MAGA News Flash 2022 Wk#48: Twitter is on fire, China's people protest, Fake News held accountable, Karizona heats up and Trump Shines at Gala


It's been a fantastic week, Patriots! 

How much winning can a winner win when a winner is winning?  So much that it won't all fit into this GREAT MAGA NEWS FLASH 2022 WK#48. And how many times can we silently think to ourselves, 'I TOLD YOU SO!' before bursting forth in loud voice?

We are on the precipice of MAGA and MEGA changes.

Russia is battling the underground cabal; the old guard in Europe is on the verge of collapse, while North and South America continue to decry the traitors who rig elections. Australia's people are valiantly battling more covidiocy lies, and China's beautiful people bravely fight back against the CCP with their bare hands. OH, and let us not forget that our new Twitter Boss is rocking the world by canceling the cancel culture. (The progressive left is left in tears.)

Hooray for the unrest, I say.

People chanting for permanent change, standing arm in arm against tyranny, is the hallmark of mass unity. It is the beginning of a new age and the end of the shadow globalist government. It is time for We the People to cast upon the waters of history our witness to the chains of an ancient evil being broken.

This is the perfect season to Rejoice.

The Lord is come and graces each heart-flamed individual who understands the Christ within, co-creating with God a new life while carefully battling on their personal frontlines for humanity.

Grab a divine cause and, with firm conviction, bless the world with your transformative talents as we join to carry forth the call for freedom to all ends of the earth. 


Toronto, Canada, Nov 27, 2022: Protesters in Toronto outside of the Chinese consulate chanting "Chinese people, resist! Liberty or die. Down with the CCP!"

Nov 29, 2022: Anti-lockdown Chinese citizens have followed step with the Canadian Freedom Convoy and are blockading roads and honking non-stop. Are the Ottawa Liberals getting PTSD watching freedom in action😳😂

Guangzhou, China, Nov 28, 2022: YouTube censored coverage of an enormous protest at Foxconn, the world's largest technology manufacturer and iPhone factory located in. The video platform age-restricted the broadcast, hindering its potential reach. Employees were trying to break out, as they had been forced to live at the factory in order to "stop the spread."

Madrid, Spain, Nov 27, 2022: People on the streets demanded Pedro Sanchez step down and ask for new elections. Pedro Sanchez, the current Socialist president, is just another of Schwab's puppets. He often wears the Agenda 2030 pin on his jacket.

Brasília, Brazil's capital, Nov. 28th, 2022The Brazilian army is helping the patriots camped in front of their Headquarters in Brasília by building roads to help the transit throughout the camping site. The man recording says this just happened and sees this as a good sign. That victory might be close! BRAZIL IS UNDER A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION

Italy: On Nov 30, 2022, the Constitutional Court pronounces on the vaccination obligation. Vigils and torchlight vigils have been organized in various Italian cities, against obligations and in favor of freedom of choice.

 Dutch farmers are back on the line protesting: Recorded Dec 1, 2022.

Brazilian Spring, Dec 1, 2022: The crowd is getting impatient. Listen to this woman pleading to Jair Bolsonaro to finally give the order for military intervention.


Chief Tweeter, Elon Musk, makes headlines again and again and again.

He is reinstating thousands of accounts canceled by the failed cancel culture, bringing back tweet-free speech, and remaining robustly transparent about the corrupt inner workings of 'old' Twitter.  Just a few of his most recent moves are below, and for details about Elon's superb moves regarding Apple, check this out: Elon Goes to War

THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE! A sweet Victory:

Newly-Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent and Bans Critical Race Theory

"It took one meeting, the first one, to vote out South Carolina's Berkeley County school superintendent, Deon Jackson. His firing came at the hand of a newly-elected school board, which appears to have declared a judgment day for woke practices in its district." Get full details on this stunning blow to CRT in image link below...

Newly-elected Berkeley County, South Carolina school board members get sworn into office in Berkeley County, North Carolina  Nov. 15, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Christy Dixon)

The Brazilian Presidential Election Fraud continues to unravel

Bolasario remains in an advantageous yet precarious position, as explained in this WarRoom video with Matthew Tyrmand: 

"The Brazilian Military Stands With Bolsonaro And Is Prepared To Invoke Article 142 After The Court's Complete Disregard Of Their Constitution" 

What is Article 142? The New York Times explains: Many of the protesters said their demands for intervention were supported by Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution, which states that the military has the role of "guaranteeing constitutional powers" under the "supreme authority of the president."  (More details HERE)

Bannons War Room, Published November 26, 2022
Length 7:56

Mike Lindell will not be stopped!

Our favorite My Pillow Man throws down the gauntlet and announces his run for the Republican National Committee chair. The WarRoom video below gives Mike a platform to promote and explain.

Bannons War Room, Published November 28, 2022
Length 48:59

The left-controlled media will account for their lies.

CNN's Rachel Maddow lied--no big surprise--saying Devin Nunes never handed over a package he received from a pro-Russia Ukrainian legislator to the FBI. Nunes sued, claiming Maddow knew the package had been handed over but wanted to hurt his reputation. The truth is, she lied, and the judge knows she lied. This short video gives the details... 

Governor Ron DeSantis is back.

Rumors have been brewing about Gov. DeSantis' run for President in 2024, but that hasn't stopped him from waging his battles with liberal agendas in Fl. 

Check out his recent comments about Disney CEO Bob Iger in the video below... 

"We didn't drag them in…they went in on their own and not only opposed the bill, they threatened to get it repealed. All we did was stand up for what's right."

Kari Lake tells Charlie Kirk the inside story

"Their entire mission was to stop somebody like me. Because they know that when I got into office we were going to restore honesty to our elections. We were going to uncover any corruption. And these people are so afraid of our movement." Kari Lake goes on to explain the situation that fake news covers up in this interview. 

For more information read this: KARIZONA UPDATE: Video, 11/28/22, "This botched election should not be certified"

 Ruby Ray Writers Roundup

(tap on image for story)
Americans turn Pelosi's House back to the People's House: Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is not shy about dropping truth bombs on her enemies' heads. Watch her on the House floor declaring the firing of Speaker Nanshy PeLoser. One for the record books.
PROJECT VERITAS Video Reveal: Federal Agency HHS Caught in Child Trafficking: 
How Dr. Buttar Escaped Near Death From Envenomation by Larry Cook
SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Introductory Lecture

What do your🫵 vibes👇 look like😌?

❤️Best duet I have heard this year 😁😁❤️

Trump's message at the Patriot Freedom Project (12/1/22)

If you can't have fun while saving the world, then why do it?....


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