MAGA News FLASH 2022 Wk#45: Brazil Patriots Win 1st Round, Kari Lake Promises Fair Elections, Lindell Catches The Cheat and TRUMP To Make YUGE Announcement


With stunning accuracy and incredible stealth, We the People, Q, and 45 Win Again! 

We can hold our heads up high Patriots, for Nov 8, 2022, is a day of Victory! 

The useless clown media is painting a fake picture about it, and their empty words may sway a few, but those who know Trump's pure heart and Art of War skills need not be concerned with those lies.

Poll places were being watched this election cycle as never before. The voting booths were flooded with patriots who listened to the master planner, President Trump, and voted on election day to roll out the RED WAVE. And this is the crazy part: even though we knew that they knew that we knew they were capable of cheating in the same ways they did in 2020, the insane Democrat Party and their just as insane minions cheated anyway! Stupid is as stupid does!

Sting operations nationwide caught the fraud in real-time and even more stings will be laid out as the treasonous ones continue delaying vote counts and playing treasonous games.

It's time to rally the troops my fine friends and sing a song of Unity.

Lift your eyes and hearts up to the Son, give Thanks for all being done, and blaze Truth with Peace to all the Wonderous World. 


The audience sings The Star Spangled Banner at 9 pm in solidarity with the J6 prisoners.

This is how a real Boss, a real President, arrives...
🦅⚔️B🌟🌟M! B🌟🌟M! B🌟🌟M!🦅⚔️

...And this is how a real Boss, a real President, 
Stands strong with People in the face of any STORM!
🦅⚔️B🌟🌟M! B🌟🌟M! B🌟🌟M!🦅⚔️


 Brazil: Nov 5, 2022--Rio de Janeiro stands in solidarity as the outcry for the military intervention of the blatant cheating of the Oct 30, 2022, Presidential election mounts.

 Brazil: Nov 5, 2022--Farmers come out in force for President Bolsonaro.


Speaking of Brazil:

VICTORY in Round 1 for the People of Brazil 

Brazil's Ministry of Defense Twitter Issues a Statement on the Audit Report -- "It is not possible to guarantee that the programs that were executed in the electronic voting machines (used in Brazil's Oct 30, 2022, presidential election) are free from malicious insertions" The fight is still on, but the first round is a clear win for Bolsonaro and the Brazilian Patriots! More details HERE.

President Jair Bolsonaro posted this video on TikTok on Nov 10, 2022, the date of the above Twitter announcement, after weeks without an update.


General Michael Flynn reports in DIGITAL ARMY analysis 11 9 22 (video and report points from gypsyspirit on Rumble)

Report points:

1. AMERICANS need to remain STEADY.
3. Possibility for more wins in the House.
4. Georgia has a runoff, and we win another Senate Seat.
5. Exit polls show anger at the direction of the Country.
6. Florida was counted in ONE NIGHT.
7. AZ, NV, PA gained GOP voters over 2020
8. AZ, NV, Marchant and Finchem both (Coalition candidates) will EXPOSE FRAUD ELECTION and the method of Digital routing. (Mike Lindell tracking)
9. Stay Focused and Steady!
10. AZ still has Half a Million votes to count- big Race Kari Lake Wins.
11. Sec. of State in Arizona makes a disgusting display of Partisanship.
12. Fake News, MSM will spout "Trumpism" didn't work. (And will create hit pieces against JUAN for Coalition of Candidates).
13. Not riding the PERFECT WAVE, but it is a STRONG ENOUGH WAVE. To get us to where we want to be RIGHT NOW.
14. Don't want people to lose hope out there.
15. LET'S FOCUS ON 2022.
16. Take this back to the LOCAL LEVEL. Stay STEADY. Stay FOCUSED. Take a Deep Breath.
17. We Will Win this Back... from the BOTTOM UP. The Christian Community is the Largest Voting Block in the Country. For Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Stand UP, Speak UP where ever you CAN.

👇👏 Salute to General Flynn and All White Hats - HooAh!💪👇


"Day one (after being sworn in) I'm going to take my hand off the Bible. We're issuing a declaration of invasion at the border and I'm getting the legislators to a special session to change our elections so that they are fair, honest, and transparent."

She also assured Tucker that she will win👇


Captured on video for the world to see, Mike Lindell once again has the proof! No one is laughing at him now...

Biden's Student Load Forgiveness Program Gets Canned

A Texas judge finds Biden's student loan forgiveness program unconstitutional and blocks it for all borrowers. 

It supposedly will be appealed, that is if Biden can still give the order through his stumbling and bumbling. More Details HERE.

In our journalistic effort to give the loony left a chance to explain themselves, you can watch below (or not) as SlowJoe mumbles his way through the script he was given about the Student Loan Forgiveness program that is ruled unconstitutional.

Very soon, the fake president will need more puppet strings to keep him from falling... 

SERIOUSLY! YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! (Tap image for details)
(tap image for the rest of the story)
Trump's Revenge?: In the midst of a lot of nonsense swirling around the ongoing election sting operation and President Trump's recent communications, we find calm in the eye of the hurricane.
President Trump's Fabulous Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is back to MAKE MEDIA GREAT AGAIN (MMGA)
A Beautiful Refuge Among the Pines: Along the rolling hills outside of Atlanta one can venture off eastbound I-20 and find a true respite from the daily stressful news and bustle of the "what ifs" of the future.
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: An Ode to the Brave: The World Depends on You

I did not know this ⬇️ did you?

Preparing a woodpecker for winter. First, he finds a dead tree and starts making holes for the acorns. Each hole is made very thoughtfully, because if the hole is large, other birds can easily steal the acorn. If the hole is narrow, the nut can break and deteriorate. By the end of summer, the woodpecker's "jewelry" work ends, by this time the acorns ripen and take their places in the tree. The trunk of a large tree can hold about 50,000 acorns, allowing the bird a satisfying winter. (from Priyan Bopitiya on FB 11/5/2022)


🌈When we remain in peace, we are harmonious with nature🌎

Meme not officially approved by President Trump, but it makes the point:

DJT said a lot on the eve of Nov 8, 2022, mid-term elections, which the truth of will be misconstrued by lamestream fake news media, and he knows it. 

DJT on the midterm results: "Well, I think if [the Republicans] win, I should get all the credit. And if they lose, I should not be blamed at all."🤣  

Funny? Yes. True? Also yes! 

Trump says he'll make 'big announcement' on Nov. 15 in Florida!  WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Donald Trump said he would be making a “big announcement” next week as he teased a third presidential run while campaigning on the eve of the final day of voting in this year's midterm elections. (tap image for details)

Related (tap on image for the rest of the story)

Elon delivers killshot to msm: 


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