KARIZONA Update #2: Proof Katie Hobbs Directed Social Media Censorship During 2022 AZ Gov Campaign


The evidence of election fraud and interference runs deep. 

Since Nov 2020, I have wondered how many national elections have been tampered with in the past 100 years. 

Although we have no proof of mass election fraud before that time, we do have evidence the 2020 presidential election was rigged. And now, we have calamitous proof the national Nov 2022 midterms were tampered with and fixed on more levels than many imagined.  

Katie Hobbs in trouble?

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Dec 5, 2022
Length 1:16

This email communication has social media NEWS NQW exclaiming, "We told you so!" 

The evidence comes from a gentleman on Twitter who calls himself George @BehizyTweets. He says the email comes from "...the Missouri vs. Biden case I've been covering extensively. This lawsuit has uncovered so many links between big tech and the government; you would think they were virtually married." 

Details are important.

And Tucker Carlson explains the details better than most: 

Tucker Carlson: "This is a crime. A crime against our Democracy."

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Dec 5, 2022
Length 1:22

Just hours before the scam artists forced the 2022 Arizona Governor Election certification, Kari Lake talks to Steven Bannon about the cold hard facts:

"Nobody believes Katie Hobbs won. I know Katie Hobbs knows she didn't win."

Yes, Kari, we agree. 

Thanks to Kari Lake's persistence, patriot researchers sharing the truth, and honest social media owners like Elon Musk revealing facts, the world continues to wake up to deep state-controlled rigged elections that place WEF globalist puppets in place to push through evil agendas.

The Great Awakening is still in progress. WWG1WGA!

Kari Lake: "We're ready to go with what we believe to be an exceptional lawsuit."

RubyRayMeida on Rumble
Published Dec 5, 2022
Length 7:40

Bannon's first question is good, as is Kari Lake's answer:
"How possibly can a Republican attorney general sit there and a governor sit there and allow this fiasco? People in Arizona have to understand something: Independents and Democrats, you look like idiots on the world stage. This looks like something that would happen in the worst of banana republics, Kari Lake."

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