KARIZONA Update #9: Kari Lake back in court--Election Challenge Trial in Full Swing!


And the stolen election chess game continues.

On May 15, 2023, it was announced that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson set trial dates for Kari Lake's Election Challenge regarding "remanded fraudulent signature verification claims" The trial has begun, and the dates are for a two or three-day trial, depending. Those dates are May 17, 18, and, if needed, 19, 2023. 

This is not just a hearing; it is a live-streaming trial court event being aired (via Rumble and other video platforms) on social media sites.   

Since legacy media is instructed to 'stand down' when the truth is on display, it is not airing on their fake TV or radio news. 

Kari Lake's lawyers are doing a fine job exposing the election corruption thus far on Day One (5/17/23) of the trial. 

Powerful clip from Kari Lake's attorney Kurt Olsen

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 17, 2023
Length 1:36

"Maricopa's log file data shows that 11 of these signature verification workers approved 170K signatures at a rate of between 0 and 2.99 seconds with a 99.97% approval rating. That's not signature review, your Honor." ~ Kurt Olson

Whistleblower Testimony
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 17, 2023

Whistleblower testifies to pressure and feeling uncomfortable after signature rejections were returned to them for further review. "We felt uncomfortable about approving what we had already rejected. We'd already went through them."

Whistleblower testifies normal level 1 signature verifiers were sent home early, and the signature review function was then performed at the County Recorder's Office with no observers.

"We didn't understand why we were leaving early when there was ballots left in the bins. And we had asked the manager, "are you sure that you wanted us to go home? Would you like us to, you know, keep trying to call these voters to get these ballots cured? And they said no." ~ Whistleblower 

Log Data

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 17, 2023
Length 0:37

"Maricopa's own log data shows that over 264,000 ballots were reviewed at a rate less than 3 seconds and 70,000 at a rate of less than 2 seconds. In addition, testimony that level 2 reviewers were so overwhelmed that they simply didn't look at the signatures." ~ Kurt Olsen

The fraud is in the details.

To further explain what Kurt Olsen is referring to, the video clip below is of two people, side by side, 'verifying' signatures. Notice on the left a person is allowing signatures to load and giving no time to verify as opposed to the person on the right. After you see this, you will be as outraged as Kari is! 

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 16, 2023
Length 2:31


KARIZONA Update #8: YUGE AZ Supreme Court 'Signature' Ruling

While fake news and lame-stream media downplay the AZ Supreme court action, legal pundits understand the ramifications. Seven claims were submitted and six tossed out, but the one accepted for lower court review involves clear evidence and witnesses to mail-in ballot fraud. This can flip the election.

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