KARI-ZONA was Stolen from We the People


The term Election Fraud doesn't begin to demonstrate the level of treasonous arrogance of the traitors.

At this point, the Democrats and RINOs are responsible for vote count manipulation. Why is that, you ask? Because:

  • The RINOs in power do nothing to stop the election theft because they are in league with the Democrat Election Theft Mafia ring.

From videos of election officials coaching voters in the polling place as to who to vote for to photos of suspicious black bags of ballots arriving at counting centers, the panicked politicians who would lose their office unless cheated back in arrogantly showed their cheating ways on 11/8/22. They cared not one twit who was watching, who questioned it, or how unlawful it was; these corrupted elitist politicians did it anyway. 

11/14/22 at 2:48pm
11/14/22 at 2:46pm
11/14/22 at 1:53pm

ONE of the ways Dems cheat in Arizona
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Nov 14, 2022
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According to fake news, Arizonans chose Kate Hobbs as their Governor.

This is why Trump calls the lamestream media news FAKE NEWS! 

We know that they know that we know they cheated, but the corrupt-a-crats and the failed co-opted (and just as corrupt) corporate media have no respect nor place in their miserable synthetic lives for the rule of law. 

Kari Lake is the winner of the governor's race in AZ. 


Just as President Trump is the winner of the 2020 presidential run, and just as Trump does not cease to push back against the stolen election and the cheating electioneers, Kari Lake will also not cease to push back hard and fast against her stolen election.  

Insider Reveals Kari Lake Will NOT Concede Governor's Race After Media Calls It for Hobbs

Fighters like Kari will continue to fight for Arizona as they continue to fight for themselves...

According to the WesternJournal

Arizona found itself at the center of national attention on Election Day thanks to a number of controversies.

Specifically, state election officials were criticized for what appeared to be widespread mismanagement of election processes in Maricopa County. According to election officials, 20 percent of voting locations in the county had malfunctioning vote tabulators.

Because of this, lines at voting locations were incredibly long. In some cases, wait times reached well over an hour. Some voters were even turned away from voting locations and told to find another. The Western Journal received over 20 exclusive videos featuring Arizona voters explaining how difficult it was for them to cast their ballots. One voter had to wait in line for seven hours.

These same-day votes were expected to lean Republican. Red State's Arizona-based journalist Cameron Arcand said several experts indicated as much.

The governor's race between Republican firebrand Kari Lake and the not-quite-so-energetic Democrat Katie Hobbs — the current secretary of state responsible for running Arizona elections — was a tight one. On Monday, The Associated Press called the race for Hobbs, who holds a roughly 20,000-vote advantage over Lake.

With so much corrupt vote counting evidence revealed, it would be irresponsible for Kari Lake to concede this race. 

President Trump never conceded, and neither will Lake. Of course, the RINO-backed Democrats will respond to this news with vitriol, using the election-denier rhetoric ad nauseum. 

But the patriots of Arizona know how to speak with their actions. They back Kari Lake's battle for truth 1000%.

Patriots in Arizona Call for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6, 2022

Yes the push back is coming from We the People big time. This just in from the GatewayPundit:

The Arizona election is a total mess. It's full of corruption in almost every area. It is uncertifiable as a result. A new free and fair election is demanded.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs should have recused herself due to her running for governor in this election but her conflict of interest was ignored.

The same people involved in the uncertifiable 2020 Election were also involved in this election. They too should have been removed.

The systems are the same systems with still unanswered questions from the 2020 Election.

As a result a group of citizens in Arizona released a statement last night calling for a new election. They request that this election in the state be held on December 6

The bold statement below has merit and precedent.

In the US there have been numerous instances in the past 20 years where elections have been redone.

We suggested this remedy with the 2020 Election which was uncertifiable in numerous states due to rampant election abuse and fraud.

The People of Arizona Demand a New Election...Or They Are SHUTTING IT DOWN

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (from ConservativeDaily on Rumble)
Published Nov 14, 2022
Length 39:59

It takes but a mustard seed of faith to move mountains...it takes but a few united Patriots to move the hearts of the many.


Get Involved | Kari Lake for Governor

Stay connected with Kari Lake and if you can, get involved to help propel this battle to Patriot Victory. 

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