KARIZONA Update #8: YUGE AZ Supreme Court 'Signature' Ruling


Victory has a hierarchy.

It comes in steps. A war is not won without first conquering the many layers of battle, one by one, being waged in the war. 

Kari Lake is winning the Stolen Election war one battle at a time. 

The main struggle with election fraud cases is corruption and fear. 

Corruption has crept into our beloved judicial system bit by bit, infiltrated by lackeys and hacks, many bought and paid for with Soros's money. And with the fear of losing their status, benefits, and paycheck, court system worker bees do as they are told, following corrupted protocols.

That being said, we are ecstatic that Kari Lake is making the headway she is. President Trump is the only other brave warrior soul to have done as much. 

They have built a House of Cards in Maricopa County ~ Kari Lake

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Published Mar 23, 2023
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March timeline of Kari Lake's Election Fraud Case: 

  • March 1, 2023, Kari Lake filed new paperwork: 779 pages of evidence with the Arizona Supreme Court. She also filed to have this case expedited, arguing that "expeditious action to resolve these issues is needed to safeguard Arizona voters' right to free and equal elections."
  • March 4, 2023, Kari's new filing is given special expedited status: The Arizona Supreme Court issued an expedition order on Thursday, March 4, 2023. The Court scheduled March 21 to consider whether or not they will accept Lake's new petition. 
  • March 22, 2023, Kari Lake wins Arizona Supreme Court case: The Arizona Supreme court is forcing the lower court (who had rejected the obvious fraud evidence) to look at signature verification issues.

While fake news and lame-stream media downplay the AZ Supreme court action, legal pundits understand the ramifications. Seven claims were submitted and six tossed out, but the one accepted for lower court review involves clear evidence and witnesses to mail-in ballot fraud. This can flip the election. 
BREAKING: AZ Supreme Court sends parts of Kari Lake's election challenge back for review in the trial court, ordering them to review whether Maricopa County actually followed legally required signature verification laws This is unexpected great news for election integrity

We were told in January by Kari Lake.

Originally posted on Jan 13, 2023, Kari Lake went live with Sebastian Gorka and told us exactly what they were doing:  "We have three whistleblowers in the signature verification department in Maricopa... who said that they were rejecting tens of thousands of signatures to the tune of up to 130,000 ballots that were being rejected... Somebody above them was sending them on through anyway."

"We have three whistleblowers....."

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Senior Advisor for Kari Lake, Caroline Wren, echoed this same info to Steve Bannon only hours ago: "We have three whistleblowers who were intimately involved in the signature verification process... these folks said that they were rejecting tens of thousands of signatures up to the tune of 130,000 ballots. And that someone was sending them through anyway."

Caroline Wren on War Room with Steve Bannon

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Published Mar 23, 2023
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Kari Lake for AZ Governor - @KariLake on TRUTH Social

"They want to ARREST me for exposing fraud in the 2022 Election. Now, the AZ Supreme Court has ruled that the very fraud I highlighted has to be looked at. This is big, folks. Hit me with your best shot. I will never, ever back down. Try me."

"I am thrilled that the Supreme Court has agreed to give our signature verification evidence the appropriate forum for the evaluation it deserves. For years signatures have been a third rail for Maricopa County. The process of verifying these signatures is the only security measure on mail-in ballots. The amount of time allotted to check these signatures was only 8 seconds, which is not humanly possible. The system is completely broken. That's why they are absolutely terrified of letting anyone take a look at their signatures.

The signature verification process in Maricopa County is a house of cards. Thanks to this ruling my team will get the chance to topple it. Immediately following the election, multiple Maricopa County Elections Department officials – individuals who were involved in the signature verification process – reached out to me and urged my team to review the signatures. Now, thanks to this Supreme Court ruling, my team will be able to give the signatures the scrutiny they deserve. Three whistleblowers came forward with revelations of massive failures in the signature verification process. These whistleblowers were intimately involved in the process and they allege that Maricopa County WILLFULLY ignored law and procedure.

This violation of procedure allowed for tens of thousands of illegal ballots to be approved and counted. Aside from all other issues, including nearly 60% of polling locations being inoperable on Election Day, this issue alone casts the veracity of Katie Hobb's victory in serious doubt. When we verify these allegations, there will be no doubt that this election was compromised and that its results fail to meet the standard of certainty as outlined in Arizona law." 

~ Kari Lake

Kari Lake Believes! 

~~ This fight is so much bigger than just one election. It's a battle to end corruption and restore our God-given rights. It certainly hasn't been an easy one. But the most rewarding struggles never are. ~~


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Published Mar 21, 2023
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