 

"You can't have a free society if people aren't allowed to say what they think is true ... Amazingly, there aren't many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one remaining ... is Twitter...Starting soon, we'll be bringing a new version of the show ... to Twitter." ~ Tucker

The trans-whatever movement will end when We the People end it!

And if this 👇 is true, Hollywood will help end it.  Listen 👏

The BRUNSON LAWSUIT explained.

Raland Brunson gives an excellent short explanation of what this lawsuit with SCOTOS is all about. This is important, Patriots.

Link: EnoughisEnough

What many Americans think they know, but they don't:

OMG! - O'keefe Media Group awards Citizen Journalist $1000.00!

Here is the story of how one gutsy woman found out about and recorded conversations with a Catholic University regarding their 'cheap accommodations' and cover-up of transgender entry. She bought a camera, made the video, submitted it to OMG, made history, and was rewarded. Check out the video below.

You can do it too. Here is the link: OkeefeMediaGroup


News shorts &
lots of Patriot Truth
BREAKING: In a major reversal, the Biden administration has reinstated President Trump’s Title 42 Policy amid mass invasion at the U.S. Mexico Southern Border. Tap image for details.
Missouri lawmakers have passed legislation that bans sex changes, puberty blockers, and hormones for minors. A bill that prevents any school from allowing biological males to compete in female sports was also passed. Tap image for details. 
JUST IN - Trump files a notice of appeal in E. Jean Carroll case.

We can't make this stuff up..
..although Babylon Bee comes close

Do you see that? Our #1 enemy, the MSM, is dying before our eyes. We have already relegated CNN and MSNBC to the depths of irrelevancy. Now Fox News will join them. People are turning off the TV. And if they don’t get their news from the TV, where do they get it from? WE ARE THE NEWS NQW!

(Tap image for article)
The Biden Crime Family took over Ten Million Dollars
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Holding the Line: It’s Easier With Love
"Why did CNN host a Trump Rally last night?"
Many babies saved since the end of Roe v Wade
MAGA Comedy Corner

After 30 years
Dance Off
Another Trump Truth
Your weekly reminder.

When we come together in LOVE and HARMONY, evil cannot survive! 

Kids do the darndest things! 

NATURE IS ELECTRIC: Electroculture is the future of agriculture. In 1920 researcher Justin Christofleau filed the first patent regarding Electroculture. For the next twenty years, the Frenchman was persecuted for his inventions by lobbyists from the "agrochemical" industry who even lobbied to have the word electroculture deleted from encyclopedias. Modern methods of Electroculture are even more simple than the original designs from the 1920's. One common method of modern Electroculture is the "spiral antenna", a simple copper wire that is planted into the soil. This copper wire acts like an antenna to collect atmospheric energy and direct it down into the soil. This is amazing! 👇👇

A most important Trump event is being held Saturday, May 13, 2023. Tap the image above for details. See the image link below to view live.

New Ad from the Trump Campaign:
"Mourning in America"


DJT gets treated to a live rendition of one of his favorite theme songs. 

Gotta love it!

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