This weeks MAGA NEWS FLASH is YUGE with news of a Global Walkout


The NWO Global Reset is Defeated

We now have the 'GLOBAL WALKOUT' starting on September 4th at 8 pm GMT. Every week the walkout will continue until the NWO agenda is wholly defeated. This is a worldwide unified pushback against the globalist agenda! 

Discover details at this link: Globalwalkout


Hand in hand
We will walkout from the globalist society that is trying to enslave us.

 Tens of Thousands of Serbs Take to the Streets of Belgrade to Preserve the Traditional Family, Religion, and Moral Values.

You'll never hear about this on the TV...

NUREMBERG - Thousands of Doctors are protesting in Nuremberg, demanding governments comply with its terms of consent to medical treatment without mandates, coercion, or discrimination


 FL Gov DeSantis never minces words!  

"Grab That Little Elf And Chuck Him!" he said about Fauci during a recent Orlando rally. And that's not all.

Ron DeSantis is a legend in his own time, my friends...

Katie Hobbs publicly embarrassed for failing to live up to her policies. 

She fired a Democrat staffer based on racial discrimination, which was proven in court, but she wants to paint herself as the moral choice for governor of AZ. 

By her own woke standards, Katie Hobbs should be 'canceled' for racism. Check out the video below and more details HERE.

 Devin Nunes clears up the fake news reports that Truth Social is struggling financially.

"There's a whole host of people out there who don't want this to succeed, including people in the Biden administration, including big tech…Those who make these accusations are making very serious accusations and allegations…It's complete bar-talk… It's complete fake news designed to not only hurt Truth Social, but also hurt TS investors." Check out the video below for Truth Social Truth. 

The establishment is in a panic! WHY? Because We the People Patriots are winning the information war, and they cannot stop it!

"Dozens of Whistleblowers..." from all top law enforcement agencies.

Congressman James Comer, who is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, in the interview below with Sean Hannity, states there are dozens of whistleblowers coming forward from the FBI, Customs & Border Patrol, and Homeland Security.

Are we watching the implosion of the Biden administration right before our very eyes? 😱🍿🍿🍿

They are trying to destroy Trump, but he's like Teflon.

President Trump's attorney - Alina Habba - destroys the FBI narrative:

"It is a complete public spectacle… I am down there frequently. I have never seen that. I have never EVER seen that. That is not the way his office looks… It's just a joke… It's ridiculous. I have never seen that." 😎👇

 Ruby Ray Writer Roundup
"Larry Cook: Unvaccinated Kids Thrive!" This is not a surprise. It is the way God intended. Ruby Ray friend, Larry Cook, has developed a website dedicated to educating parents in taking the path of not vaccinating their children. You will find that it is quite an inspiration.Unvaccinated Kids Thrive! Tap the collage above and watch our documentary to learn about Sophia, Jake, and Quinn, all 100% unvaccinated.
"Tatiana Prophet of Back to Facts exposes US Attorney General Merrick Garland's corruption re the Breonna Taylor case" "The investigation by the Louisville Police Department into the drug ring that included Breonna Taylor has been misrepresented by both local and national media, and most recently by the attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland. We know this because of the police file that was leaked after her death, which showed a pattern of evidence dating back to 2016 that connected her to the drug kingpin." ~ Tatiana Prophet. Read more from this award-winning author in the image link above. 
" MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Powerful Protection for Women Against Tumors" Research suggests time-restricted feeding (intermittent fasting) drastically reduces a woman's risk of breast cancer, in part by lowering insulin. Intermittent fasting releases ketones into your bloodstream, which help preserve brain function and protect against epileptic seizures, cognitive impairment, and other neurodegenerative diseases. Get the rest of this valuable information by tapping the above image. 

There is power in numbers!

👇👏💖Just a feel-good post about an eight-year-old's dreams
 This boy is trying to live the American Dream.👇👏💖
 Link to full story HERE.

✨❤️What an amazing world! 💫🤗

Just a simple, honest short response from the Bossman about Biden's Nazi-like speech Thursday, 8/1/22. NAILS IT! 
The Bossman nails it again!

Trump says offering full pardons and apologies from the government for those being persecuted over January 6th is coming...Ooooorah! 

President Trump comments on the staged photo below: 

"They took documents, and they put 'em all over the floor. And then they deceptively put out that picture. And a lot of people think that when you walk into my office, I have confidential documents or whatever it may be - all declassified - but I had confidential documents spread out all over my floor like a slob... it's so dishonest.... they put 'em there in a messy fashion, and then they took a picture and released it to the public."


Young Trumpians are so cute! 


Steve Bannon hit on an essential element in the "stolen election' debate. Theories about how the stolen election can be righted are abounding. And if the mechanisms to do such worked ideally, it could happen. But we live in a politically corrupt world, and the ideal situation may not occur as we think it should. Although we may not have perfection on our side, we have some of the keenest minds in the world working full-time, thinking of ways to get President Trump back into the White House (where he rightfully belongs) before 2024. Get the full story in the article link above.
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