MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#13 brings Trump Indictment Boomerang, the DC GOP kicking butt while global protests escalate and DJT rides the Red Wave!


They Think They've Won 

OH no, no, no, not this time, satan, and not ever!😇

Trump's falsified indictment is another White Hat trap to catch swamp creatures. Trump knew it was coming, just like the stolen election, just like J6, just like all other corrupt tactics the globalists throw at Trump that don't stick. They have nothing on him, so they make up lies that boomerang on them every time! 

This latest attempt to 'GET TRUMP" will serve to wake up another couple hundred million heart flames to the evil truth. That is the goal, dear hearts! The more who know, the worse for Joe and the globalist den of liars, murderers, and thieves! The divinely inspired new age has no room for the likes of them, and God is making sure they all get rooted out. 


While some are reeling from the latest show-stopping act of treason against our beloved country, others are breathing in the sweet smell of God's fragrant message to the masses. This young lady gets it!


"Get ready because the STORM IS HERE, and expect the unexpected. You can't one-up God! They think they have won one, but God is I AM THAT I AM, and He says, "It's not done until I say it's done!"

Get a soul boost as you think about a world without evil influence and manufactured strife by taking a MAGA minute to look through this week's News Flash for some of the world's most bountiful triumphs! 



TRUMP RALLY, March 25, 2023 - No other political leader - not one - could keep drawing massive crowds like this eight years after first coming on the scene.
The Trump phenomenon is the America First phenomenon. And it's not going anywhere. ~ Catturd

London, March 25, 2023 - Thousands chant "they lied, people died", as a part of the 'Truth Be Told' protest against the dangerous and ineffective experimental injections. ~ wideawakemedia

London, March 26, 2023 - Londoners stand united against Sadiq Khan's 'Ultra Low Emissions Zone,' which fines people £180 for driving cars that don't meet arbitrary "minimum emissions standards." NOTE from poster* This is another stepping stone towards 15-minute cities and no longer being able to afford to own a car, resulting from absurd 'Net Zero' policies to combat a non-existent "climate crisis." ~ @wideawakemedia

Israel, March 26, 2023 -  Massive protest in Israel after PM Netanyahu fired the defense minister who opposed judicial overhaul. ~ @insiderpaper

France, March 30, 2023 - When the Marseillaise (national anthem) becomes a war cry against Macron, you must pay attention. ~ @SecComms


Check it out, Patriots!

A couple of weeks ago, the MAGA News Flash featured a spiritual revival in the streets, on college campuses, and in churches around the USA. It has not stopped but keeps traveling and getting bigger and better. The spirit of God will touch everyone. Are you ready?

These well-informed folks need MAGA hats and to tour with Trump!

"If you keep voting left, you have nothing left." 

Whoa! Tell it like it is, girls! 

Fake News can't take it!

Only a left-sided lib reporter would get upset when youth tell him how they view the 'gay' life. The purity of their truth doesn't fit the pile of LBGTQ+++ lies he's been fed. 


Thank you, Rand, for being the only person in Congress to push back against the TikTok ban ...You Rock! 

 And another Win is in!

"I'm happy to announce that my resolution to audit every single American taxpayer dollar sent to Ukraine has PASSED the House Foreign Affairs Committee." ~ Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene


"House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Signs Bill Ending the Covid-19 Emergency Declaration"  This show is getting better by the minute! 🍿🍿🍿

When Hollywood tells us Big pHARMa is a Legal Drug Cartel, it's time to listen and rejoice!  

Rob Schneider talks about medical tyranny truth to the people...

Dr. Mike Yeadon Shows No Mercy for Those Involved in the Greatest Offense Against Humanity.

Dr. Yeadon used to be against capital punishment. But his tune has changed as the facts about the scamdemic and poisonous jab come to light.

"....this shows the magnitude of the offenses against humanity. That's why they cannot roam free and do it again."


Eric Trump knows US citizens are not falling for another deepstate lie about Trump. 

"Americans are so smart… My father is the toughest person I've ever met. I spoke to him right before the show, and he is a rock. He is a fighter. He is a rock. He'll fight this all the way, and we will absolutely win it. It's no question about it." 💪🏼

God Bless the entire Trump family 🙏🏼

Congressman Comer Nails it! 

James Comer understands the Democrats are using Prosecutors for purposes of Election Interference. It is their way of CHEATING on Elections. Smart man. 

DA Bragg and his team are what, Kash?

Kash Patel minces no words -  "DA Alvin Bragg and his team of bandits will be shown to have lied to a grand jury, misrepresented evidence, hid evidence of innocence and exoneration, and lied to the world in trying to achieve a political prosecution."

Trump indictment looks like 'weakest case in modern history.'

Alan Dershowitz gives his Trump indictment expert analysis.

& News Shorts

BOOM Kari Lake!


(tap image for article)

United States Senator from Missouri Eric Schmitt on the Weaponization of Big Tech
OMG! O'Keefe Strikes Again: Exposes Democrat "DONATION FINANCE MULES"
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Most Baby Formula Claims Not Backed by Science


Farmer Landscaping Comes to Life
The practical way to live


 Donald Trump Jr reacts following Soros-backed DA Alvin Bragg indicting his father.

The Biden Banking Crisis Is a Disaster of Historic Proportions

Mar-a-Lago, FL— President Donald J. Trump released a new video exposing the Biden Banking Crisis that has led to total economic destruction after being handed the fastest-growing economy in history. Biden's out-of-control inflation and devastating interest rates, along with spending trillions of dollars waging war on American energy while pursuing Socialist programs like the Green New Deal, have hurt American families and put their children's futures in jeopardy.

Best MAGA Reel of the Week
Be like Leo Terrell

OH yes and let us not forget:
 Baseball Season has officially begun...

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