MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#44: Freedom Rallies Continue, Election Fraud Overturned, Tucker/Assange to Talk, and Trump Will Not Be Silenced.


When all else fails, create a new storyline.  

Ukraine is out! Israel is in. 

McCarthy is out! Johnson is in.

You get the idea. 

There has been a battle for the minds of the masses for decades. The Great Awakening uncovered the propaganda game played by legacy media pawns and now, armed with the truth, we the People are firing nonstop, relentlessly attacking the cabal globalist entities, beating them back at their own game. Every time the clowns move to distract or change the narrative, millions of awakened come to the ready. Among the masses, strong leaders are organizing and fighting with us for the world's freedom at all levels. Let this week's MAGA Good News Flash give you a taste of our successes. 

We are winning. 


 World of Unity

As promised, the World Wide Rally For Freedom organizers will not stop until world freedom is restored. Nov 18, 2023, the fourteenth freedom rally may be coming to a place near you. Connect in the links below for details. Participate. Be the change. Be the light! 

World Changing! 

"Madagascar has never had an American TV show dubbed in their language. Heck, 75% of the country has no electricity and hasn't even seen a movie or TV show. But the President there wants #TheChosen seen by his country, and so Season One has been dubbed and will be playing on national television. But here's the beautiful part…this is a video of 3,000 orphans watching Abigail and Joshua meet Jesus for the first time. A Jesus these orphans were moved by because he, like them, brushes his teeth in the river, makes his own food, and carves wood." ~ TheChosenTVseries


A must-watch.

Christine Anderson, a German member of the European Parliament, was asked if we should ever trust the government. She responds with a resounding "Nope. Never! don't ever trust your government simply for the reason that there is a conflict of interest. They have the power, they want more power, and in a democracy, the government is not supposed to have more power...You always question, and you always look for ulterior motives." ~ The Vigilant Fox (see full interview HERE)

Another anointed leader in a prominent role rising to the call of freedom for all. 

Great News! The world is not overpopulated.

For decades, we've been fed the lie the earth cannot house a large population. This is a fallacy, as the video explains. 

Atlanta, GA, has a total land size of about 7400 km2 (18,286.292 acres). There are around 7.8 billion people on this planet. That means everyone on this planet could stand next to each other, fitting into Atlanta and leaving the rest of the planet empty. They want you to think the Earth is overpopulated. They want you to believe there is a food shortage. They want you to think 'climate change' is real. They want you to be afraid and not thinking for yourself. Think outside the box and do your own research.

The Biden 'spin' is falling apart: War = $$ for whom? 

"The Ukraine aid scam looks like one of the biggest money laundering operations." And now, we go from the Ukraine war being a good spin to the Israel war being a better spin. There is no end to the chaos of conflict if the clowns remain in power.  

Rep. James Comer details a Biden bribe money trail.

🚨BREAKING: We've followed the money and identified how Joe Biden received $40,000 in laundered China money.

Election Fraud Overturned

"A judge actually just overturned the results of an election once they saw the blatant abuse of mail-in ballot fraud and questionable absentee ballots. They are actually re-doing the election. So now we can officially tell the normies that yes, you can do an election over again when you have video footage of people stuffing ballot boxes and blatant cheating. An encouraging precedent has been set!" ~ PepeLivesMatter (get full story at > thegatewaypundit)

Where Red-Pill Truth comes to you!

What is the Smith-Mundt Act? 

News shorts &
lots of Patriot Truth
A child rapist was confronted by one of his victims in a Nevada courtroom last week after a judge agreed to let the pedophile walk free.👏☝️Click image for full story. 
Tap image for entire story.
 MAGA Comedy Corner

Trump Endorses the Great Pumpkin
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Eyes on Dan Scavino
MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Impossible Fools at Impossible Burger
248th Marine Corps Ball CANCELLED!
 Your weekly reminder.

Free energy has always been.

Blotted out of history books, it's now being discovered people know about this type of energy. It's proven and documented that with the help of static electricity fields, crops, and animals can grow larger and of higher quality. It's been dubbed the electrofield.

Build it, and they shall come!
He built it for his children👧👶🧒and
 discovered the wildlife enjoyed it too!

“Worst of all, the gag order violates the civil rights of over 100 million Americans who follow President Trump…The voters of America have a fundamental right to hear the uncensored voice of the leading candidate for the highest office in the land.”

ICYMI: Catch Trump's dynamic speech given Nov 2, 2023, in Houston, TX. Take notice of the first 4 minutes of the video below as people were not silent in their respect for DJT as he gave his heart, head, and hands in a full salute to this great country. 

DJT and Melania made a grand entrance at the Mar-a-Lago Halloween party...

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