MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#12: French Revolution 2.0, Xi & Putin talk peace, MTG targets Biden Crime Family, Trump beat the swamp again, and so much more.


Greetings, Fellow Travelers!

This 12th week of 2023, the MAGA News Flash is packed with historic victories. TRiUMPh after TRiUMPh lifts our joy.

This path we travel is sometimes rocky and filled with muddy waters until recently. The rocks are turning into sand, and the water is becoming clear. 

With each step, we realize the road less traveled has rewards for both the weary traveler and the ones 'left behind, but really, no one is left behind. 

You and I, my friend, are pioneers cutting a swath through the wilderness for others to follow as they awaken. All in God's timing, fellow travelers, the rest of God's children will see the light, rise and follow. 

Light-bearers, freedom fighters, and all patriots of our wonderful planet - keep your hearts filled with divine hope and prayer. Let God's reality become your reality. 


New York, Trump Tower: Mar 20, 2023 - Americans show up at Trump Tower in New York City to support President Donald J. Trump ahead of his potential arrest...which, of course, NEVER HAPPENED! 😄

Mar-a-Lago, FL: Mar 21, 2023 - MAGA TRUMP supporters show up in droves to let DJT know, WE LOVE YOU!

Netherlands, Mar 22, 2023 - In protest of the Netherland tyrannical leaders seizing privately owned farm land, Dutch farmers are spraying government buildings and riot police with MANURE! We can learn a lot from the Dutch. 

French Revolution version 2.0, Mar 22, 2023 - French farmers are now dumping trash in front of government buildings as part of their continued revolt. TAKE NOTES, AMERICANS! 

Paris, France: Mar 20-23, 2023 - France's globalist puppet, Macron, is in deep trouble. A new and improved French Revolution is underway. 

French Police Remove their helmets and march in protest with the people. 

France's Firefighters march in solidarity with the people.

The large French fuel depot staff decided to side with the people.

Marseille, France - Protesters show Macron exactly what they think.

Paris, France: DAY 4 of protests against the Macron-mandated protest ban! 🤣🤣


Our Favorite Blond Bombshell strikes again, this time aiming at the Biden Crime Family. Rep MTG is ready to get rid of the whole lot of them. 

A MAGA school board memory:

A few months back, the Mayor of Hudson, Ohio, gave the local school board an ultimatum. This video captures the MAGA moment and shows the book that caused the upheaval. 

"Mayor Demands Entire schoolboard Resignation For Supporting P0rnography."

Warrior Patriot Kari Lake is Q-smart! 

Kari's battle with the snakes who stole her election in AZ is not over, as she recently won her latest court case.S ee that breaking news here >> KARIZONA Update #8. And with well-chosen words, Kari says this is all about waking people up. "And you can't just sometimes tell people how bad the system is. You have to show them." 

Sounds familiar. Where have we heard that befQre? 

Xi Jinping says goodbye to Putin.

This video appeared on networks this week of Xi telling Putin before leaving, "Changes are coming that have not happened for 100 years. And we are promoting these changes together. Where we are united, there is peace."

"Putin and Xi are standing in solidarity against the Deep State. The Western MSM wants you to believe this is bad, but I'm not sure it is. Putin, Xi, and Trump all share the same enemies. Stars are beginning to align." This link gives details: ClandestineThread. And more info at this link: Xi meets Putin.

The Transgender issue is about mental instability.

There I said it! And more agree than disagree with me. Places like TikTok highlight the need to watch, listen and think about what you are being exposed to before giving in to propaganda, pedo-ganda, and the latest false science about sex and biology.  

Video #1: "Womanhood isn't a costume, but you're a racist for thinking it."

Video #2: "Woke Liberal Trans Teaching Gets Destroyed By Christian Mother At School Board🤯🙌 "

BREAKING MAGA NEWS! Today the GOP has passed the Parents Bill of Rights. Parents will have the right to:

  • 1. Know what their children are being taught.
  • 2. Be heard.
  • 3. See the school budget and spending.
  • 4. Protect their child's privacy.
  • 5. Keep their children safe.

Kevin McCarthy is getting it done 💪👇

Progressive MAGA reveals get people Qed in! 

Here is a clip of Ric Grenell discussing the Great Awakening. It's a winner🥇!!

"Regular people, people outside of Washington, people who maybe haven't supported Donald Trump in the past are absolutely now seeing what the system is trying to do to this man…Ask yourself why? Why is the system in Washington so afraid of Donald Trump?... He knows that when he comes back into Washington, he's gotta work very quickly to dismantle the bureaucracy that is not listening to the American people."

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👧🐎NEVER GIVE UP🌟💫Life Lessons🤩🏆

CREATE LEADERS! Show your kids how to live, learn and play OUTDOORS!

President Donald Trump visited the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

Handsome Barron Trump Turned 17 on March 20, 2023

There's something about Barron...


Rare footage of President TRUMP walking out of witch-hunt court with no charges:

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