MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#10: The Great Awakening goes Mainstream!


What a week!

For this phase of our awakening journey, Tucker Carlson was handed the reins to America's immediate future. As the once-hidden J6 video reveal unfolds, mass psychosis chains are broken, and people are free to learn the truth. 

The J6 committee is toast! The UniParty is exposed! And worldwide, a whooshing sound is heard as the DC swamp quickly drains. 

What Tucker Carlson has begun will exponentially continue as the UniParty, fake news, and corporate media melt into a sticky goo of bubbling hypocrisy.

God is not finished.

Veils of darkness are torn as battles rage, and divine Light works with us to break the bonds of global enslavement.

Prayer is needed now more than ever as people across the globe continue to revolt against globalist strangleholds, as Mother Russia leads a cultural movement into spiritual enlightenment while ridding the world of globalist factions, and as President Trump and the White Hats conquer foe after foe behind the scenes, not asking for glory, only asking only for our cooperation. 

People ARE awakening!

"The Great Awakening was Never a Catchphrase"

Babylon will fall!

Rejoice freedom fighters, light bearers, and patriots! There is victory! Let us continue suiting up for each skirmish accordingly with God's Light and Love, using wisdom, patience, and the willingness to be a vessel for truth to flow.

The end of the cabal is near. Fabulous new beginnings await. Plant seeds of love, dear ones, and prepare for a bright new age. 


Jerusalem, Mar 5, 2023 -The movement to pray and humble ourselves before God spreads across the globe.

Tel Aviv, Israel: Mar 5, 2023 - "About 400,000 Israelis took part in protests against the government in various cities of Israel, including 200,000 people took to the streets of Tel Aviv."

Brussels, Belgium: Mar 4, 2023Farmers' protest brings Brussels' EU Quarter to a standstill.

"Convoys of tractors brought traffic in Brussels to a standstill Friday, as thousands of Belgian farmers protested the Flemish regional government's plans to limit nitrogen emissions from agriculture. 2,700 tractors rolled into Brussels from the Flanders region filling the streets with a cacophony of honks as farmers vented their anger over the planned cuts, which threaten to put many of them out of business."

Germany, Mar 6, 2023 - "Huge protest erupts in Germany against a "container camp" being built next to a small village of 500, for up to 600 unvetted migrants. Europe is finally fighting back against the orchestrated migrant invasion. Enough is enough!"

Greece, Mar 7, 2023 - Massive protest in Greece over a train crash. CONTRAST: A whole town in America is poisoned by a train wreck, and nary a peep. 

Australia, Mar 5, 2023 - "5.2 million subscribers "Hindustan Times" reports on the anti-NATO protests sweeping through Australia! 😡Shame on the Australian main stream media for intentionally ignoring the growing opposition to Australia's involvement in WW3."


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... (but honestly, I don't know how anyone could have)

Below is the opening monologue from Tucker Carlson's Mar 6, 2023 show as he releases the first in a series of never-before-seen footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, faked riots at Capitol Hill. Each second of these videos dispels the narrative relentlessly driven home by the Democrat-controlled J6 House Select Committee and fake news corporate media. 

See how the swamp creatures respond here >> The UniParty agrees: Tucker is an Insurrectionist!

Share the news with all you know to help end the reign of those with tiny minds who have too much power.

Just turn off the fake news!

The actual President of Brazil gives a moving speech at CPAC 2023. 

President Jair Messias Bolsonaro (notice the middle name) discusses how God helps us see the truth.

CPAC invites a Digital Warrior to speak.

This guy is quite the PEPE character.  

The Biden Crime Family will Gitmo together! 

Rep. James Comer states, "Not only did Joe Biden know what his son and brother were doing in respect to influence peddling, but he was also a part of it… Whistleblowers have identified Joe Biden as the 'Big Guy' with a 10% equity stake." 

The Laptop from He!! is the gift that keeps giving!

 ‼️"Quarantine fines will be returned: they were never valid."

Penalties issued for covidiocy mandate rule breakers will be canceled or refunded in New South Wales "following the state government's stunning admission that they were never valid."  Imagine that! A mandate not legally issued is invalid. How long before other countries are called on their criminal behavior and act to reverse the injustice? 

Notice the admission; they were "never valid." They were not valid in any country! 😡😡😡

Elon Musk created his own little 'home' school.

Elon's children are in a school he created that fosters their natural genius abilities. How can you not love him??!! 

 MAGA News
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DIGITAL WARRIORS TAKE NOTE! 🚨🚨BREAKING: Michael T. Flynn (@GenFlynn) has just filed a lawsuit against the US Government for Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process. 
Tell us how you really feel sir 😂
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Brazil and the United States: How the Current Political Climate Compares
Purim 2023 = J6 boomerang
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Criminal Investigation for Excess Deaths Due to Remdesivir

QAnon Shaman
International Women's Day
Kamala Harris Laugh Class

The power of trees, plants, and fungi.

They communicate! 


Eating well is one of many ways to recharge. 

"We are going to Make America Great Again"

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